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Image Embedded FIND your LOST POSTS using GOOGLE cached pages, HERE'S HOW...
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Published: 15 years ago
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FIND your LOST POSTS using GOOGLE cached pages, HERE'S HOW...

using the same technique ana said, you can also retrieve lost posts.  it is a little tricky at times, so be creative.  what you can do, is type in your name and the forum name, or type in to google, the word mosaic along with your name (if your name is not unique enough, you have to also put in curezone).  sometimes you can use the title or your name and the word curezone.  sometimes you have to type in day 20 or day 10, etc... in order to bring up the messages you are looking for.  it will give you a list of all the messages you made, or everyone made (if you do not put your own name), in a forum or overall (mosaic).  then, you can get titles of posts off that list and try typing it in to google.  you can use, too. to start with, try typing in the words mosaic curezone 10 days.  click on the cached pages. if you are looking for your posts, be sure to click on all of the examples below, because some contain lost posts from everyone.

for example, say you made a post called air pollution of the 21st century, you would go to google and type that title in and your posting name or the word curezone.  those posts 4 days and older have been coming up for me.  as Ana said, click on the cached version (it is under the title a ways).  below are some examples of ways to get the messages from a particular forum or that you posted.  once you have the name of that message, type it in and your user name and/or curezone, and click on the cached version, see examples below.  not all posts are going to be displayed, but many are.  if you need any help, let me know.  i have been able to find a lot of posts for people, and blogs. 

*some posts will not show up no matter what, but, there is a way around that sometimes, use search instead.


 i could only get the mosaic from google when i typed in this message:

what does it taste like?  by Ladislao 

but on yahoo, i got the actual cache of the post:

*once you get your posts you can copy and paste them onto the FCK editor of a new post.  there will likely be colored backgrounds on some some words.  i have found that after you paste it, if you hit select all, then bold and unbold, it takes the colored backgrounds away.


*all URLs have been shortened using in order to fit them on this post better

* the url below is a very important one, it has many recommended messages.  when searching, you may want to type in RN, or BSA award if you want those messages:

what i typed in google:  Messages RN mosaic 20 days


click on cache, then take a message off of it and type in the title, for example:

curezone My testimony!   RN   by amato

here is the original cached version of that message:

*look at the URL below;   it has some of the messages that were lost, in between a bunch of other ones that are older:

Typed in:  Messages Awarded Bright Star Award mosaic 20 days:


What i typed in:  mosaic curezone all across 20 days


What i typed in:  mosaic curezone  20 days vulcanel 


What i typed in:  iodine support 20 days


when you have a message title, type it in, example:

More on estrogen dominance and PROSTATE   wombat  curezone

it brings up this, just click on cached:

Re: we are ALL estrogen dominant, you MEN, too! ... by wombat 26 min 9; More on estrogen dominance and PROSTATE by wombat 4 min æ 5 ... - 36k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

type in message title in google:

You MUST see the WEALTH of KNOWLEDGE at this site! edited   BSA   by High on Water

here is the original message on google, click on cached:

You MUST see the WEALTH of KNOWLEDGE at this site! edited BSA by High on ... The best drinking water available: alkaline water from Jupiter water ionizers. ... - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

Creative google searches (use different forum names and IDs and days):

*remember, once you have a title of a message, type it in google and click on cache

What I typed in:  support barefoot curezone 20 days

Results: and

Typed in:  support  by trapper/kcmo

(the URLs below do not just have messages by trapper, but many important messages made by others, too)

from that i found: and and

Typed in: iodine support mosaic


*if you type in a forum name and mosaic, it will often bring up single person's posts.  the above url only lists posts by Ohfor07

Typed in:  curezone HPV Vaccine Maybe Connected to Vioxx Losses by Merck




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