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Re: anyone else in same situation, does it get better
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: anyone else in same situation, does it get better



Eczema is a chronic inflammation of the skin. The skin become red and fluid
filled pimples normally known as (uesicles) may form. Crusts and scales may also
develop on the irritating inflammation area when scratched destroying the
uesicles or remove the crusts and scales. For this reason the disturbed area of
the skin changes from time to time.
Doctors believed that eczema is a form of allergy. It was believed to result
from extreme sensitivity towards various chemical substances found in food
products, chemical products, and even natural plants such as poison oak and
poison ivy.
The most common allergic reactions are caused when a person becomes in contact
with chemical drugs, chemical house products or when digesting certain food
Sometime a person may not develops eczema on first contact, but when
repeatedly exposed they will develop eczema, if the person is exposed additional
times to the allergic substances once the person has a case of eczema it will be
difficult to cure.
Medical experts have performed various tests to result on different
conditions which ignite the allergic reactions. As we all know the cure is to
eliminate the possible cause of the reaction (world book encyclopedia 1963)
Back in 1964 there were no known drugs such as Antibiotics –steroids
(cortisone) –parasitoids –antimetabolit- and aloes well at least these drugs
where not available at any pharmacists and market places. These drugs have a
bitter effect towards the effected area, and increasing the risk of cancer. The
drugs should be used ONCE every six months with a period of 10-15 days, using
them continuously is bad for the health due to certain future chemical
Before the birth of these drugs, people of Middle East used natural resources
to cure their eczema case, such as animal raw fat oils and as well as natural
plants and oils ,
When suffering from an eczema case the person will usually have a dysfunctional
digestive system, which also is a key factor in regulating the body heat, and
increased blood flow towards the surface of the skin as well as increasing the
infected area to become a rash and then hyperkeratosis.
In the Middle East a certain dose of a special plant seed known as Flix weld to
help the body in decreasing the arising temperatures to neutralize the blood
pressure to the skin surface.
The scientific name of Flix weld is descarainia Sophia – known as in the French
language: (velar sagesse).
A certain dose is recommended for children under 15 years old and a certain
dose for 15 to adult , it is recommended for children under 15 years of age to
mix one tea spoon of Flix weld in to sweetened cold water and dunked by the
patient 3 time a day in a single 3-4 month period ,100 grams Flix for one period
, but dose for 15 years and older is 200 grams Flix weld for in a single 3-4
month mixed one table spoon in sweetened cold water 3 time a day , if the
inflammation has proceeded to hyperkeratosis or rash the following methods using
the following natural resources will decrease the chance of developing
dihydrosis in skin and eventually heal rashes and hyperkeratosis effects. As a
moisturizer we discovered lamb oil is the best, the oil is obtained from the
coccyx fatty area from a 6-7 month old yang baby lamb, the raw fat contains
lanolin, to prepare the usage oil you must cook the fat and the meat until the
fat has fried the meat toasted, removing the meat and letting the oil cool down.
Then rubbing the oil through a period of at least 4 month 3-5 time a day on a
daily basis it will help in moisturizing and decreasing the inflammation, which
through out several experiments bringing promising and positive results on the
infected area.
Eczema also reacts towards lamb oil therefore using permanganate will help in
decreasing the reactions caused by the oil and the infected area. To prepare the
mixture, place one table spoon permanganate powder into a 60 milliliter sterile
bottle and mixed with cooled boiled water. Fill deep wounds with topical
ointments such as; Triamcinolone "N.N", Clobetasol 0.05%, and Betamethasone
0.1%. And then pad liquid permanganate with some cotton using a sterile object,
The Middle Eastern women know that the importance of avoiding washing children
clothing and usable diapers with chemical detergent is a proven fact. They
washed clothing and usable diapers of their children with black soap which
contains natural glycerin, they also should avoid of using sanitary napkins and
diapers that contain untreated cotton. They prepare cotton cloth size 50*50 and
washed with back soap
Or laundry soap or ordinary cheap shampoo, When the diaper gets used the child
should then be washed with warm water, baby soap and then dried using treated
cotton, then padded with baby powder ,or baby Vaseline, while avoiding the
usage of any chemical products.
factors of eczema in kids are constipation –allergen air and other, when the
kids play they like to drink water that this action constipated them therefore
parents must tell to them that after play they must wait some minutes until
their body be cold and they can drink the water they can not play in closed room
on bed and furniture because in closed space air will be allergen for kids,
And other reasons for appearing the eczema (saturated hydrocarbons)
In domestic cattle such as cows and sheep s usually have a fatty layer ,when
collected must be kept and stored , when this raw oil heated to boil we must
boil in long time such as half hour that toasted meat can separate from oil this
action need high heat than sit to cool down and oil will change or lose first
property so that cordial patients can not use this oil and foods that supplied
from this oil also near the eczema persons heats up during the digestive
process as well as causing problems for immune system, and foods are supplying
in this method for cook and eat such as sausage – Marta Della - that eczema
persons should be avoid using this foods.
About me – for 14 years I have had hand eczema which had developed to
dihydrosis. I have used drugs of various kinds to cure or at least decrease its
rapid growth and have not reached any results , Friends and family members tried
to help by ordering various drugs and medicines to cure but still no results
from chemical drugs, I have reached a conclusion and decided to not use any of
the drugs obtained for me, the natural materials I have mentioned in this
article and I which experienced has positive effect over the eczema wounds, To
successfully operate on my experimentations I have decided to quit smoking by
using Nicorest chewing gum than moved on to normal gum , Knowing that soft drink
suppliers whom enhanced Their drink's sweetness they add artificial sugars and
chemical ingredients that will cause allergen reaction to some patients,
Detergents such as benzene (gasoline) - bleach –patrol liquid products and other
chemical based products also cause the reaction and develop the infection.



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