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seem to be having a breakthrough!would like to share...
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Published: 16 years ago

seem to be having a breakthrough!would like to share...

I haven't posted in this forum before, but have been reading curezone and other books over the past year steadily working toward my main goal, to get rid of this Psoriasis myself.

I have had Psoriasis for about 3 years and it has been getting worse every year.
It is mainly on my joints, ankles, tops of hands on all joints, knees, elbows, and along the back/bottom of my scalp. In the winter it is much worse, summer better but not gone.

Spent the first 6 months trying to figure out where to start!

Started with Dr. Paganos book --healing psoriasis.

Wanting to liver flush, i began by doing a parasite and Colon Cleanse from dr. natura.

Can't say I am convinced it got the parasite, but am still ( 5 months later ) still taking the fiber drink to make sure i stay clean.

The Colon Cleanse was very very helpful with my digestion.

I then in september cut out nightshades, and mostly cut out gluten, as I suspect I don't tolerate it well.

After 2 months on this diet I saw no change in my psoriasis.

Was really wanting to do a Liver Flush but was procrastinating as I was dreading any discomfort.

In mid November, I did a 3 day liver cleanse from the Pagano book, consisting of apples for 3 days, with a spoon of olive oil at night as a test.

On the 2nd day I noticed new spots emerging in places I had never had them before, going down the shin, more on my scalp, and the whole tops of my hands.

I felt this was a sign that it released a lot of toxins and I need to go a little further in this direction.

About 10 days later i did my first Liver Flush .

It was very very easy and uneventful, I was so relieved.

I passed about 30 pea like stones and some chaff, and was happy with the ways it went, seemed like a sign to keep up with it.

I then did my second Liver Flush a week later(a mistake I think) (around december 2nd)

This flush shocked me and was really difficult, my body felt like it exploded and I expelled more garbage than I could imagine.

I also had fainting spells(3) that scared myself and my husband pretty badly.

By the next morning I was fine, and through the next day was expelling dark green stones about 1/2 inch, maybe 10 that i saw and lots of small ones.

It was a sort of healing crisis for me that is certain. I felt depressed and terrified the next day and spent it sipping soup and watching movies being quiet.

I now believe the fainting was very much due to dehydration, as I followed the Hulda Clark protocol and did not eat or drink after 2.

I hadn't adequately hydrated myself before and had done the flushes too close together.

Then about 2 days later I noticed my Psoriasis spots feeling different, not the tingling I had but some burning and different sensations.

By the 3rd-5th day it was clear it is healing.

I took photos on day 3( forgot to take before photos ) and will take again tomorrow and post later.

Now one week later, the scales are 95 percent gone!

There are only a few tiny roughish spots, and all around it just looks bright pink and smooth, but like scar tissue.

I am shocked this turned around just in this past week.

In addition I have been juicing daily, seeing a chiropractor, taking ACV 2 tbls a day, started oil pulling after the first liver flush, am eating no nightshades, pretty much no gluten, and trying to have a basically alkaline diet, which on some days i do well, and other days do not.

I will proceed with liver flushing, more carefully in January.

And will be eating a lot of apples and ACV until then!

I wrote this in the hopes that it can give some ideas to others who have the similar problems, knowing everyone is different, but that with alot of testing of different things it may be possible to cure this on our own!

Just as a side, doctors of course told me that diet, and all other methods were not going to help. The creams they prescribed never cured it, and I always felt it did more harm than good.

Wouldn't consider myself cured yet but will post later on future progress.

Good luck and love to all!


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