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Re: some recent setbacks
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: some recent setbacks

Looks like the forum editor is having a bad day again. The first post contains the links for the small photos, but the editor is showing the big photos, which makes it really difficult to read the text included. So, I deleted the text from the first post and added it separately here to a second post.

The top photo are stones that came out of my Dog yesterday. I held out as long as I thought prudent before opting for the knife. The way this illness onsets, there was not much time (about a week) allowed from the point I noticed signs that dog was having problems to the point where the decision needed to be made to either put dog down OR attempt to save via the knife. As far as this goes, many of you may recognize me as somebody always totally against the knife. I'm not. What I am is somebody who's been let down, disappointed, exploited and otherwise abused enough times in my life by the ways of the knife that this built up anger, as I allow it to appear my posts, generally overrides my otherwise rational thoughts on the matter. These were the two basic choices as they appeared from my perspective. I would have given more of a chance to resolve this with herbs IF I had the necessary herbs already on hand, but I did not. It's like any other life decision - you do what you want in combination with what you think you can get by with as long as you feel it's safe, never knowing for sure where the clear dividing line is between safe and unnecessary risk. I could have held out longer, but since I was able to, I decided to pay to go the knife route. There is likely going to be another opportunity to go this same route in about 2 years. This is how long it takes for these stones to reformulate inside my particular breed of dog. I have proof of this. 2 years ago dog went under knife for the same basic diagnosis. At that time, I was not familiar with CureZone, I did not know MH, I was for all intents and purposes herbless. 2 years from now will be a different story.

Some interesting things about what the Vet told me about these stones. Actually, several Vets have recently told me the same basic thing - Calcium Oxylate stones can_not_be_dissolved, they will either pass on their own OR they must be removed by surgery. I am not, yet, in a real good position to argue this, not yet..... except, there are some words of Dr Mom that come back to me. She was told that "osteo arthritis can_not_be reversed, one can only hope to contain it through drugs". She saw X-ray proof of the swiss-cheese effect OA had caused to the bones of her aged mother. When mom's mother became bedridden, mother then, and only then, decided to let daughter try some of her herb wiles upon her. Using BF&C / Comfrey, mom had mother outof bed within 2 weeks. Within another 2 weeks mom had become quite mobile again, returning to her once normal, active life. Within the next month, Mom and mother were getting ready to bord a plane. Mother fell and badly hurt her shoulder. Mom bit the bullet and chose to avail herself to orthodox medicine soley for the purpose of getting an X-ray to help guide her in how to treat mother. The doctor brought in the Xrays and began his grave, sad description of how serious the situation was. Upon seeing the new X-rays, Mom was gleeful. For a moment, doctor thought Mom was some kind of fruitcake. Mom said "you don't understand, doctor, a month ago Xrays of my mother's bones showed swiss cheese OA effects. Do you see any such swiss cheese effects in these new Xrays? It's okay, doctor, you are allowed to move your head side to side. What's that, doctor? Speak up, I can barely hear you. That's right, doctor, there is no swiss cheese effect visible in your xrays. Thank you. How do you suppose that happened, doctor? Look doctor, the xrays clearly show that, aside from this fresh new broken bone that just happened, the rest of the bones clearly show boney growth (a different shade of white) throughout my mother's skeleton. Orthodoxy has told me over and over and over that this is impossible. Doctor, I'm glad you had this opportunity to witness with me first hand how something "impossible" can be done"

Within the next few weeks I hope to begin dog on an experimental herbal routine to help minimize (and possibly reduce) the formation of calcium kidney stones. As I understand it, even if I put my dog on a special medical dog food diet, there is a good chance these stones will continue to reform. Dog's breed is somewhat predisposed to this problem. It seems that this breed has a difficult time maintaining the PH balance to be just so. Go just a little acid, and Calcium stones will form. Go just a litte Alkaline, and Struvite stones will form. Bad luck for such breeds of dog, I guess. For now, I hold out some hope that there IS a way to reduce/dissolve calcium-based stones short of surgery. What really surprises me is that they even admit "nope, we don't even have a drug to get rid of them". Well, I'm not so surprised. If these were people, yeah, they have a drug for them, lots of them, but there is not nearly as much potential money to be earned, yet, from the pet/dog/cat industry....but I bet they are gaining every day.

Basically, I want to experiment with coming up with a modified Kidney Cleanse formula, using herbs like Gravel Root (notice that name - gravel.....stones...?), Uva Ursi and Marshmallow. FYI, 10 days ago when I first found out dog had stones again, I immediately began brewing and serving him Parsley Tea. He drinks it right down. I have now way of knowing this, but I think this may have helped this situation turn out as good as it did. Take a close look at some of those stones. They are not really normal looking stones, they are kind of scaley flakes that tend to accumulate. The one just left of center in the photo is one stone almost the size of a dime. Some of the others are just tiny specks. Most of those were being held in the bladder, but the two biggest ones, and several smaller ones, were flushed out of his Eurethra, they had been stuck near the area of the penis. I here people say that when men get stones in the urinary tract, passing them can be quite painful. Dog never wimpered nor yelped the whole time. :)

The second photo is my left foot from an hour ago. Don't ask me what is wrong with it. Not only do I not know, I do not even have uch in the way of a solid clue. I have a few sketchy clues that I've been accumulating, but that's about it. For now, I'm still holding out on going orthodoxy. There is an interesting twist to this aspect. Today I asked mom if the old family doc would see me as a cash paying customer. I saw this doc from the age of 9 to 21. It's now been nearly 30 years since Ive seen him as a patient, although I run into him now and then. Back in the day, he was literally a walk down the alley from home. Years ago he relocated and is now in an office that is attached directly to the hospital, very near the built-in pharmacy, and just next door to the other dozen special special doctor clinics that have grown up around AND attached themselves to the hospital. His office is also right beside the emergency room entrance where ambulance services pull in. Back in the day, we had volunteer ambulance service. A few years ago, the voluntary small town ambulance service was discontinued, they could not afford to do it on a voluntary basis as ambulance service has become quite the big-dollar industry these days. This means today, the people in my small home town people pay additional taxes so the Town Council can contract to pay a third party business to handle ambulance "para medic" services. Mom called the doctor's office. She called me back and said "sorry, he won't see you because you are not a patient of his, he advises you go see this expert or that expert". One of these experts I'm already familiar with from years ago and I will never willingly see that doctor again. Tongue in cheek I said to mom "when did I stop being a patient of his? After he drained my knee, after he took the Plantar's wart off my foot, or after he treated me for bruised ribs?". Mom said "well, I think what he means is, you are not a patient of his "anymore". I replied "undoubtedly, if he won't even give me an appointment, not only am I not his patient, but I can't be even if I want to". So, for now, this foot illness remains a mystery. I have a few clues to go on, not much. This started out about 8 months ago as a very small patch that looked like the beginning of poison ivy, but, it never spread, it never got enflamed, it never took on any color other than normal foot color, it just itched like crazy every now and the. This patch did not change at all for the last 8 months. About a month or so, something changed. What? I dunno, but it slowly began getting a bit worse. A new patch appeared on the same ankle. I recently began trying to do something to treat it. I had been using B&W salve off and on, and this seemed to help a little in the beginning. Whatever the patch is/was, it did not go away. Then I tried something that seemed to make matters a lot worse. Going on the hunch it might be impetego, I tried treating with Walnut Hull Tincture via a poulitice-like gauze dressing. I'd recently had success treating a small patch of impetego on my hand using the same walnut tincture. When I started this on the foot, within two days the patch got a lot bigger, is spreadig up past the ankle, and the patch took on all the vibrant colors visible in the photo, the various shades of red, the yellows (tincture stain?), etc. The photo appears very glossy, that's the sheen from the Unkers. I stopped the walnut tincture. More recently I visited the small Amish grocery and found this stuff called Unker's Salve. It contains Chickweed, Plantain, Comfrey, Eucalyptus, beeswax, Pine Oil and Olive Oil., the tin says "for dry, chapped, itchey skin, poison ivy/oak". It defintely stops the intense itching, but so far nothing seems to want to make this go away. It would help to know what it is, but I don't. I suspect I may get in MH"s doghouse by suggesting this last, but the only next thing that seems logicla to try is an impromptu fast. I do think it's richly ironic that around these parts, it's gotten so bad that a cash paying customer cannont even find a doctor to give an appointment for exam.

More to follow as the details continue.

PS - i originally included the dime in the photo to show scale. Now I realize that because of the side of the dime I chose, there is also a very important story, very very very important for people to be aware of, although this ia a mosty hidden story to be known. It involves some history too, but it also has to do with the way things are going on in our country at this very moment, and will likely be going on for future moments into our forseeable future. Anyone care to say or guess what I'm referring to? ;)


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