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Re: Membership - to those on the fence.....
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Membership - to those on the fence.....

Hopefully what you see now, will only be about 1 percent of what will be there 5 years from now. BOOK III is about 1/2 reworked and to me, the most important subject I am aware of and to me, explains more about the past 80 years than any other book I have read. To me, it is a must have book to every human on earth. Naturally I have to rework it, but I was able to be in possesion of the seminar on video by the author just prior to his arrest and I doubt very many copies of this private seminar ever escaped being destroyed. The video is plenty rough, but good enough to see the author and hear his story. He happened to live near a naturopath who had died and I purchased his lifelong collection of papers/books, etc. and hidden 25 miles from his house in a basement of a very rich man's mountain side home, was what this old doctor wanted kept safe the most and this is how I obtained the book/video and it opened my eyes up to what we are now calling bird flue and what the 1918 flue really was and why all our soldiers are ill, etc. and why the world is at war and why they don't want us to know the truths about any of it., etc. I think I will have 3 videos to go with this book to back it up and I personally believe the author very much and can see how the governments also believed him very, very much and can see why when I looked him up, the fbi scooped him up and he is gone!

Dr. Mom's husband is a retired USA AIRFORCE PILOT, he personally told me, he excorted fbi prisoneers to off shore islands and he said the trips were mostly one way and mentioned we (usa) did things that made hitler look mild. Professional authors put them selves up on the chopping block, they are so foolish when they register their books with big brother/library, it leads big brother right back to their home and many are never seen again or their reputation is destroyed. Today the excuse is terrorist, this opens the grave for many, no trial, no lawyer, your body is owned juct like the farmer owns his cow. Dr. Mom herself is listed on the to watch list in the USA just for printing her last herb book, which I finally have 2 cases to sell, that I have waited 2 years to receive!!!!!

BOOK II and BOOK III will scare the crap out of the average person, but life is what it is, we should open our eyes a little if we want to survive, BOOK IV will start my best author on health and each book afetr will be more and more advanced. By advanced I mean you will need less and less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget these stupid books that ONLY SELL trash products........ Real books sell education and true education and normally do not even have 1 item to sell.

The first 12 members were about as fast as I could receive them and then number 13 comes up and it stops, not one person has joinded since the first 12, it is like the number 13 is unlucky? I have never seen the number 13 as any thing until now, I number 13 must be reserved for a very special person is all I can think. 12 members is GREAT, no complaints here! It is enough to get me started again!

The best way to read a book? I suggest copying 10 pages per day and read them, then at the end, re-read the entire book again. Then fill out the study guide. The study guide is for personal use and does not need to be sent in for a grade, your given all the correct answers in the book, so there is no wrong answers to be graded, you can not fail.

The video is going to be the best, my Elf knows the tricks of the trade and if it can be done on the internet, he can do it and this is going to be great!

"IF" you like the members page with what little is shown now, your going to FREAK OUT once I get the materials sent to TEXAS and this man starts putting up some serious material to download and watch anywhere in the world. This is going to take the barefoot way GLOBIAL!!!! I want people to see the materials I learned from and hopefully the BOOK series will build to 108 BOOKS, I see zero reason why it can not and the price will still be $108 per year, or maybe less if more people join in the future. Give it some time, this is no small project. I intend everything I have ever learned from, to eventually be displayed for all. Not all the crap I spent over $20,000 on, just the GOOD STUFF that I was later guided to... A person can easially spend over $20,000 and 10 years of their lives reading and watching false info that leads to to buying false products that leads them to the final morphine highway that enables doctors to live in multimillion dollar homes.

The wbe site is more than enough, but the members only page enable more freedom and keeps the ones that only want to cause trouble out. The elf has control, noting is going to get past him, he knows the system and he knows the cheaters, etc. this web site will be for members "ONLY" and those they want to disobey the membership can't, the registered computer is the only computer that can open the page, no sharing is allowed, those accessing the page will be known. Unlike the curezone where anyone can be anomous and say and do anything they please and seek to destroy anything they thing they can get away with, the barefoot schooling is for those who are serious about learning and not causing problems.

I am excited about it. I think once someone takes the number 13, then there will be steady flow of members, the big question being, whats up with the number 13, why has it always been considered unlucky???? Does not scare me!!!!

Blessings and thanks,


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