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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?

Hi Anvil,

I was wondering the other day how your doctor's appointment went. It sounds like he's cooperative and trying to help you. That, in itself is probably heart warming....just to have a doctor that recognizes you have a REAL problem. Despite being a phone patient with Clymer I'm seriously thinking about seeing another local Homeopathic doctor who is also an M.D. this coming year when money reserves are built back up. I'd really like to have some more tests to see if there is something we're missing. I know exactly what you mean about having pre-existing problems. Since all this happened it's like all the little health issues that didn't seem so important in the past come back to mind, like putting the puzzle pieces together.

I've never heard of Samento or Cumanda but it looks EXTREMELY interesting. I saw that they are both rain forest products and that they've been studied in Ecuador. Iím especially interested in the anti-viral properties. I had the candida blood antibody test done about a year ago by ImmunoLabs and finally checked out with a nice ďOĒ after numerous cleanses and a month of Diflucan. I donít seem to have the yeast problems any more and my digestion greatly improved.

I doubt I could have Lyme as I don't know where I would have been exposed, have never seen a tick on me and never had a bite that had that tell tale ring. But, stranger things have happened and one can't rule it out.

I had a full intestinal and parasite screen run about 3 1/2 years ago and the only parasite that came up was blastocytis hominus, which is really a protozoa as I understand it. I was on a long term therapy of 45 drops a day of a very strong oil of oregano, which is one of the only effective therapies for this BH. I imagine I'm clear of it but I probably should test again to be sure.

I have used Colloidial Silver on and off for the last 4 years as I have my own CS maker and silver rods I bought from Coyote Zenterprises. It's the home unit that shuts off when it reaches 12 ppm or you can override the manual setting for stronger. But I do understand the difference in the silver particle/silver ions and the debate about which is more effective. Wow, you're right about the price of the other stuff. High! But I haven't been using CS much in the last few months so your e-mail was a good kick in the behind to start up again.

I honestly think that I had low functioning adrenals my whole life. I've never been as healthy as other people with many, many infections. It was common for me to 'feel sick' the day after any strenuous exercise, even from childhood. In my junior year of high school I missed months because I had the mumps, then strep, then mononucleosis. My sister also has had many of the same problems. I got through my career all right but I remember one incidence where I had some kind of respiratory virus for almost 4 months, 4 rounds of different Antibiotics and just toughing it out at work day after day.

But it's possible that the onset of menopause was one of the things that sent my health over the edge. From what I've read when menopause starts, what little hormonal reserves you had are taxed because the body is now making less of all the hormones needed. The adrenals are supposed to help make up some of the deficit but when they are also fatigued it's a downhill slope. In one of the books I read (maybe it was Dr. Poesnecker's) he says that many of his patients are peri or post menopausal women because the adrenals canít compensate after menopause if theyíre fatigued.

I had a test done right after I got sick 4 years ago and I was producing nearly nothing in the hormone 'stable'. Extremely low estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. I didn't eat that healthy and didn't take vitamins. My thyroid THS was only 6, just barely out of normal range and the odd thing was that once I started on adrenal glandulars ALL my thyroid numbers which should have been tested, not just the TSH, have been optimal without meds. Go figure.

In reality, itís probably the chicken-or-the-egg theory. I started at somewhat of a deficit (my mom was sick most of the time she was pregnant with me) and spent a lifetime just catching up. And, ALWAYS stress seemed a trigger. If I was living a relatively stress free existence, I felt healthier. If not, Iíd get sick.

Anvil, I'd REALLY like to stay in touch and see what happens with your treatments, especially this new one your doctor suggestedÖ.. and keep sharing info. I feel like finally I've found someone at least on the same detective trail I'm on. As you probably know, it often feels like such a lonely road trying to find help and there are times it feels like no one understands exactly how you're feeling.

I have a WONDERFUL husband, so kind and sweet and cheerful and he tries so valiantly to pick up the slack, help with housework and meals, etc., but he's an extremely healthy and active human being who doesn't have the frame of reference to understand the battle it is just to get through each day with the debilitating fatigue, pain, discomfort and such. He's very supportive but doesn't do any research and I feel at times that I'm trying to slay some kind of dragon on my own. I would never want him to go through what I've been through the last 4 years but I often think that if he could just live in my body for a week, he'd really understand what this condition is like and how much of life it robs from you.

I'm curious how disabled you are from this. What is your activity level? I donít want to intrude or ask too personal of questions, though. Although, I was laughing the other day while I was reading the web site. Iím one of the only ones posting a profile. I know privacy is important on the Internet but I was chuckling and saying to myself, ďhow funny, with Adrenal problems and Chronic Fatigue who has the energy to BE a nuisance to anyone!!Ē

Here are the results of my NeuroAdrenal chemical profile I had done 10/18/06. Maybe while youíre doing the questionnaire and studying youíll keep it in mind. This is the one I had done by NeuroSciences Inc. (Pharmasan Labs). Theyíre not tooÖtoo expensive. It was $235. for all of this including the 4 part cortisol. You can order it yourself without a doctor and maybe theyíll ship to Canada??
Or at least it gives you an idea of what is available.

9:00 Am. Values Day Time Reference
Norepinephrine-Urine 65.5 (ref. 35-60) HIGH
Dopamine ĖUrine 165.0 (ref 110-175) Normal
Serotonin-Urine 104.0 (ref 150-200) LOW
GABA-Urine 3.2 (ref. 1.5-4.0) Normal
Glutamate-Urine 27.4 (ref. 10-35) Normal
PEA-Urine 254.7 (ref. 175-450) Normal
Histamine-Urine 24.0 (ref. 10-20) HIGH
Creatinine-Urine 229.2 No Ref Given

Merry Christmas,

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