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Re: Static electricity

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Static electricity

I'm here, don't everyone go away or to bed or something. My computer blanked out two times this morning when coming here.
First of all, I am going to look up nitrogen in my Chemistry of Man book. I think nitrogen is very high in high protein foods. I will get back to everyone on that.
Penicillin may have been the thing that prepped the world for lyme and subsequently morgs. That's a strong statement. What does everyone think of that?
Can we change our electrical wavelenghts before getting the metals out? Yes, i did it myself using the KI method found at King Institute site. You can do it too. You can make yourself stronger right there in your own house all by yourself. You don't need to find someone to do a healing touch on you. That's what KI Method is. Another thing you can do, and I really thought this was crazy til I started to realize that it is the energy from the sun that is sustaining this planet. Life. We know that plants use sunlight to make chlorophyl, yes, they taught us that in biology class. And I did learn somewhere along the line that the human body is mostly space. Atoms are 99.something space, and we are made of atoms, so we are 99.something space. Now recently I have learned that in that space, photons, or sunlight energy, is keeping us going. It is electrical energy from the sun. When our electrical system goes out, we die. We all know that high tension wires, computers, water beds, etc. are bad for us, but we don't know what's good for us. They are the counter electrical energies. We need to increase our own body's electrical energy so that we can be stronger. We need to find the energies that are counter to the bugs, but not to us. You can use the sun light to help you. Sun gazing sites say to look at the sun first thing after it rises in the morning and right before it sets at night. The full spectrum sunlight will enter your body. Not (can I call you not, it sounds very negative while notalone sounds very positive, so maybe I could make it Nota) I know that the sunlight bothers you terribly, but I wonder if you look through a dark washcloth (this kind of material has some large holes that will let in just a bit of sunlight) you can start to get some needed sunlight into your brain. (That's if the sun still shines there. We have so many unsunny days since c'trails have increased.) It's not a small thing! That is positive energy. Rife machines, zappers, and the like are negative energy to our bodies and in the long run will be counter productive, just like H2O2, baking soda, and excess salt. Also, rubbing your fingernails together helps increase your body's own electricity. That, plus hydration,(don't we just really really need everyone's input!) can help you get stronger. Don't you know that electricity can kill bugs. If you depend on an outside source (zappers), as soon as that source is removed they come back even stronger because you are weaker. The stronger force wins!!!
Nota, it sounds like acrylics help your body produce the wrong electrical energy, doesn't it?
Nota, I had the same problem with not being able to increase my electrolytes, or increase my hydration. At one point I was eating only raw fruits and vegetables and I increased my hydration considerably. I didn't realize it til now, but that is why someone who notices things like how someone looks said to me that I look great. He just kept saying it. I couldn't stay on that diet long because of getting very weak from lack of proteins, maybe there is a different way to do it, so I stopped. But fruit and cucumbers are the best thing for that. Cherry juice, even though it's bottled, might be good too. I am going to start to increase those types of things in my diet today. But the Energy Vitality Balance that I get from dnr is doing the same thing without creating hypoglycemia. I can tell because the area under my eyes is filling in. Some people say they have a gray circle under their eyes, well at times I have a ditch>the line gets so deep. That I think is from dehydration. Also, I need some soluable fiber(I relearned this from getalife website over there in au), so today I am adding acacia fiber to my juice.
A quick story, if you have time. My daughter told me that the person in charge of computers at the school where she works used to repair computers and worked daily in a room filled with computers. Many of the people who worked there at the same time are dead now. He fortunately got out before it completely ruined him!

Talk to you all later,

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