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[bowelcleanse] Homozone - I am cured
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Published: 19 years ago
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[bowelcleanse] Homozone - I am cured

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Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 19:52:23 -0400
Subject: Re: [bowelcleanse] Homozone

I have been using Homozone for two years.
On close to a daily basis. I tried to stop and found I can not go without it.
Unless I eat completely raw foods. Homozone helped me heal greatly.
It restored my energy, I lost a lot of weight. rid my self of acid reflux and a lot of other problems.

However it does seem I have become dependant to it.
Any one else experience this with Homozone?

I have a digestive system that does not work.

A whole box of ex-lax and nothing happens, enema after enema and nothing. I
blow up 10 pounds in three days and keep going if I am not careful. What works
for me? Raw foods, lots, water, and fervent excersise. Fasting and occasionally
cleansing. If I have a blow up day, from the tempting smell of baked goodies, I
Homozone to death. Lifting weights will take care of your concerns for

I found this so hard at first and now its been life changing. I
went from 185 pounds and looking in my fifties. To 135 a sleek size 2 and
looking in my low 30's. I feel as good as I look. I home educate four children,
so to incorporate my regime, I get up with the Hubby and see him off to work at
seven. I am dressed and ready for my run, I ran for 10 minutes at the beginning
and now I run 5 miles. I come home and rest by reading the children history
books. Then I plan supper and about 2pm we all head for the YMCA. They do there
thing, while I lift weights and swim laps. Then after supper and when everyone
settles down I go for an hour bike ride. Sometimes the children join me. I have
a bike light and ride on very rural roads.

Homozone cured me of Lymes Disease and Babesia, a rare disease.
It helps in many illness and is suppose to be non addictive and add intesinal flora. It detoxes the colon, liver and kidneys. I still take it and always will. I just want movements on my own.

I ordered a case of it in November. The company had to make it. In March I called for the fifth time and the line was disconnected. This has happened before. I talk closely with these people and they believe in so strongly what they do. There just does not seem to be a lot of money in it. I think they really struggle, yet plug along. I thought for sure I was taken, but two weeks later I received my case of Homozone. The number I call is 208-443-4089. Tell them Bernadette Irr referred you and let me know if you get through.

I should mention that after finding Homozone I do not need to use other detoxes and no longer detox on anything else this did the trick. I tried many and they all helped. Homozone was my complete cure. I am cured.

All my life I was dependant on something to move me. Just now I have to take much more of it. I was nearing cancer and death. I was told I would need to remove my voice box. Homozone is oxygen. Oxygen is life abstaining. This product is worth my dependency. I agree that we should no be dependant on anything. Yet this is not relevant in something's. Without water you will die. We all need food and we all need oxygen and in some locations more then others.

What is Homozon?

Homozon is a compound of magnesium and oxygen in which the
magnesium atoms form a loose lattice onto which much oxygen is bonded by
catalytic process. When taken with lemon juice or other acidic juice, that
oxygen is released inside the digestive tract, producing many benefits. As do
most oxygen therapies, Homozon provides oxygen to the body in the form of
nascent or "singlet" oxygen, also called the oxygen free-radical, which does
not have to be converted by the body into that form as does the atmospheric
oxygen (O2) we normally breathe. Nascent oxygen is oxygen in its most
chemically active and available state, and that is the only state of oxygen
the body uses. Homozon has a wonderful laxative effect. The stool is always
loose and bowel movement regular and, depending on dosage, frequent. Some
people consider the bowel-loosening action of Homozon a problem, but that is
really one of its desired effects, facilitating elimination of toxicity
through the bowel, yet Homozon lacks the habit-forming or bowel-weakening
effects of some laxatives. Taking Homozon approaches colonic therapy in
flushing the bowel.




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