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Some posts I have saved
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Published: 14 years ago

Some posts I have saved


There are four halides/halogens on the period table of elements that we are dealing with here (and one that doesn't come into play). The four we are dealing with are:
Bromine/Bromide, Fluorine/Fluoride; Chlorine/Chloride and Iodine.

The first three WILL displace Iodine in your body EVERYplace your body needs Iodine (as the chemical make-up between the halogens is extremely similar). And because the chemical make-up is so VERY similar, your body will use the other halogens...but the effect overall is totally negative.

(Think of a car designed to run on leaded gasoline, or high-performance fuel; now imagine that you put cheapo, unleaded in that car...will it run? yes. will it run WELL? no. When you start putting the right gasoline in the car, will it sputter, cough and act strange for a time? yes.)

When you start supplementing with iodine, you WILL push out the toxic halogens of bromide, fluoride & chloride that are imbedded in your body. Once your body has had a chance to push out all the toxins AND become sufficient in iodine, you will see permanent changes in your health that are totally amazing.

Iodine also removes other toxins from your body: mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and aluminum. It takes awhile for the aluminum to start showing up in the researchers tests (about a month), but it is very important to get the aluminum out. Once fluoride mixes with aluminum (fluoride from toothpaste, water, bottled drinks made with fluoridated water...aluminum from cookwear or anything canned in an aluminum can) it will easily cross the blood-brain barrier and lodge into your brain. Aluminum in the brain = alzheimers and all sorts of aberrant mental function.

Why is it VERY important that you know this? When these toxins start coming out, they create various symptoms...some which are barely detectable, others of which are enough to make one stop taking Iodine in fear that they are having a bad reaction.

What symptoms? Frontal lobe headaches; brain-fog; tiredness/exhaustion/lethargy; slight skin rashes/acne; various colors of urine (typically brownish, but a couple of us have had some other colors, as well); increased Body Odor ; metallic taste/breath (I'm sure I've missed a few).

What can we do to eliminate/lessen these symptoms? Follow the protocol designed by many doctors, including a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half of natural salt daily (recommended to be taken after your iodine has had a chance to absorb into your stomach). Salt is sodium chloride; the chloride in the salt actually helps push the toxins that are floating through your bloodstream into the kidneys for elimination. There was one lady in the doctors studies that was having "detox reactions"; the measured the bromine in her urine and it was 150 mg (that's a lot of toxins). Then they gave her salt and measured the bromine in her urine; it average around 650 MGS!! The salt had actually pulled/pushed another 500 MG OF TOXINS out of her blood.

There are also another group of 'symptoms' that seem to happen as our bodies start to be replenished with a necessary element for which they have so long been deprived...these symptoms are transient (they come & go), but they can feel very scary or alarming. It would appear that as each deficient area gets a dose of iodine, it get's a little 'jump start' in the thyroid gland will swell or enlarge a bit for a day or two (and one will feel symptoms of over-active thyroid); the heart may have some rapid-beating, and all sorts of similar, quirky things. For the most part (most of us) have seen these things come & go quickly, but it's (of course) always a good idea to keep an eye on them.


The first two radio programs on the link above contain "absoulte MUST hear" information. In fact, I would say that anyone that starts taking iodine without listening to them (or at least listening to them VERY soon) is truly foolish. We should NOT put substances into our bodies based on what a few people say on Curezone (or any other forum). We need to KNOW what we're doing and what kind of reactions & effects what we're doing will have...and we DEFINITELY need to understand how desperately every part of our body needs iodine.

Good questions!! 'Hope you get those programs listened to as soon as humanely possible! :o)



Our bodies are saturated with lower halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine and their salts fluor"ide"...). These keep iodine from doing its job since they displace iodine. In short fluorine will push all iodine out of your bones (thyroid etc.) and replace it with fluorine.

So taking the iodine does nothing until you add the Vit-C to help displace the lower halogens with iodine.

Ester C (buffered) is recommended...

See unyquity's post for a much better explanation:


Consequences of iodine deficiency:


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