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What about this CS Info
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Published: 16 years ago

What about this CS Info

Colloidal Silver (CS) is produced by an electrolysis process. The making of Colloidal Silver requires 2 silver electrodes to be placed in a glass container of water and the appropriate electric current applied. The vast majority of CS generators being offered today use batteries in a series wired arrangement which supply DC voltage and current. With battery voltage potential applied, the water acts as a conductive medium as tiny particles of silver sinter off one of the silver electrodes and go into the water. Ideally, the silver particles should remain suspended in the water as a colloid solution due to the positive electric charge on each silver particle which allows the particles to repel each other and remain suspended.

Many individuals advertising CS generators for sale are making claims of superior or unique generator design, but in reality most of them are assembling a standard, series battery design generator based on ideas freely provided by physicist Dr Bob Beck at lectures given at alternative health expos throughout the United States from 1993-98.

Standard CS generators will indeed produce Colloidal Silver , however, the standard generator design has a flaw. It produces an undesirable phenomena called current runaway, especially when used in conjunction with a production method which calls for a pinch of salt to be added to the water or allows the use of non distilled water. The use of salt or non distilled water will produce undesirable byproducts along with the colloidal silver. These byproducts include silver oxide and silver chloride. In addition, the use of non distilled water can produce yet other silver salts due to the silver particles combining with minerals found in the water (E.g. tap water, spring water, well water, etc.). When using a standard generator design, the CS solution will sometimes appear black or gray in color and can produce puddles of silver which float to the top of the solution even when distilled water is used and the pinch of salt is avoided. Why? Because of current runaway.

Educate-Yourself modified the standard generator design based on the work of scientist/inventor Merlin D. Wolf. Merlin had suggested important CS generator circuit design improvements which allows the user to produce an extremely high quality grade of colloidal silver without the undesirable byproducts mentioned above. In addition, Merlin has worked out a better production protocol that further enhances the quality and quantity of CS produced, even for first time users.

Merlin's design improvements include a method of limiting the current in such a way as to prevent current runaway. A few CS generator makers have attempted to address the problem of current runaway by limiting the current, however, the circuit design chosen by these manufacturers has also resulted in lowering the applied voltage dramatically. . The problem with lowering the applied voltage is that it takesmuch more time (3 hours instead of 30 minutes) to produce a given concentration of colloidal silver using this type of voltage limiting generator.

The Merlin Wolf design improvements incorporated into the Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator will maintain full applied voltage while simultaneously limiting the current. This prevents current runaway from occurring. By using the Deluxe Generator in conjunction with the 5 pages of step-by-step instructions provided with the generator, the first time user can produce a finer quality colloidal silver than the extremely expensive CS sold in health food stores. Colloidal silver produced with our Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator has demonstrated a shelf life of over 4 years without the need for stabilizers. Many brands of colloidal silver sold in health food stores would have a shelf life of only a few weeks without the addition of stabilizers. Stabilizers, however, should be avoided.

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