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parasite cleanse & diabetes
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Published: 19 years ago
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parasite cleanse & diabetes

From: "Steve & Karen Rains"
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:22:19 -0500
Subject: [diabetescured] Katglow parasite cleanse


I was hoping to read other posts from people who have done the parasite
cleanse, but apparently no one else has tried them or they did not have
success with it. A couple months back I asked for the same thing on this
site and another one and received no replies. I will tell you what we have
experienced so far, we have been on the cleanse fairly steady for the last
3&1/2 months. When I say we I mean myself and my daughter who is type 1 and
my husband who is type 2, my daughter and I have stuck with it pretty
regularly although we didn't get the zapping done like we should have.

I started the cleanse before my daughter did so I would know what to expect
and to make sure there were no side effects that I could see. I saw a few
parasites, little white worms and 1 or 2 white worms that looked like grub
worms and that was all I saw.

The health benefits have been, no more pain in
my knees and feet, lost a little weight, I don't crave sweets, the pain I
have had in my right ovary for the last 3 years off and on has disappeared,
I sleep better at night, and I don't snore as much(so my husband says), and
the best benefit is my blood Sugar is better, that is I am not diabetic but
after I eat Sugar my bs would go down so low that I would shake, it was a
very disturbing feeling.

My husband has noticed improved bs but not enough
to stop meds but he only stays with it for 2 or 3 days and gets side
tracked. He has seen little white worms and some grub worms a few bugs that
looked like tiny beetles and he has seen a few flukes that looked like
reddish-oranges flat slugs, a larger white worm in several pieces(probably a
tapeworm) and what we first thought was mucus, (because he did fish it out
to look at it), looked like a dog heartworm, he says when he is on the
cleanse he does not have the chest pain he usually does.

My daughter who is 10 has seen many more parasites than we have mostly white worms and flukes
about 2 weeks ago she saw a 5 inch long flat white worm that really scared
her but helped motivate her to keep going. And we have found that zapping
really helps improve the results we get. As for her bs they are better and
she has reduced her insulin by about 1/3 and lately she has noticed that
when she is low it is harder to get back up and takes more food to do so.

She also says she just feels better over all. Let me know how you do, I wish
I could find someone that has completed the program and has had a reversal
of their condition. Have to go I have a couple hundred more strawberry
plants to get planted before it rains.

Good Luck Karen

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