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The secret that changed my health (ibs etc)
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Published: 14 years ago
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The secret that changed my health (ibs etc)

Hi Guys,

firstly I'd like to say I've gotten so much from this forum! I figured its now time to give back.

If you suffer from IBS, chronic fatigue, and have fat that accumulates around the waist read on. Everyone is different so this may not work for everyone, but here's some tips that have helped me and people around me, primarily my family (We have the same habits).

Here's a chronology of what I did, if this sounds like you well read on
First started buying psyllium products and taking some cascara like substance. Boy did I get bowel movements and horrible pain! Worked for about 3 weeks. I was taking it 3 times a day for long periods of time (two table spoons).

I gradually stopped and started to become more constipated. So I purchased a colema board did that, cleared up some stuff and became EVEN MORE CONSTIPATED!!!

I was weak too after the colemas (about 3) shaking and so forth. Decided that it was hurting me more than it was helping. My health had deteriorated somewhat.

Then I started taking P&B shakes 3 times a day managed about 5 days and my teeth started becoming loose and my stool GREY!!!! I stopped and became constipated maybe even more so than before about 1 bowel movement every 2 days or 3.

Then I did straight psyllium on and off which just worked for a day or 2 then it started backing me up!

THATS ALL THE STUFF I WAS DOING WRONG!!! (No need to bash this is just my case )

I was also training 5-6 days a week and sweat training with moderate success. However, I was not able to keep muscle mass very well at all! It would disappear within a week, which was very frustrating.

I researched the concept and ran into the liver support forum, then I followed with independent research of Bile.

Things started to click right here. The reason my stool was grey was that my bile had run out, meaning my body was not able to digest food well (IBS). Bile is Alkaline and bitter, just like dandelion, kale, and other things that stimulate the liver. (btw I had eaten those on and off with decent results, not great).

I slowly made the realization I was over taxing my liver. I had always eaten in a hurry, not really chewing and always eating until I was bloated.

Please read the above AGAIN AND AGAIN this is the KEY, This realization came from watching people who were healthy and had good bowel movements.

I started to eat chewing SOOO SLOWLY and THOROUGHLY, and oddly enough my urine started to change color from almost clear to deep tones of yellow (i have kidney lines on my face, and there's probably alot of toxins in my kidneys).

My stool was also turning darker colors (not much it was pretty light).

I read more about liver health, specifically Andreas Moritz 's threads in his old forum here on curezone. He suggested to eat bile intensive foods (oily stuff) during the day while bile production is at maximum. I've actually tried to keep the protein amount low, probably half a fillet of fish during lunch, lots of grains and some fruits and veggies.

Now my need for sleep is dropping from 10hrs to 6-7hrs. My muscle mass is growing with half the effort and my bowel movements are becoming effortless.

I DO HAVE TO REMEMBER TO CHEW (I HAVE A TERRIBLE HABIT) and DRINK VERY SLOWLY. I never eat more than 70% full. Probably 50% full in the evenings. I also stay away from fried foods, as many cooked oils and fats as possible.

The above is 4yrs of work and progress has finally happened, I do again want to thank everyone here for so many threads I've read.

I hope this helps someone out there. I remember being desperate for help and not being able to figure it out. Keep at it even if the above doesnt help you, you will find your way. I am learning each day.


P.S. I recommend the Liver Flush book by Andreas Moritz as it teaches how the body works and how the liver can help or hurt you. I don't recommend his dietary habits but to eaches own, Andreas's insights have helped me a great deal. Another author is Weston Price (priceless stuff in his books). Note I have no affiliation or gains from those two, I do owe them some of my increase in health.


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