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Itchy inflamed Hives....any suggestions?
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Published: 14 years ago

Itchy inflamed Hives....any suggestions?

Dr. Jeff,

Below is my recent story. Any suggestions? I have these itchy hives covering my skin on my legs, and back and front....the oregano oil helps, but my skin seems angry and inflammed...any suggestions? The oil helps, but the irritation isnt' gone and I'm worried about it the right approach? how long should it take? should i eat anything special? I like eggs in cocunut oil, and I like grits. Other then that I eat salads & brockley, no dressing, but olive oil and alot of garlic...

Greetings All,

I am new to this forum. wanted to share my recent experiences....always knew of candida, and that I had it, doesn't it seem like everyone does these days?

However the last few months have been enlightening for me, in a most strange way. I started noticing some strange things,weight gain(50 lbs in 5 months) sensitivity to wine and sugar, but it would make me hurt in my vaginal area on my clitoris. Yup, that is exactly pinpointedly where it hurt. So I stopped eating most things. It was so strange to me that wine or sugar would cause that so I suspected yeast?? or sulphites?? or maybe I bruised myself working out at the gym or something else was wrong and I made an appointment to see my MD.

My md thought I had a vaginal yeast infection, and perscribed for me a one dose pill of diflucan. He said it would work within a few days and clear up the issue, and would stay in my system for about 10-15 days. Well, that issue seemed to clear up, but about 4 weeks later I broke out in a vicious hive rash with a vengance. It reminded me of my Sun allergy symptoms. But I had not been in the sun and this was everywhere my clothes touched me.

Not knowing what it was, I went to see an urgent care MD who diagnosed me with a allergic reaction to what he guessed might be an unusual case of Scabies.??? I say he guessed because he said it didn't look like a typical case, and he didn't do any microscope or lab work to make sure.

I had a raging itchy hive rash going on my trunk, on and under my breast area, under my stomach and on my calves..and some on my arms and the top of my hands. It wasn't on my face or neck. It wasn't on the insides of my hands or feet, or on my even though I thought the diagnoses quite odd, as I had not been aware of any kind of exposure to anyone or anything with Scabies, I went ahead and followed the protocal, of taking acticin permethrin.

I noticed some relief, but it was not gone, and I was still concerned that I didn't really have Scabies, so I sought out the 2nd opinion of a Dermatologist, who saw me and also said, well it doesn't look like Scabies, but take another dose of Permethrin, and here is some Predizone and take these Zyrtec pills. I took only the Permethrin one week later as told,(I did not take the Predizone. I took one Zyrtec pill, but it did nothing, and so I took only some Benedryl instead which helped for 45 minutes of relief) again the Permethrin did help a little, but then the hives began to spread to my legs and lower trunk, and all over....I was allergic to something but the doctors didn't seem to know what. I suspected my Thyroid needed to be tested as I was on a dose of T3/T4, and so during this time went to see an Endocrinologist. He had nothing to say about the hives. Told me to see a dermotologist, however, he did find thru a bloodtest that I was slightly hyperthyroid, and he put me on Synthroid. That change did nothing. Atleast it wasn't bad, but the hives kept on.

Thru all this I made several calls to both my MD and my dermatoligists office. I spoke to nurses who told me to just take the predisone. Then I spoke to my MD who told me Not to. He said it causes mood swings and withdrawls. I read the internet and it scared me too, I'm glad I never took it. I tried different antihistamines, but benedryl worked best, if only for 45 minutes out of 4 hours. I was in severe itch mode. This affected everything. I made my I husband do the permethrin, he had no rash, and it didn't effect him, but atleast all my bases were covered. thru this time I couldn't sleep, couldn't go out, or do anything...just felt I was going to have to suffer till it all wore off. Meantime, I washed Everything over and over, with bleach, drycleaned, and carpet cleaned and upholstery cleaned. Also changed laundry detergents as I think I did have some allergy to the bioorganic lavender detergent too, so I had to re-wash everything and rinse...ongoing...but the itching was horrendous. I read on the internet that Permethrin can be dangerous if it is rubbed on open wounds as too much can be absorbed which can effect the central nervous system for up to one year afterwards, (and I did this creme twice...and if you itch you scratch the hives and have small open sores, yet you are instructed to put this creme on from head to toe and rub it in.) this enlightenment scared me besides and the knowledge that none of my doctors warned me of this danger....

Even my "sun allergy" goes away in a few days, this has lasted over 4 months! (I'm wondering now if my sun allergy is really a symptom of some sort of die-off or radiation toxicity??? as I never had sun issues till we moved to the country and drank well water we later found out wasn't fit for human consumption???? So I'm very suspicious of why I got sun allergy then, and why it would go away if I kept out in the sun, but now years later..i do not get as much sun and don't have the patience to try to suffer thru it for a tan as I did when I was younger..also am afraid of ozone being not so good and getting too much radiation..) Anyway phobia's aside (a mercury thing I'm told as is the flushing I get when nervous or anxious) :--)

I finally went to see my NaturePath, who told me, she thought I had Candidas albicans, & inflammation from it, overloaded liver etc...going to the lymph and skin to get rid of toxins. She perscribed for me to take agressively Oregano Oil, Serralone, Garlic, eat 3 tblsp of xtra virgin expeller cold pressed cocunut oil a day, take Enzymes (Candidase) and an Alternative Tea (liver cleanse)and Replete Probiotics, and follow the diet, and eat very simply. Finally, I started feeling some relief!!! (but it is slow) It took 2 weeks to see results.
The Naturepath's protocal is working to allieviate the horrible itching. I had tried several things. Tea Tree Oil cream, seemed to make me more allergic, Neem oil, also did that...they gave some relief, but then I got I stopped those. I take vitamin C. I took water baths, with Epsom Salts and or organic apple cider vinegar, but it didn't really help much. Although, drinking organic apple cider vinigar in water helps a bit.

I've noticed I feel best when I don't eat, and at times closest to when I take the enzymes and oil of Oregano & cocunut oil & tea (which is a liver cleansing herb mix)etc. I've done tons of reading....I also had about 9 Amalgams removed a few years ago, I have just one small one left. I decided to take Modiflan to remove mercury, radiation & other toxic metals, started that this week. Started with 6, today took 8, and will continue to take 8 per day.

Fnally as an experiment Last night I put Oil of Oregano all over my skin, it got hot and tingled a bit, then it relieved me enough that I could sleep. (wonderful) I'm not taking any of the allergy meds. I showered and put it on again today, it seems to bring me relief. So this is something fungal, probably candidas & die-off toxicity, maybe mercury being released into my system from the dead yeast. I also drank some seasalt water today with 5 drops of Oil of Oregano in it in addition to my normal capsules, about 8 a day, far feeling ok...took Modiflan.

My Naturepath also recommended I get allergy tested. Which I did and found out that I had sensitivities to just about everything, but interestingly, not to yeast, but I did show sensitivity to radiation and all sugars and pollens, grass & trees, wheats,oats,dairy,rice, etc...I had alot of radiation from x-rays when i was a toddler, my mother told me, as well as sinus and ear infections, so she gave me lots of antibiotics.

Now from what I've read and experienced I think there is a relationship between our immune system working with the yeast to protect us from other toxicities like bad bacteria, bad yeast, mercury,toxic metals, radiation, pollution's etc....and I do not think I had scabies. I'm having a horrible die-off reaction from what the diflucan provoked in killing the yeast..etc.

Who is Shroom? I think Shroom, is on to something...because when I killed the candidas, I think my hives broke out because the dead yeast overloaded my body with toxins that I had been protected from before they died. I think that is why I broke out????. So we have to find the underlying cause. For me I think it is Mercury and radiation and pollution, diet, etc....but we have to detox, then maybe the yeast will go down itself????? I'm using Candidase enzymes and Serralone, both are very helpful...I hope to be patient enough to endure and fix this imbalance....
oh yeah, this morning I took the Candida water test. Wouldn't you know it, withing 5 minutes my saliva floating on top had devloped the candida legs....oooh ick!!! that's why I drank salt water and took oregano oil in it...:--)

Also, drink Alot of water,for hives that brings relief & cool showers.
Another thing, my periods are extermely heavy too, I literally hemorrhage for 48 hours with severe clots out of 10 day long periods and the doctors can't find why, I have a recent slight fibroid on the lining, but they say it may but shouludn't cause that, also have had hormone testing..all is very normal. (I think candida eats my hormones..and leaves me with not enough.)

Read a post by a lawyer who had candidas and related it to his experienc with mercury toxicity and amalgams and vaccines...interesting.

Anyone else go thru this or similiar experience? What helped? what happened?


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