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Anyone ever seen a UFO like this?
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Published: 11 years ago

Anyone ever seen a UFO like this?

I would say it might have been 1975-76 I was only 9 at the time and was playing hide and go seek with a friend. I was hiding on one side of her house kneeling down and saw something moving above me. I looked up and just above the trees a big red ball with silver metal like bars around it was hovering over me. Their was no sound it just hovered up and down. I sat there for a minute and looked at it but then fear come over me and I the thought came it could be aliens so I ran in the house to get my mom to come out and see it but she wouldn't ( thought I was lying, go figure) so I ran back outside and saw it lift up fast from the trees and just stopped in mid air and shot forward really fast like those spaceships in startrek or something. I am glad I left when I did . I could have been abducted. It didn't look all the big to me, maybe 2-4 passenger size. I don't know what to think of aliens since I have never seen one but my own mind has problems with a God who would let invaders come in that look like reptiles and harm people. I can only think they must be demons supernatural as I have heard some crafts appear and disappear. My sighting didn't look like most ufos that have been sighted.My mom did see one in our front yard one night that had lights around it after my experience but She couldn't tell what the craft itself looked like at the time. This was around 1976. Their were alot of ufo sighting in the 70.s I think. We would hear about them on the radio. I do believe in God, the devil, angels and demons. I think its highly possible its demons and they will use this as a deception to convince people why others have disappeared from earth. THe goverment will then let the cat out of the bag and it will be said aliens took us. I know that sounds far fetched but not anymore than other stories I've heard but I mainly believe it this way because of my beliefs in God and the bible that I have seen as a guide in this life above other books or ideas.

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