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Re: My dad has cancer...desperate for answers
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: My dad has cancer...desperate for answers

I had typed for two hours a comprehensive answer but unfortunately the Internet explorer broke down and I have to go to work and can't finish. I am so sorry.

In brief do the incurables program by Dr. Richard Schulze . look up patient handbook Schulze in a Google search for the curezone site. Use wild cherry and lobelia for the lungs in addition which is how Schulze cured lung cancer which is never heal-able by allopathetic doctors by the time it is found. My dad died of lung cancer and I know how hard it is. If I had a way to email you (but I am not sure if I can do that), I have more info. Although you must be careful with lobelia. A man who met Schulze told me he has given people up to 8 ounces. It makes one vomit up tarry, black strands which when people biopsy it is was the cancer when Schulze healed it. If you do not vomit after taking it in large doses, take ipecac. Always drink some cups of peppermint tea first to prevent the pain of heaving so much etc.

A must is to buy Schulze's tapes where he has a section on lung cancer and much info, case histories, and how to do it stuff in them. Go to amazon or ebay and type the words save your life video Sam Biser (biser interviews schulze)..they originally cost $400 and came with a 700 page manual. well worth it.. the tapes generally go for $75-150 but often don't have the manual. If he is cured do not return to old unhealthy lifestyle as if it recurs it is much harder to fix the 2nd time.

EDIT--I have since this was written gotten the links to the free videos and manual..anyone needing them, just email it Now back to the original answer.

Continue on the excellent Essiac tea being sure to brew it correctly (goggle Renee Caisse and the first 4 links should have the brewing directions or look for it). Essiac is her name backyards. It has cured not only canbcer but many illnesses.

Schulze blood cleanser detox (included in incurables) is similar to the famous Hoxsey formula (good tape when healing become a crime). Here is the video link to watch it free.

Also look up Lorraine Day's official site buy goggling her name and the words "cancer doesn't scare me anymore" (no quotes). She does have a few things on google videos as well.

Also get the book cancer battle plan and cancer battle plan source book and if possible hear Anne Frahm's amazing tape. These are excellent and even people without cancer can learn a lot from the cancer battle plan sourcebook written by her husband, David Frahm.

Start juice fasting immediately. Use only fresh squeezed, or juiced fruits and veggies organic if possible (occasional bottled juice if out) drink within 15 minutes or enzymes gone which is bad. Chew the juice (this is espeically important if it is pulpless which it should be as if it contains pulp or is taken with food, it goes mainly to digestions and not to healing and repair as it does when taken alone where it assimilated in 15-20 minutes.

On a juice fast, one can also can have potassium broths see his patient handbook for recipe and Linda page's book healthy healing or detoxification for more ideas and for recipes..great books..also you may have herb teas (and I think green tea. I once read that just like fruits and veggies, green tea contains an enzyme which eats away the protein coating surrounding each cancer cell and this allows the immune system to then kill it.
Almost all the program I have seen that people say their cancers were cured from have in common, raw produce preferably organically grown.

Start immediately with him taking intestinal cleanse number one..until he is going to bathroom once for each meal (see on that formula for what to look for qas far as healthy bowel movements and when you are at your correct dose..meanwhile while he is doing that gather all supplies and start as soon as not worry about it being too much. I guarantee you Schulze did it to his dying patients in his clinic that he healed and many of them were much worse even according to many of his stories I heard..time is of the essence with lung cancer.

Also take wheatgrass..start at 1/2 or one ounce and gradually work up as it may make you sick as it is so effective in cleansing and very many miracle cures. People have worked up to about 8 ounces a day. Can and should if you can also use barley grass. Cheapest is to grow isn't that hard and get a wheat grass juicer as it can't be blended (unless maybe you cut it 1/4 inch snippets and drink whatever you get..won't be as strong but still precious..juice bars also have it but expensive.

Also take a superfood like Schulze's ( is where it is sold) or chlorella or spirulina in juice.

Drink lots of carrot juice fresh.

From Jean Carper's book "food your miracle medicine" foods for helping with cancer and preventing includes veggies especially garlic, cabbage, soybeans, onions. carrots, tomatoes, all green and yellow vegetables, fruits, especially citrus, fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring other fish and shellfish have some but not as much as these)..

Foods that encourage cancer and to be avoided are meat, high fat foods, vegetable oils such as corn oil, excessive alcohol,

Foods that help thwart the spread of cancer are seafood, garlic, cruciferous veggies like cabbage, broccoli, kale, collard green, cauliflower.

For lung cancer--any dark green, leafy veggie the darker green the better, any yellow orange veggie or fruit (squash, pumpkin, carrot, peaches, nectarine, etc), carrots especially broccoli, spinach, kale, dark green lettuces (like romaine), collard greens, kale, brussel sprouts, pumpkin, sweet potato, green tea (definitely drink green tea help destroy protein coating around cancer cell like fruits and veggie the one common component in the five programs I heard of that cure cancer--it think it is key).

Be sure your green te is fresh brewed not bottled and canned. Low-fat organic milk (recommended byJean carper's book although Schulze doesn't recommend milk and I would go with him definitely).

All veggies especially broccoli and tomatoes may prolong survival. Those rich in beta carotene, lycopene, and lutein may help fight cancer and prolong life. Also use natural sweeteners like honey (raw) and use Bragg's amino acids instead of salt. See Solomon wickey's cancer diet (but I do not recommend seeing him..we did not have good results or were not impressed but his diet did help a relative live 4 years longer (though her cancer just returned. was supposed to be dead one year had done no regular treatment (EDIT --she has since died but did outlive her prognosis by 5 years but she did not do anything but Wickey's diet which is not enough).

I studied 29 years these fields..didn't know all I know now to help my dad who died an awful death from lung cancer or my favorite uncle..though the suggestions helped and with my uncle positive thinking and saying he might be the 1% that survived his type of cancer caused him to live about 3 years past doctor's prediction.

I did not know this when I got early stage cancer but what I did know prevented most of the side effects they said I'd have from treatment. I believe God lead me to this to help others..I am trying to type fast so please ignore errors and answers not being as comprehensive as first but much is still here.

I have a special place in my heart for lung cancer patient because it is the disease that took my dearly loved father from me and I researched all these things in great part due to these cancers and hope nothing more than to help others in similar circumstances now that I have wider knowledge.

When it is hard to do these things. remind yourself it is better than the way cancer ends and when it is expensive remind is much less than doctors charge and what better thing to spend one's money on than oneself and loved ones.

I recommend Dr. Richard Schulze incurables program the most (but supplement it with some of the dietary and supplement suggestions above and Essiac tea and wheat grass.

For chemo and radiation, intestinal cleanse number 2 (Schulze will take strontium (forget the number after it) radiation and remove 3000 drug residues especially if accompanied by cleansing all the elimination organs. When I took all those supplements during radiation (mentioned below) I used lots of antioxidants especially grape seed extract (or can use pycnogenol) and those would be very helpful to do due to the massive free radical damage of radiation and chemo to help reverse. Some other antioxidants are Vitamin C and E, melatonin (only take before bed--it is one of the best), CoQ10, and selenium. I'm sure there are others, but there are some off the top off my head

If you do nothing else do Dr. Richard Schulze 's incurables program even if you chuck the rest..


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