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Re: some recent setbacks
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: some recent setbacks

yay Minihaha! I'd pretty much given up on anyone being curious enough to ask about how it is that our dime has any relevance to the influences on our lives today that came from our history. But first, a quick comment on the foot. Eczema is still on my short list of potential perps. Right now, this list is made up of: 1) I don't know; 2) possibly an old, buried illness just now coming back to the surface to make it's ugly head known; 3) a really bad flareup of Eczema; 4) more I don't know....I have clues, but I just don't know. I've seen some photos of people who had really bad Eczema or what some people call "Rosacea", and some of them look similar to what's going on on my foot right now. I've had a variety of annoying skin problems most of my adult life, to include adult acne, seborrhea (sp?), and in the winter time frequent dry/scaly/itcy/small patches. This no doubt is the result of poor diet & poor lifestyle choices & habbits. For the most part these have all generally been isolated and manageable, usualy in small patches tucked away here and there on various parts of my body not generally visible to the public. Now as to the dime .......

This can be a very deep subject, so I'll try to keep to the high points. If nothing else, try to enjoy the historical aspects. It starts with a baasic understanding of the occult. Many people tend to be spooked just to see or hear mention of that word. While there is some validity to this, the word itself, like any word, is harmless. I've never practiced anything considered "of the occult", but in the past year or so studying it has become part of my process of educating and learning about why our world is so screwed up. So, the word, whether it scares somebody or not even when they don't know why or what it means, it's the meaning that is important. Occult means "hidden". Upon closer inspection, one will find that there is generally a particular kind, brand or aspect of "hidden" at work and implied in the word "occult".

Historically this world has been and continues to this day to be influenced in many ways by a breed of beings who have long made certain choice knowledge their forte', their domain and their "it's for us the elite and not for you the peon". For sake of argument, lets call these beings "human". They may actually be of human origin but I cannot conclusively confirm this. Upon closer inspection one will find that those who have long practiced (for millenia) the mystery arts, which includes the safe keeping of certain choice information, also tend to act, practice, behave and basically live their lives covetly through ritualized worship that in essence is satanic in nature - it ultimately involves the service to & worship of Lucifer and or one of Lucifer's many agents, such as Satan. You can probably imagine that in an effort to keep their most powerful knowledge secret, there are all kinds of clever tricks and methods employed to keep as many of their secrets secret as possible. You can also probably understand that when one lives a life that is in large part dominated by keeping one's activities secret, this tends to put a damper on one's efforts to communicate with other like minded beings. These occult people tend to live double lives. One is the one that is typically played up and played out for us in public and through the media, for instance. The other one, the hidden one, generally gets none of this public attention, to the extent if anybody else, like me for instance, attempts to mention this in public, there is generally a built in, conditioned backlash that comes in an effort to discredit or distract from the mention. Just one method to get around this problem of communication among like-minded adepts of the occult is through the use of arcane symbology. By now I'm hoping that you understand we're generally talking about beings who deal in knowledge that is ancient, esoteric, and mystical in nature. Various names, labels and nicknames have grown up around these occultists. What we call them is not important to this discussion. What is important as it relates to the dime is having a little background with the situation of how these people use various occult methods, including symbology, to communicate some thing or some idea to some other person or people, using all kinds of various ways.

You might be thinking, "hmmm, one of two sides of a dime does not seem at all hidden to me, in fact, is is basically right out there in the open". On one level, this is absolutely correct and part of the oveall design, but on another level, the occult level, this thinking misses the point. Those adept in the occult in this context are figurative magicians (and in some cases literal magicians as well, dealing in Black Magic). Ever heard the saying "hidden in plain site"? Think about it. Lots of people regularly walk around with coins and money paper on their person, but for anyone who does not understand some of the relevant background to occult use of symbology, the symbol on the dime, for instance, and it's secret meaning is effectively hidden in plain site.

Look at that photo and you will notice a "thingy" of sorts in the very center of the dime. To the naked eye, it may appear as though it's some kind of torch. I've done a bit of research on this and I've found multiple other researchers who state that this thingy is actually called a fascis (singular) or fasces (plural). You may not be able to find a suitably proper definition in a modern dictionary, especially the online ones as many of them have been under continual revision as part of a long ongoign efort to removing from the present language a lot of the older and traditional meanings, uses and definitions of words. Here is the definition as listed in my hard copy of Websters New World - Senior Edition - Southwestern, 1972: a bundle of rods bound about an ax, carried before ancient Roman magistrates as a symbol of authority; later the symbol of Italian fascism.

The symbol of a fascis can be found, among other places, in the House Chamber of the U.S. Congress. This chamber has a 3-level platform, at the top of which the Speaker and other officers will sit or stand in authority while Congress is in sessino. Thee is a wall directly behind the top, 3rd level of this platform, with a pair of large, ornately carved fascis affixed to it. Somebody looking towards the platform from the audience of the chamber will see that these fasces bracket those who are sitting and or standing in authority.

Taken by itself, this may not seem all that significant. It is nonetheless a tiny clue. Our present world is littered with countless of these tiny clues, various forms of occult symbology, and this is even if one has their TV turned off, and no color glossy magazines or newspapers lying on the coffee table. Pick up, turn on or tune in to any of these and you've unwittingly just magnified many times the number of occult symbols you are being exposed to. Look on the back of a one dollar bill and you will find grouped thee several, separate and distinct symbols, the meanings of which are for the most part hidden from the average person, hidden in plain sight. Washington D.C. was laid out, designed and built, in large part by masons of various stripes, some exoteric (run of the mill neigbhorhood "doing good for the community" fraternal orders), some esoteric, and in the case of the latter many are confirmed as having been members in various esoteric occult organizations of that era (the building of D.C. proper). D.C. has numerous occult symbols hidden in plain site, built into the very fabric of the buildings, roads, lawns and waterways surrounding the seat of federal government. An overhead view of D.C. reveals 22 specific Zodiac symbols that have been fashioned into the overall design, takign in the street angles, monuments and their positioning, and various buildings of so-called high institution. On a larger scale, our world is filled with countless clues in the form of occult symbols just waiting for somebody to look beyond plain site to learn of their deeper meanings.

BTW, the head side of the dime just happens to be of Johnson. By not spelling it out, I can possibly avoid directly insulting a whole bunch of people who may themselves generally go about life with a plain sighted disposition. There is an old saying that often is relevant upon researching mysteries, especially mysteries that contain people who clandestinely operated in league with each other for some ultimate gain for themselves at the expense of the masses at large, or what is generally called "a conspiracy"; "what was the motive?.....who benefitted?......que bono?" It goes without saying that among many others, Johnson enjoyed huge benefits as a direct result of the public excecution of John F. Kennedy. To me it's perfectly fitting a coin bearing his mug on one side bears the symbol of Italian fascists on the reverse side. Even in the present era, there is an ancient association with many members currently alive, moving and shaking as this world's invisible, influential, big time 'movers & shakers', who goe by the name Black Nobility. They are attributed to having origins associated with Italy. That they are known as Black has nothing to do with reference to the color of their skin, for they are all white people of European dissent, but are known as "Black" for the tactic, behavior, morals and methods - especially having to do with "money", that they've practiced, studied, perfected and exploited over the centuries in becoming the wealthiest association..... call it a brotherhood.....or a fraternity....or a secret society, whatever, but these are by far the wealthiest individuals on the face of the earth, far richer in terms of money/dollars/cents than the average person can imagine. Bill Gates could not even dream of holding a candle to them, but he may in fact bend knee to them often. Some of the prime assets they own are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and all that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are alleged to own. The Rotchshilds, by the way, have long been employed as the keepers & managers of the Vaticans finances. Did you know, for instance, the Vatican is said to own (and has for decades) the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.?

So, Minihaha, was that too much information? :)

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