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This is My Story ... This is My Song

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Mama Crow Views: 12,395
Published: 16 years ago

This is My Story ... This is My Song

Well, Here's My Oil-Pulling Story ... I’ve been hesitant to post it because there’s no conclusion yet (it’s still in progress.)

Besides, who really wants to read “just part” of a story?

Believe it or not, I am shy when it comes to sharing personal stuff. (You know, personal PERSONAL stuff.) This IS the internet, and sometimes I wonder if people really consider that these “names” have real faces and real lives and real fears and real feelings.

I’m still mostly an avid “reading” lurker. Sure, I can giggle and laugh, and talk about far-fetched dreams, and sing a special song or two with friendly people I’ve met here ... but when it comes to sharing nitty-gritty details I tend to shy away from it.

I am still so very, very new here at Curezone and I wonder “what in the world can I possibly contribute when I am still learning and still so fascinated by all of the profound knowledge around me?”

I feel as soon as I open my mouth to make a suggestion or share my opinion I’ll get laughed at because I KNOW I really don’t KNOW too much.

But, I digress ...

My healing journey began 19 years ago (at the age of eighteen). I was in a terrible car wreck. I was thrown from the car, and the car landed on top of me ... crushing everything from the bottom tip of my ribs/sternum to the tops of my thighs (shattering my hips/pelvis.)

It is nothing less than a miracle that I had no massive head injuries, that my chest cavity wasn’t crushed, and that my spine remained intact. Everything else in that path was crushed though.

I am a “breathing, thinking, walking” miracle ... literally.

Being young, my body healed itself enough to give me two beautiful daughters within six years of that awful accident. Not that my injuries did not make it difficult ... both pregnancies were sentenced to complete bedrest as my pelvic floor could not support a swelling uterus.

Anyway, to sum it all up (nice & neat):

I have had ten major abdominal surgeries (using same incision) as a direct result of this accident. Three of which were re-constructional, four of which were c-sections, and three of which were incisional/abdominal wall rupture repairs.

I have had seven miscarriages (five considered early/two considered late) as a direct result of this accident. One of which was a tubal pregnancy (due to my reproductive organs being smothered -and folded in half- by rampant scar tissue)and one of which the fetus had to be taken (via c-section) at 16 weeks ... okay, maybe abortion is the appropriate term for that one ... but, all the same, terrible loss.

It is nothing less than ANOTHER miracle that I became pregnant with my last baby, Hannebelle. She was conceived with only one tube (right) and one ovary (left) ... yes, you read that correct. The remaining tube and ovary were on opposite sides of each other.

We had three high-risk specialists get us through Hannebelle’s journey ... my abdominal wall could not support the growing belly and unzipped like a zipper. My blood pressure soared sky high. We had Level II and BPP’s done every other day to monitor her progress. I spent the last three months of my pregnancy in the hospital, and they STILL took her seven weeks early. She was born, healthy, 14 months ago.

All babies are miracles, but she really IS my miracle baby! BTW, I’d like to give God the credit for blessing me with my children.

But I digress, again.

I don’t remember how I found ya’ll, but I do know it was early summer last year.

I know I was anxious & scared, and looking for help.

I know I was tired of all the pills I was “supposed” to take ... but I didn’t take them all 'cause I was determined to breastfeed.

I know I was tired of the CONSTANT pain.

I know I was wheelchair bound ... my traumatized hip joint finally buckled on me, and to walk was excruciating.

I know I was bald ... trauma-induced alopecia?

I know I WASN’T suicidal ... but I also know that “if” I had happened to fall asleep and never wake up I’d have welcomed it because I finally wouldn’t hurt anymore.

I know I thought ya’ll were insane.

But I also know that I kept reading, kept hearing your thoughts, and kept feeling your enthusiasm ... thank you.

I had a hip arthroscopy done in early November 2006 ... a joint debridement to clean out the loose debris that was causing my immobility, and to help with the Arthritis that had most definitely set in.

So, that is a brief summary of how I got here ... but, the main focus of this thread is:


Well, within the past month or so, the ONLY “physical” proof I have is the “oft heard” mouth/teeth transformation.

Yes, yes ... my mouth feels wonderful, and my teeth are white again. My jowls are tight, and my cute, little double chin is gone. My receding gum line is replaced with firm and plump, healthy gums. My sensitive teeth no longer bother me anymore. My breath is in a constant state of freshness, and I feel (oops ... feelings aren’t provable, sorry) like I can kiss everyone in my path first thing out of bed.

I have no physical/scientific proof that OPing has alleviated my anxiety & fears.

I have no physical/scientific proof that OPing has put a bounce in my step and a genuine smile on my face.

I have no physical/scientific proof that OPing helps me wake up every morning ... looking forward to a relatively PAIN FREE day.

I have no physical/scientific proof that OPing has promoted new hair growth ... yes, my bald patches are filling in and I no longer have to keep my head buzzed like GI JANE.

I have no physical/scientific proof that ya’ll aren’t insane ... or that I’m not insane.

Is it all in my (our) head?

Are we imagining our healthy diagnoses? Are our minds creating the atmosphere conducive to our healing progress? Are our symptoms psychological in nature rather than physiological?

Shit, I don’t know.

I’ve recently read on here somewhere that “the best way to learn is to have knowledge backed up with trial(s) and experience(s), not mere "feelings".”

I agree wholeheartedly.

I am an avid learner. I am an insatiable sponge. Yet, still, I really have NOTHING to contribute to these forums because I have absolutely no grasp (no knowledge) on how the human body works. I am not a scientist, nor am I a medical doctor.

I also cannot contribute to the scientific discussion of this strange procedure called Oil Pulling. Sure, I try to read what ya’ll have to say on the deep subject, but I admit I get lost with all the scientific verbiage.

I’ll let ya’ll analyze the scientific knowledge behind all the "trials and experiences" of this strange phenomenon ... meanwhile, I’ll continue to gauge MY progress MY way:

Through my FEELINGS.

I feel marvelous again.
I feel healthy again.
I feel relatively pain-free again.
I feel strong again.
I feel happy again.
I feel ornery and mischievous again.
I feel good again.
I feel energetic again.
I feel feminine & sensual again.

I feel sincerely blessed to have found Curezone, to have found OPing, and to have found YA’LL ... my friends, my partners in crime, my healers.

Mama Crow


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