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Re: Why Curezone
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Why Curezone

I agree with your post. You state at one point "I've learned to not contest others posts (unless I think it is dangerous)."

We obviously have different opinions on what may be dangerous. I have read posts from many on these forums that I wanted to respond too saying "wait" in a panic. But then I think, hey, this person is doing what they believe is necessary in their time and place, for the betterment of their health, who am I to interfere?

Many people may disagree and believe dangerous apricot kernels, H2O2, zappers, DMSO, a strict vegetarian, fruitatarian or breatharian lifestyle, and a host of other alternative health methods. I have also read posts from individuals attacking these listed methods in very unkind ways.

One man's food is another man's poison...

I do not like to see nor feel comfortable with any healing method bashed here as that method may prove to be the lifesaver that someone is seeking. We as individuals will never agree with everything. We have all been conditioned to a great extent by our own past, present, and possible future life experiences and come from very different worlds (cultures and subcultures) in some cases. That said, I do think we have a responsibility to ferret out scams that threaten to separate people from their money for little more than colored water or what have you.

If you find entertainment value in any forum, fine, but I think we do a huge disservice to curezone and the people reading these forums to bash any one of them and\or call a method dangerous, especially in light of how many the method has and does help.

Personal responsibility has come up and I think, at least I hope, that everyone who is reading and utilizing any health protocol or method in these forums, or on the internet for that matter, understands that they must be responsible for their own actions. A suggested alternative to health is just that, a suggestion. We alone are solely responsible for the actions we take towards healing our ills or not. I think many pages on curezone suggest starting points for those wishing to regain health and the protocols should be used in some sort of order with responsible care and patience, taking full responsibility for the outcome. I had a miserable time with psyllium based Colon Cleanses and had to switch to oxygen based, and now I use cayenne. My point is that psyllium felt and was literally "dangerous" to me, but I did not bash it... too many people have found it to be their "God" sent cure.

You also state "It's a shame when our regulars start acting like a bunch of kindergartners though."

I agree with this statement as well, it is in your face honest as many of us are guilty... we can strongly disagree with a method, opinion, what have you, but I think we can do it with decorum. In addition, I think before a thread gets there, as regulars, we should recognize the debate potential and invite the poster(s) to the debate forum for further discussion and\or clarification of the different views and issue at hand.

If you dislike the messenger, as Force stated, just "stop contributing to it" or as implied, do not visit the forum. I think it is also, given curezones purpose, unconscionable to state in any forum but the debate forum that any healing method is "dangerous". At points in my life, most likely fasting, H2O2, or some of the herbal concoctions I have taken may have killed me or sent to "emergency" and could have easily been life threatening. Heck, just getting off prescription meds could be life threatening.

I have stated this before... I practice health giving and healing methods from all over these boards and I am extremely grateful and indebted to the "ask" forums and the folks like hopinso, force, trapper, molly, unyquity, celcius, vulcanel, concerned aunt, and way too many others to list for their contributions.

That said, I have found gold in MLs protocol. Quite honestly there is only one or two points of contention. The rest is with the man himself and that is silly. We all have personality conflicts with people... especially within our own families. Those we are close with produce the greatest conflicts and we are all as close as individuals can be in cyberspace... a family. Call it what you will, debate it all you want and put down the messenger, but the methods value to me has been first and foremost mobility and secondly, life.

Once again (not since my teens) people around me can feel the fire and electricity from me enough to comment on it almost every day. Considering I was, what I thought, ready for a wheelchair, surgery and\or ready to die two years ago...

enough said.


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