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Re: Beadlegobbler (more quest. please)

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Beadlegobbler Views: 6,312
Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Beadlegobbler (more quest. please)

I must say that your use of terminology would indicate that you are more versed than a layperson in this discussion but, I will humor you with whatever answers satisfy your curiosities.

"1)"To give an adjustment, chiropractors use their hands to apply a carefully and precisely directed pressure to the area of the spine out of alignment in a quick manner. Herron explained that there are different types of adjustments she can perform, ranging from the straight, osseous adjustment which is a forceful technique."

It could be understood that most chiropractors, by virtue of their curriculum, learn a variety of adjusting techniques. In the course of their practical application I suspect most gravitate to one or another technique which they feel most comfortable with. Perhaps not much different than the manner in which a general practioner prefers one pharmaceutical over another; or a particular suturing technique one surgeon may employ over another. In other words there is no "right" or "wrong" technique. Only the one which the practioner feels best- suited for a given situation. To discuss "force" in adjusting one must first review the principles of physics as they are applied to such thought. Force is inversely proportional to acceleration when addressing mass (F=MA)and therefore in the process of moving a mass (or in this case a joint structure) one must consider the displacement of force to be acommodated by the acceleration of the adjustment. In "laymen's terms" the quicker the adjustment, the less noticeable the force.

"-This is what she thought would be the best to help me. She quickly moved my neck as I was lying down (I'm sure you know what this is). It is quick and forceful and your correct SOMETIMES you hear a cracking sound which I understand IS not the goal."

Not certain what you mean by forceful? I would entertain that you are inferring that some degree of force, be it major or minor, would be an application of force as part of the adjustment and in such case you would therefore be correct; given the circumstances. It would not be correct in the case of F/D technique.

"2)I looked at the pics of f/d at website and am not quite sure how it works with the neck. (I'll ask her tomorrow). I'm assuming the table helps create space in the disc? (again I am not sure)"

If you refer to my earlier post I believe that I explained to you that the disc will draw in when stretched. There are techniques mimicked by some medical practioners who have learned the value of F/D technique. They have bought similar machines in an attempt to duplicate F/D in the form of decompressive machines such as vax-d and others. F/D provides a safe and effective approach to disc injuries and is utilized in the rehabiliation of discs daily.

"3)So in your opinion, you believe that #1)-the above quote
is NOT needed? This is what the other chiro did as well."

I think that for any healing process to occur one must have trust and acceptance in whomever they choose as a practioner for the task. Pitting one technique or one practitioner against another will not serve a useful purpose. Comparing techniques is to be expected however I would suggest allowing the doctor to make the decision.

"4)Do you find it counterproductive, irritating, or not in my best interest. I only ask you WHY BECAUSE she thinks it is the BEST.(it will help me formulate my thoughts and questions I will ask her)"

Being an informed patient is respectable and yet daunting at times when they attempt to second guess the process or the practitioner. Though superficially the process of adjusting would appear to be easily dissected and scrutinized I can assure you that it would be no more different to challenge the cardiologist and their methodologies. It is good to be informed in the case of pharmaceuticals as well, since their sometimes careless and indiscrimate use creates devestating health conditions to the patient for whom they are prescribed. It is the questioning patient who may avoid the perils of improper diagnosis, improper medicating and unecessary surgery, That is what brings many patients to the chiropractor, since they no longer trust medicine. This fact disturbs the medical community but it is their own fault for lack of understanding. So I honor your questioning but do realize that some consideration and trust must be granted to the practioner; for without it nobody can help you.

"I know you already stated many times that f/d would be best. And I am seeking a second opinion by a DC. I just want to thouroughly understand as it is my body and well being."

You posed the question of me and I gave you 'my' opinion. That doesn't make me right or wrong. It only attempts to offer a direction.

"I am a bit uneasy by #1. I dont want to further aggrevate it or unwittingly hurt myself with 2 herniated discs to my neck. Can #1 do this?"

Before F/D there was simply osseous adjusting and it was and still is quite successful. Again there is no right or wrong. Perhaps only preferential and this should not sway your ability to trust in the practitioner.

"It seems that is what most chiro's do as the main modality. Of course I could be incorrect."

Please explain 'Modality"?

"What is it about #1 that makes her think it is the PRIMARY. Of course I am asking you before I ask her WHY NOT f/d in the neck."

Why ask me before her? If she is your doctor then ask her. She will be best suited to making the decisions which affect your life and health since she has the first-hand knowledge of your personal health and history which is necessary to guide you back to health. All I can offer is a direction, given the limitations of this forum. Doctoring is something that requires a patient and no one can take that place over an internet. Neither me nor web md. ;)

"I hope I am clear. I am trying to be succinct amid confusion and a real wanting to understand and heal."

I respect your determination to be informed and prepared. I would suggest not dwelling too much on the task of doctoring since that is the doctor's job.

I hope you will post the outcome of your treatment. I do wish you well.

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