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Re: massage the morgellons out

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: massage the morgellons out

brace urselves im answering all ur quest(solely my thoughts only - but come on , we all know i'm right!)(won't keep telling u when i'm joking anymore u people r smart enough to know - if not -tough(joke! alrite last time now!)
here goes - if i had life /death situation where i was made to give an answer 2 this immed. here is what i would summise overall:-
what do i mean no morg wout lyme? like no pizza without base lyme is what u start off with topping is morg relying on lyme to help it become the many interesting things that get added on top.or likw when windows 2000 came out over impressing to make 98 look like childs play even though same serving properties and performances actedmorg is new model i'll skip here to include the carbon nanofibres(by the way plants take in the reverse to thrive to us_ co2_ this has plant components and i love co2 to feel normal so to make my bug plant part grow inside wouldn't i need co2?aswell as 4 my human jobs?! & if so then no i would not expect them to excrete anything further than excess carbon they rely too heavily upon it to u wouldn't use bread to turn into finished product result of bread - instead you play around a little giving it a bit of this & that & soon u have a spectacular say toasted sandwich never to see the bread again yet some crumbs may remain as proof of having been used within creation. i think lyme not as advance bcause founded b4 nanotech. so had nothing to have a reason to contain any compatiable outlets for modify- yet exactly that morg in cott ,cot is car.nano hapend same time period giving green light4 it. which adapts 3 like digital set top box decodes allowing analogue to become advanced further than even existed at their creation they aren't the same but gen basis similar permitting cross interation that matches up to work in unison co-inhabitance is it? but prfer hum host so once built strenght together they move on i get this because they r all in all of my cotton and r the worst part the they magnetise to my skin and i elec shock everything and would love this to end! but they started as mites so can have varied forms and varied hosts depending on mission fo expansion at the time.put dif. nanotech. is garlic breadwith your pizza it makes sensne to put topping or cheese say on gb aswell as it on dough base(lyme rem.)but you wouldn't get anything 2 fancy from base and bread as one on to of other c- own different purpose
so morg mixes 2 form a balnce of it's choice leaving others with their own & then it's off to find us!!the other components were just eductaing it in preparation to destroy weaked immunities anywhere in its' reach.
am wondering about g forces helping you hav + &- depending blood flow to feet or head rise up or nose dive(trying to keep this simple to understand)well the rise g forces blood to feet r of interest to me i know i feel relief from bending neck right right back neutralises buzzing pulsations in my ears and takes away tension and pain i do this forcing myself as far back in wood chair as can and feels good so if grav force behind it i was think would b relief i have a huge post to add but 1st sounds as if ur already utilising alternating ph levels with what u doand if health cof feels good KEEP it!!!maybe a swapover rhythum is needed.& is common 2 have bad side effect to what is killing disease think chemo & cancer get sick to get well! also coconut oil was what this guy used to prepare beefwhich cures several disease of all things so i'm4 coco.o.& read euc & oregano interfere with eachothers work so stopped org over last 1-2 days and i'm getting new things i havn't seen a maggot sized green garden grub looking thing from my ear i still have him in tack and bagged up in case.i keep thinking i have 2 say these have no nucleus so are anti-biotic resistant modern sci med useless thats y im going natural herbs otherwise i would think stem cell reseach to exactly replace in it's original state wherever effected cells exist- cancelling them out so to speak they replace us with them then we replace them with us!
here is when i theink lyme was identified and ignored everyone of those pics r like exhibits i could gather effortlessly myself this was realised be i was even alive and still doctors will not pay attention(when read this don't consider the test with no chart comparison allowed even the best pro couldn't master this- much like asking a magician to show which card u picked if he hasn't got the deck to investigate for himself - it will not nor could even ever happen
and that's me folks in an eggshell obviously want u all to b able to follow my expl. so can prop und.;$sessionid$H0EDOVQAAARKTTZENUFETIWPE...

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