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One of the Pioneers- John Meyers, MD.(Iodine & FBD)
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Published: 15 years ago
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One of the Pioneers- John Meyers, MD.(Iodine & FBD)


Fibrocystic Breasts by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.
Published in “Nutrition & Healing” – July 1995

Here’s How We Do It
I want to hug my husband and children on more than one or two days each month without hurting,” Jenny Bauer said. “It’s getting worse all the time. For awhile, I thought the Vitamin E my gynecologist told me to take was helping, but now it’s worse than ever. She tells me it’ll get better after menopause, but that’s fifteen or twenty years away! My friend said you helped her, so I thought I’d at least try, even though her problem wasn’t near as bad as mine is.”

“You have fibrocystic breast disease?”
“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t say, did I? Yes.”
“How long has it been a problem?”
“Let’s see...I’m 36...almost twenty years. I went to a doctor when I was seventeen and my breasts started to hurt a little before periods. That doctor said a lot of women have lumpy breasts, mine weren’t too bad, and besides there wasn’t anything to do about it, so I might as well learn to live with it. For about ten years I only had a little soreness before my menstrual periods, but since then it’s steadily been getting worse.”

“Still worst before periods?”

“I can’t even sleep on my chest before my periods, it hurts so bad then. And if my husband even touches my breasts. ..well, it makes sex awfully tricky. Most of the rest of the month it’s a little less, and two or three days when I only hurt a little.”

“Any other problems with your health?”

“Not as far as I know. I’m a little more tired than I’d like to be, but that’s all.”

“Are you avoiding all caffeine?”

Here’s How We Do It

“Mostly. When that information first came out, I cut it out completely, but I only noticed a small difference. My gynecologist said further research had shown caffeine didn’t really cause fibrocystic problems. So I do have coffee every once in awhile.”

“When you tried avoiding caffeine strictly, did you eliminate tea, all cola drinks, and all pain relievers with caffeine in them?”

“No, I never even thought of the pain relievers. But does caffeine elimination really make any difference?”

“Yes, but not for women with fibroadenoma or other breast conditions. What the negative research found was the caffeine didn’t give all women a problem.

We can’t use that to say caffeine doesn’t give anyone a problem.”

“I’ll give it a try, and be much more careful this time. What else should I do?”

“It’s really best to do an examination first. Would you go to the exam room, please?”

“Sure, but I’ve been checked’s definitely fibrocystic disease.”

“I don’t doubt you. Treatment can vary a bit according to the degree of the problem, though, so we should check. I know it hurts, I’ll be as careful as I can.”

Unfortunately, Mrs. Bauer had a rather severe problem. There were dozens of lumps in each breast, varying in diameter from approximately one-quarter inch to an inch. There was swelling in the tissue between and around the lumps, and of course both breasts were extremely tender.

“You don’t have the worst case I’ve ever seen,” I said. “But you’re close....”

She looked upset. “Does this mean that for relief I still have to wait for menopause?”

“That’ll come anyway, but you can likely get substantial relief before then. We’ll follow the procedures developed by Dr. John Myers...”

Here’s How We Do It

“Dr. John Myers was a pioneer in the clinical uses of minerals, starting in the 1930’s and ‘40’s. He worked out a treatment program for fibrocystic breast disease that substantially reduces or eliminates both the cysts and the symptoms for a very large majority of women.”

“In the 1940’s? 1 been having my problem since the 1970’s! So why hasn’t anyone told me about Dr. Myers’ treatment?”

“Partly because it doesn’t involve surgery or anything patentable. Also, as far as I’m aware, Dr. Myers never published his treatment anywhere, though he lectured about it dozens of times at medical seminars.”

“What’s Dr. Myers’ treatment?”

“Mostly, iodine. However, Dr. Myers applied Iodine in different ways according to the severity of the fibrocystic disease. In your case, we’ll follow his procedure for the more serious problems.”

“What’s that?”

“Dr. Myers recommended Iodine swabbed into the vagina followed almost immediately by intravenous injection of magnesium.”

“That’s certainly an unusual way to take a treatment! Did he explain why the Iodine can’t just be swallowed?”

“He did. Dr. Myers did experimental work with beagles with fibrocystic breast disease. He surgically removed the ovaries from one group, left the others intact, and treated them all with iodine. Only the intact beagles improved; none of the beagles without ovaries showed any improvement at all. He then found that placing the iodine as close to the ovaries as possible got the best results.”

“And swabbing it into the vaginal area is as close as we can get.” “Right.”

“What about the magnesium?”

“He didn’t explain why, except that his dog research had shown it helped the iodine to work.”

“You’ve used Dr. Myers’ treatment?”

“Many times.”

“What about less severe cases?”

“In less severe cases...and for you, once you improve enough...we’ll have you swallow the iodine, along with magnesium, Vitamin E, and other supporting nutrients. Since you have your worst problem premenstrually, there’ll be extra Vitamin B at that time.”

“As long as I’m here, can I start the treatment now?”

“If you want.”

Mrs. Bauer stayed in the examination room after the nurse and I gave her Dr. Myers’ treatment. Ten minutes later, we went back to recheck. She looked simultaneously surprised, puzzled, and pleased.

“I’ve already checked myself,” she said, “and I’m better! I don’t hurt as much, and I think the swelling is less. I think even some of the lumpy areas are smaller. Is that possible? Does it usually happen this fast? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have believed me?” I paused. “Please let me check, too....”

She had distinctly less pain with the same degree of pressure, and on both sides. As she’d noted, her tissue swelling was slightly less, and some of the lumps were indeed, slightly smaller.

“Dr. Myers had doctors bring volunteer patients with severe fibrocystic breast disease to his seminars. He’d have the doctors check them, treat them, and check them again a few minutes afterward. They’d improve, just like you did. No one could argue with results like that.”

“I guess not. But you’re right, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. So what’s next?”

Here’s How We Do It

‘We’ll repeat this treatment once or twice weekly until you’re improved enough to switch to an ‘oral’ treatment program entirely. However, except for the iodine and magnesium, please start the rest of the program now. As you said, eliminate absolutely all caffeine in anything. Continue Vitamin E...”

“How much?”

“Considering the degree of your problem, 800 units daily. Also, extra Vitamin B6, 100 milligrams daily most days; three times daily before your periods. Primrose or black currant oil, 2-4 capsules daily, and selenium, 200 micrograms daily. And if you’re not taking one, a high-potency vitamin-mineral combination.”

“Is that all part of Dr. Myers’ program?”

“No, but since I attended his seminar in 1976, I’ve found that these items help the whole program go faster.”

“Anything for faster. I can’t wait to see if I can get rid of this thing! Could it possibly go away completely?”

“Sometimes it does. More often, the pain clears up, swelling is gone, and the cysts become considerably smaller, but they don’t go away completely.”

“As long as it doesn’t hurt, I’d be glad to live with that.”

After six weeks of direct iodine treatment along with magnesium injections, Mrs. Bauer was improved sufficiently to switch to the “oral” program. I wrote her a prescription for “Lugol’s” iodine, 7 drops daily, and recommended she continue all her other supplements along with 200 milligrams of magnesium (citrate) daily. Since she’d been treated with a substantial amount of iodine, I asked her to get a blood test for thyroid function. Like nearly every woman treated with iodine for fibrocystic breast disease, her thyroid function was not suppressed by the iodine.

Seven months later, she was back, happy and excited. “I can sleep on my front or back, whichever I want,” she said. “I haven’t had any pain in two months now! All those lumps are a lot smaller, and I think some of them are gone. I feel generally better all over! I’d really like to thank Dr. Myers. Can I write him a letter?”

“Dr. Myers went on to whatever’s next in the early 1980’s. I’m sure he’d be very happy you’re better, though.”

“What about all my supplements?”

“Usually, they can be tapered down, but the iodine frequently needs to be continued at a low level, a drop or two a day, indefinitely.” I wrote her a new list. She read it over, and got up to go. I went with her towards the door.

“I almost forgot,” she said. “I told my husband and kids I had something special to show you,”...and she gave me a big, enthusiastic, pain-free hug!

Here’s How We Do It

Start with a prescription for Lugol’s Solution. Mix 5 to 10 drops with a small amount of water or juice and drink it once daily for 6 weeks (Iodoral is a tablet form of iodine and Iodide - like Lugol's). You should also be using a good multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement. The calcium and magnesium are very important - and so is the vitamin E.

After the bottle of iodine drops is gone switch to a maintenance iodine supplement. We have a great compound that we make from the Lugol’s solution we initially used to treat the situation. These capsules are to be taken 2 to 3 times a week.

All of the above takes place in an environment of hormone balance. It is important to KNOW your hormone levels and use supplements to compensate to any deficiencies. Progesterone supplementation is very important.

Do NOT use commercial products, like Prometrium. Insist that your doctor prescribe the iodine and the supplements from a qualified compounder. Then, make sure to re-test your hormone levels annually.


Once resolved the fibrocystic condition should not return - unless you stop the supplements and fail to test.

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