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Re: To Noillusions: Help! Wicked bad case of eczema

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Hulda Clark Cleanses
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julieuma Views: 2,013
Published: 14 years ago
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Re: To Noillusions: Help! Wicked bad case of eczema

Thank you, dear. I appreciate the well wishes. I am actually a bit
better today. I finally got it that this is a syndrome--it is not an
isolated thing. When I went to the doctor on Thursday to discuss my
lab results--I had requested a cholesterol test and hormone level,
something I hadn't done in many years--the intake person took my
BP and it was elevated, something that had never occurred before. I
don't know if you are male or female, but I guess it really doesn't matter
after all, LOL! My BP is normally 120 over 80, or even 117 over 72
or the like. On the day I went to see the doc, it was 142 over
90. I was shocked, needless to say. Then the doc came in and said everything
looked OK except that my estrogen level was quite low (no surprise there,
I'm in about my 7th year of menopause, and of course am not taking any
HRT, either bio-identical or standard). But the real shocker was that my
blood sugar was elevated, this was a fasting blood test. I have never had
that before either. Sometime around Saturday evening, with my arm getting
worse by the hour (it was radiating heat), I realized that I had an
inflammation (duh) and that it was systemic. I then called a guy I used
to go to instead of to a medical doctor--he is so far ahead of them all,
a chiropractor by training and licensing, but has gone way beyond--and
he has the gift of being able to see inside a person, something he
of course does not advertise. He confirmed the inflammation intuition
I had had, and told me a whole lot more. Such as, my thyroid is whacked
out (nothing new here, that has been a bugaboo since at least my mid
thirties), my hormones are totally unbalanced (also no surprise), my
liver is involved bigtime and is not able to fend off the toxic load, which
he says is from heavy metals. He told me to quit using orange juice, which
has been a big part of my life for over a year now. He also said that my
lymphatic system is involved, and that there is some candida and
parasites, but not to a great extent. The liver is much more serious.
He advised me to get start using huge doses of vit. D3 (like 50K unit
per day), silymarin (from milk thistle) for liver support, and a sublingual
Vitamin B complex, which I got the very next day after I spoke with him
(all 3 things). In addition he recommends Progest-E, a combo natural
progesterone with vitamin E that you can rub into your gums, which I took
consistently over the course of about 2-3 years and then stopped as I didn't
see anything from it. I may not have been using enough. I probably need
3 to 4 times as much as I was using before. Of course all this is going to
be expensive, but then again, so what else is new. I spend virtually my
entire paycheck, after my car payment and a few other payments, food allotment
and gas money, and gym membership, on supplements and herbs and healthy
things to ingest and eat, such as essential fatty acids, coconut oil,
green foods, Zeolite, Ziquin products (based in traditional Chinese
medicinal herbs and ionic vitamins and minerals), magnesium oil, probiotic
this, herbal that, on and on and on...I guess another $70 or so per month
isn't going to break the bank :-) Don't know what I'm going to do once it's
summertime, though, as I do not work in July (my job is an 11-month per
year job). I can't save any money this year with all the expenses. I didn't
try the hair dryer as (a) I don't own one; and (b) I don't think it would have
helped, I was already pouring out heat and it would have hurt me even more.
I did, however, get to sit in the sunshine for about 45 minutes yesterday--
ah, what bliss! we are fortunate to live in CA and in winter we have some
gorgeous sunny weather in between the rainstorms quite a bit, especially
in February--we can get some gorgeous sunny and warm weather. Well, warm it
wasn't but we have a protected area on our rear deck where I could strip
down to my skivvies and soak up the rays--pure ecstasy. I felt my arm get
better by the minute. After 45 min. of that I stopped itching and the redness
abated some. Yes, there were still welts and scabs where it had crusted over--
the arm was so disgusting it was drawing comments at work (and still today) as
I had to keep it exposed, it hurt too much to have clothing on it and I could
not keep it bandaged as it had to breathe and the weeping had to dry and
scab over--but I only scratched once today, a new lesion formed on the
area between my thumb and forefinger on my right hand, same side as the
forearm which has the rash. It started bleeding almost immediately, so much
that I had to put a bandage on. I really hope this is not some sort of
fungus like my dad had. He had something called t-cell lymphoma, which
affected his t-cells (his immune system) and it is cancerous. He had red or
purple lesions on his arms and legs, mostly, which flaked and cracked and
peeled. It was godawful, and very painful when it was at its worst. They
gave him methotrexate for that, something i would never do. It was a slow-
acting cancer, but it was the beginning of the end for him. His health
deteriorated then (he had been extremely healthy till then, playing tennis
up till age 81, but he did have prostate cancer at age 75, which they
successfully operated on); he was never the same after those awful chemo
drugs and he just had to keep on taking stronger ones and eventuall his
liver/GB gave out and he died from biliary duct rupture (gall bladder),
not from the cancer. Anyway, all this ugly skin stuff has really got me
concerned and really hoping that I did not inherit those genetic markers.
His brother, my uncle who is 8 yrs. younger than my dad, is 82 now. He has
terrible psoriasis, but that is not what this is. So the skin stuff does
run on that side of the family, and I really take after my dad in so many

Well I guess i've really rambled, sorry about that. Thanks for listening
anyway, if you read all of this. As for the acupuncture, I would go if I
could afford it but these days, my money lasts about 2 weeks into the
month, I have such high bills (we are adding onto our house now plus I have
car payments and more than twice the cost of ins. now that I have a new car,
as I used to have), so it's out of the question. I would go otherwise, I
really believe in herbs and TCM. As for cotton clothes, it's too cold here
to wear those. I live in CA, where they do not believe in insulating houses
properly and we have single-paned windows. That means heat is expensive as
all get-out and we have to pile on the woolens. I wear a lot of alpaca and
a thermal undershirt and occasionally ski pants. I never had problems with
itchy skin before, and have worn sweaters, even mohair, all my life, as my
mom was a knitter and made all our sweaters and some of my dresses and even
a bathing suit when I was little. I will not be able to have my arms bare
and go w/o my thermals till end of April, in all likelihood (this is
central CA on the coast, and it is cold and very damp most of the time in
winter, and a lot of the time in summer too, from fog). The cotton clothing
will not work for me, or I will die of the cold! As for gentle soaps, I have
only used Melaleuca laundry soap since 1990 or so, and on my body I only
use Miracle soap, the gentle green liquid soap that is so gentle you can
wash a newborn in it. The hair products I use currently are a neem-based
shampoo and conditioner and sometimes I use one from a company which went
out of business but used to sell shampoo made from nothing but the
purest ingredients, all organic, from Switzerland. It is the best shampoo
I've ever used. I think it used to be called Living Ecology, but I could
be wrong, based in LA. I've been into natural products and natural ways
of eating and healing and living since the late '70s/early '80s, one of the
first if not THE first to do a lot of things that are a bit more commonplace
nowadays, at least on the CZ, such as acupuncture, fasting, colonics,
avoiding soy products, bottled and filtered water, blue-green algae,
magnets, ionic minerals, the list goes on and on...ahead of my time, for
a lot of things. This is why it is so confounding that these sorts of
things still happen to me. I guess it's to remind me that no one gets
out of here alive, LOL!! anyway, thanks for reading this novel, hope
I didn't put anyone to sleep with it.

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