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Re: Stool color question, anyone have insight, please respond
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Stool color question, anyone have insight, please respond


It's interesting what is considered ok by a doctor but not by a nutritionist.

Heres a little bit about my history:
I rarely went to the doctors but due to a serious bout of abdominal cramps I got when I was 25, and then intermittent abdominal pains I started learning more about nutrition. Whats interesting is as that time I had some metal fillings drilled out and replaced with more metal fillings. It could all be down to the mercury but It would take me 5 more years to realise that after having a hair mineral analysis done more recently. Anyway, I didn't know then what I know now. When I couldn't figure out the problem I started seeing the local gp.

I had liver function test done several times at different clinics and all doctors confirmed the results were ok. After reading a book called 'good gut healing' -  I was encouraged to persuade the doctor to refer me to a gastroenterologist because they obviously weren't helping me and were keen to give me a diagnoses of IBS without any conclusive tests. Eventually he gave in and said - If I put you through to the gastroenterologist will you be accept their results and be satisfied with what ever they say (this seemed to imply that I should then stop bothering them about my problem regardless of the gastro's verdict). I accepted, saw the gastro and he inclined I might have gilberts syndrome from the slightly raised biliruben. I didn't even know what gilberts was at the time and as far as I was concerned the doctor said my liver function test was ok. I was put on a waiting list for an endoscopy but it never came.

A couple of years later I started seeing a nutritionist and after so many different kinds of tests I indicated that a gastroenterologist once suggested I might have gilberts.  So she suggested I have a conjugated and unconjugated biliruben test. Note: this usually has to be signed by a doctor or nutritionist, so I couldn't have done this myself. Anyway here are the results:

Biliruben: *31 umol/l  - (should be less than 20)
direct:    *7 umol/l -   (should be less than 5)
indirect:  *24 umol/l -  (should be less than 15)

After the results returned the nutritionist was pretty confident I had gilberts and it was almost a breakthrough for me in confirming for sure what my problem was. I immediately  went to my doctor and showed him my results and he said, though the tests we done before weren't conjugated and unconjugated thats actually better than the results before and they are quite ok. Here are the results of the liver function test I had done previously:
Serum total bilirubin level: 40 umol/l - (should be less than17)

My Nutritionist then said in the range of 70  umol/l is considered jaundiced and at that stage the doctor may have said there is a problem, but gilberts is a serious condition even though doctors don't seem to appreciate that. Really the level of biliruben in the blood should be zero. So pretty much im half way to being jaundiced.

I thought to myself thats why the doctor never said their was a problem and I could have saved myself a whole lot of trouble if they recognised it. A lot of people out there are suffering unknowingly because they put their trust in doctors.  

I advise you, not to tell your doctor my story, but ask nicely for a printout of your liver function test because you are seeing a nutritionist and you think it may help. Then I recommend seeing a nutritionist, if just for one consultation, and show them your result and ask about gilberts. Or if you like, reply to this thread with the result, and id be happy to share any further knowledge I have on it.

As for the mercury issue, there are many things that can impair the liver. I have had a lot of tests done and the only test that indicates lead poisoning is a urine dmsa challenge test. So you could have heavy metal poisoning. Though I warn you not to take any dmsa until atleast 3 months after you have had all your metal fillings removed. I recommend getting hold of the book amalgam illness by andy cutler. It is the most comprehensive book I have found by far on heavy metal burdens on the body and how to cleanse them out using DMSA and/or R-alpha lipoic acid

good luck


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