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Re: Has anyone used Dr. Schulzes IF2? I have a question.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Has anyone used Dr. Schulzes IF2? I have a question.

From this link:

Patient type #1: The sluggish bowel type. Continue to use Intestinal Corrective Formula #1 until your bowels are moving 2 to 3 times a day and the consistency is softer. Wait at least one week before adding the Intestinal Formula #2, but you can wait a month if necessary. Once you have achieved 2-3 bowel movements a day, begin the Intestinal Corrective Formula #2. You want to use up the entire 8 ounce jar within one week. That's about 1 heaping teaspoon 5 to 6 times a day. Follow the mixing directions on the can or the directions in the Intestinal Detoxification Program sheet. Repeat this the second month by consuming 1 more 8 ounce jar in a week.

When doing Dr. Schulzes Incurables Program, he had/has his patients do colon cleansing every day for the ENTIRE length of the program, as the toxins being released from the various organ cleanses need to get OUT of the body and not be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. IF#2 is a fantastic product, as it not only draws out the build-up of mucoid plaque and other old fecal matter/junk, but it also soothes the colon and draws out heavy metal toxins. After using it and recommending it for years, I can see absolutely no reason that IF#2 couldn't be a daily thing for as long as you'd like to utilize it.

As I understand his writings & explanations, five days is just a good starting place. I can't think of anybody that ever did a 5 day colon cleanse that was "done"! That's barely enough time to get things loosened up, let alone get them out.

Probably the most fast/efficient colon cleanse is The Master Cleanse (21 day lemonade fast with daily herbal laxative tea and a daily salt water flush) - there are some that add daily P&B Shakes (psyllium & clay) to this cleanse; I think they call it The Ultimate Cleanse. Even without the daily P&B shakes, almost everyone that does The Master Cleanse sees amazing results in the colon-cleansing department

There's really no 'test' or way I know of to tell when you're 'done' colon cleansing. In fact, I don't think there's any such thing as being "done". Most teachers/healers agree that regular 'maintenance' cleansing should be done several times yearly.

ANY cleansing you do is extremely beneficial; when you're first starting out, a week or two is all most people can handle (for various reasons). After you see & feel the results a couple of times, it becomes easier to determine just how long/when you want to do another cleanse.

Remember, just because you don't see a bunch of 'old rubbery tires' come out of your colon in a week, doesn't mean you aren't being successful. Many MANY times in colon cleansing, it takes a couple of cleanses just to get things loosened up enough to get them to be released. Remember, we're fighting decades worth of rubbery-toxic-mucous build-up with simple herbs, clay, & water (when it seems to me like if that kind of build-up/clog was inside my household pipes, I'd be needed to use Ultra-strength Draino!).

Read & research as much information as you can find - here's one of the best articles I've ever found:
Journey To The Center Of Your Colon

You're going to love taking control/responsibility for your health...and this is a GREAT start!

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