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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?

To John:

That's extremely interesting that you are high in copper. I will be extremely interested in seeing if your new protocols are working. I saw a History Channel show on copper a few weeks ago and was thinking about copper and it's applications. I remember reading (since I love gardening) that if you put a 2-3" wide strip of copper tape across the edge of your flower beds that snails won't cross it. Seems the copper gives them a light electrical shock when the gooey liquid on their bellies comes in contact with it. Maybe it's that way in our bodies as well. When there is too much copper it interferes with electrical current.

Have you ever heard of a Faraday cage? It's used in military, computer and electrical applications to shield devices (computers, circuits, etc.). It's a cage (or sometimes as large as a room or warehouse) where the top, roof and walls are completely shielded from any waves or radio frequencies. They even sell a type of Faraday 'tent' on line, made in Europe that the military can use on site. The idea is that the entire cage, or whatever, is completely made of mesh, perferably copper. When the item in question, like a computer is inside it completely blocks all outside interferance waves. Copper is pretty amazing stuff but apparently not so good in too large of quantities in our bodies.

I'm so pleased to hear you're improving. It's always nice to hear stories from people who are getting better. Gives me such hope! To answer some of your previous questions....The reason I wanted to have my intestinal test redone was because 4 years ago I tested positive for a parasite (a protozoa really) called Blastocystis Hominus. It's hard to get rid of and I went through some aggressive cleanses, plus 45 days of Oil of Oregano, supposedly one of the most effective ways of ridding ones self of this little bugger. So, I was interested in seeing if it was gone.

I haven't had all my fillings replaced. I have 6. I would surely love to but I need to find a dentist that would follow proper protocols. They're supposed to put a rubber dam around the tooth and extract the filling particles properly so you don't injest them. The other reason is that I had a completely porcelain crown done last year to replace a large filling and immediately had a bad adrenal 'crash' that lasted weeks.

I had a hair analysis done 3 years ago and the only things under the TOXIC category that were even remotely measurable were Barium @ 2.89 (supposed to be less than 3.26) and Mercury was 1.21 (safe levels should be under 1.69).

I sent all my paperwork, copies of tests and my medical diary to Dr. Gilbert Manso in Houson. I asked that he give it a cursory look and get back to me whether he thought he could help. We'll see what happens.

I'm also doing another set of Cortisol tests through Pharmasan Labs, (NeuroSciences, Inc.). I'm going to do the saliva test in the morning at 7:00, then take 2.5 mg. of Cortef and test it again 1.5 hr later. Then a few days later, following the same protocol using Isocort, 1 pellet, which is supposed to be 2.5 mg. I want to see what kind of effect both of these have on my morning cortisol. It should be a few weeks to get the results back, so I'll post them when I have them. Plus, I'm going to do a Saliva Menopause test kit as well; 3 Estrogens, Testosterone, DHEA and Pregnenolone to see where I stand.......

Oh....and before I forget....I sang Country music mostly, although I spent time in my younger years singing Bluegrass and Gospel in a quartet called the Hale Family Singers. When I had my own band it was called Firecreek. We had such a ball in the early 80's traveling and opening for acts such as Johnny Lee, Lee Greenwood, Eddie Raven and Lacy J. Dalton. I played in nightclubs, mostly in California and sang with the house band for a time in a great place called The Mule Lip Saloon. That band was called Rick Glenn and the Texas Aliens....The club held about 2,000 people and on the weekends it was always packed. The local Country radio station used to set up and broadcast the Friday night show live. Gosh.....those were the days!!! So much fun. All those cute cowboys in their tight Wranglers!.....Ah, I digress.....

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