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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?

For JohnMcClane....I looked at your other posts and saw the name of the herbal stuff was Activive. I'm not familiar with all the ingredients but there's always the chance that it did the same thing low dose thyroid meds did to me. They overdrove my adrenals which went into alarm state for months (4 years ago...gosh, I almost hate remembering that time I was SO-O-O sick, bedridden for months with the neuro symptoms nearly driving me over the edge).

Sounds like we're all birds of a feather, trying so hard to figure out why we feel the way we do, what the body processes and reactions are, all the while feeling like we've been run over by a train! If you get desperate.. Clymer Healing Research Center treats patients by phone, which is what I've been doing for about 7 months. Of course I'd love to go to their in-patient live in clinic which seems to me VERY reasonable, about $40. a day for the room plus the various treatments. Maybe someday....

They have been some help to me, more than anyone else specifically where the adrenals are concerned. Dr. Andrew Neville (who took over for Dr. Poesnecker) charges $2.00 a minute for phone consults. Krista runs the office and packs all the products for shipment. Of course they start with an ASI test (total cost $160. which includes the first 20 minutes of the consult).But, if you already have a recent test that might save time and money.

I find Dr. Neville patient, intelligent and cautious. They believe in adding one thing at a time seeing if it works, then move on, which is really a good thing but makes me frustrated at times because I want more immediate results.

For ANVIL.......Anxiety.....oh my GOSH!!!! I was NEVER the anxious type before my adrenals starting failing and then it was and has been absolutely overwhelming anxiety. I fight it every single day. A for instance, when I was younger I was a professional singer with a band. We performed in many nightclubs in front of 1000's of people. I NEVER had stage fright. Now, even the mere thought of singing in my church some day again makes me have a panic attack. For months I was actually afraid to even ride in the car and every little thing seemed overwhelming.

In Dr. Poesnecker's book it says that one of THE most common symptoms of adrenal problems is the almost simutaneous appearance of fatigue and anxiety and that only patients experiencing it know exactly what that feels like...And my was he right. I use lots of prayer, meditation on scriptures and pleasant thoughts, deep breathing techniques and Librax to get through it. When I really started thinking about it, I realized I could elevate my heart rate just by thinking unpleasant thoughts or thoughts of hopelessness. This may sound corny, but on days where I just make myself get up and start humming and praising God for the day, kissing my Golden Retriever, in short MAKE myself be happy despite all the bad, I can keep calmer and my heart from racing as much.

My blood pressure doesn't seem to elevate that much when my heart is pounding. Sometimes it can be 90/60 with BPM at 100-110, sometimes it can be 125/80 with BPM at 100+. The only thing I've found to reduce the actual BPM is low dose Cortef, but as I said it does make the heart contractions harder and I seem to hear the beats more in my ears, which can be annoying. But I just keep saying, "that beating heart is the sound of life, so as long as I hear it beating, there's life and hope". Isocort does not seem to have the same effect of reducing heart beat, so you may want to give low dose short term Cortef a try. I get the 10 mg. tabs and cut them in four to six pieces and that saves money.

Here's the thing I've learned about the racing heart issue, assuming you don't have any other heart issues other than adrenal. You don't produce enough oxygenated blood AND when aldosterone levels are low the fluid balance in your body is off. So the brain and muscles need oxygen and the heart tries to pump it. Also, the addition of anxiety makes the heart race so you're like a dog chasing it's tail. One thing leads to another, you get anxious ABOUT the fact your heart is racing and so on and so on.

I noticed also on blood tests as my adrenals began to diminish that MPV (Mean Platelet Volume) was off. That's the measurement of the number of old blood cells (larger cells) to new and more vital blood cells (smaller cells). On Dr. Rind's website it also mentions this MPV and says it's common to have a disproportionate amount of old cells to new cells in adrenal patients, which also impairs oxygen production.

If you're still having potassium issues AND you're craving salt that almost certainly means you're not producing enough aldosterone in your adrenals. Aldosterone controls this sodium/potassium ratio. Licorice root (especially Baschetti) will not only keep cortisol in your system longer from the morning but it will LOWER your potassium naturally. It was the first thing Clymer Healing put me on. They started me at 1/4 c. a day (You mix 1 1/3 t. for each cup of hot liquid, cool then drink each morning.)I now drink 1 cup in the morning and it's really made a difference. My weight went from 108 to 126, which for me was good as I looked just awful at 108. Check out the interview with Dr. Baschetti on
Follow the links regarding licorice. You basically monitor your blood pressure and adjust the daily dosage.

The Propranalol was not time released.

I did get migraines, but since we tore out the 17 year old carpet in our house, got new heating/cooling ductwork to eliminate allergens, my husband is diligent about bathing the dog every 2 weeks, I started using natural hormones (prenenolone, estradiol low dose patches, progesterone cream and DHEA cream), I identified my food sensitivities with the Immunolabs food sensitivity test (the test blood sample droplets on 100+ foods)and I started a rotation diet, my headaches have almost disappeared. Now if I do get one, they seem to be related to the barometer. When it falls I get a headache, but not a migraine anymore.


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