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Re: and now, the rest of the foot story
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: and now, the rest of the foot story

Thanks for the advice and encouragement, MH. I needed that. I've been keeping the foot situation mostly under my vest, so to speak. Did not want to unnecessarily alarm some of the sheeple in my immediate family. Unfortunately, now that I've had the "failed doctor's appointment" incident, this is now starting to unfold. There is now the worry trickling through the family that I may have skin cancer on the foot. Here is the rest of the foot story.

28 years ago after 3 straight days on the beach, I ended up with the tops of both feet badly sunburned. By the time I got back home, the family doctor, which is the same one who's now refusing to give me an appointment, looked at the feet and said they were somewhere between 2nd and 3rd degree burns. By the time I got back to the city to return to school, the feet had swollen, blistered, some of the blisters broken, and the feet oozing. I had to get back to school, so to add insult to this injury, I had to strap shoes over top those bright read, swollen, blistered, oozing feet. The left foot seemed to have gotten the worst of this. Within another day, I woke up and discoverd that somehow, I'd gotten an outbreak of poison ivy on top of the left foot. By the end of the day, this had spread to my face, all over it, into the corners of my eyes, mouth, nostrils.... I was a literal freak show. Next day I threw a dart into the yellow pages and found a doctor within a few blocks. He prescribed two things: some powder to put into hot water to soak the feet and begin to dry them up; an immunity building prescription of little white pills, 1 the first day, then 3, then 5, so on and so forth until the pills were gone. I'm wondering if those pills contained some actual poison ivy active ingredient (Urushiol?) or were they steroids?. Within 24 hours, the feet had made remarkable progress and the face was already clearing up nicely. Within a week everything was almost back to normal.

Another interesting aspect to me is that up to this point, I'd always had a problem with poison ivy, just like dad, I got it often in the spring & summer, to the extent that it sometimes appeared as though I would get it just by somebody else looking at it and then breathing on me.

Ever since that prescription, for the next 15 years, I never had one more lick of poison ivy, not a one. Even since the end of that 15 year period, whenever I do get an outbreak, it's usually quite mild compared to how it used to be. There is a strange exception. About 2 years after this incident (so, that's about 26 years ago), one day out of the blue this patch appeared on the top of the left food, right near the spot in the middle where the oozing had been the worst. This patch, about quarter size, appeared to be the beginning of a poison ivy outbreak; tiny little bubbles. It itched, but it stayed normal foot color, no inflamation, no spreading. I did nothing other than look at it, wonder about it, and scratch when it itched. When it itched, it was quite intense, one of those that the more you scratch, the more it itches. Within 2 days, it was gone, as quickly and mysteriously as it had come. For the past 28 years, this same situation has been playing out about once every year or two. It's very irregular, in a regular kind of way ;) When the patch arrives, it does not have any color to it, no inflamation, no spreading, it just comes, spends a day or two, then leaves. This past spring the patch returned. It did not go away this time. It pretty much stayed the same for the next 8 months. Something changed about a month ago. What? I don't know, but the patch slowly began to spread, I got a new patch on the ankle. But it had not yet become inflamed. The inflamation and adding of vivid colors did not happen until after I began experimenting with various herbal fomentations the past 2 weeks. The walnut hull tincture fomentation really seemed to set off the inflamation and spreading.

The original foot photo at the beginning of this post is now the current state of this foot that the patch had returned to this past spring. At that time, it appeared to be following the same innocent regularly irregular pattern of the past 28 years...........go figure... ?

Somehow, some way, I get the idea that this situation is somehow related to that original incident from 28 years ago. I also get that it has somehow been affected by some of the changes I've been applying the past 2 years, especialy having all my dental metals removed. In any case, I can understand why there may be some concern for skin cancer. A few people I know involved in medicine claim that it often takes up to 20 years or so for skin cancer to develop as a result of a bad blistering/scarring sunburn event.

For now, I've at least got the itching under control. Luckily I have some of your iron tonic on hand. I've also been trying to soak in a bucket of plantain tea every several hours. That seems to help a bit. Glad I picked a big batch of Plantain out of the yard late last summer. It's been waiting in my freezer for a reason to be there :)

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