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Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?
plantlover Views: 19,485
Published: 15 years ago

Any Success With Neurological HPA Axis Symptoms?

Hi All,

I suffer from extremely aggravating neurological symptoms as a result of my Adrenal Fatigue. My ASI tests in the last 3 years have been consistently much lower than the low optimal range.

I've spent the last 4 years with the neurological symptoms; burning/tingling all over the body, which is sometimes called paresthesia. I have visual disturbances (like looking at snow on an old TV picture tube), ringing and a low roar in my ears, trembling in the head,neck and trunk of my body (as opposed to tremors like you might have in the hands or arms.)

Four years ago I was treated with Thyroid meds, Synthroid on the lowest dose and literally within 9 days of starting the pills all of the neurological symptoms started. When we contacted Abbott Labs (which makes Synthroid) and Forest Pharmaceuticals (which makes Armor Thyroid) I was told to stop them IMMEDIATELY, and that IF you have an undiagnosed adrenal problem it will sometimes show up in a very bad way if you're given thyroid meds BEFORE dealing with the adrenals.

They told me that if you look up the contraindications of thyroids meds on the internet it will say the same thing (which it does) AND that the PDF(Physicians' Desk Reference) says basically the same thing, which I haven't been able to verify. As I understand from the reading I've done and numerous Dr.'s I've asked, including Naturopaths, the hypothalamus can get overstimulated during this process and since it doesn't wear out like the adrenals, will just keep pushing and pushing. It's directly connected to the central nervous system and is basically the 'interface' to the outside stimuli of the world. This was their explanation of why I have these maddening symptoms. Which explains why I have a hard time with computers, bright lights and sound, TV, etc. The more upset or agitated I let myself get, the worse my neurological symptoms.I have to stay in a state of complete calm (easier said than done, and only with prayer!!).

When it first started it was like I was being jolted with electricity that went from the adrenals right up my spine into my head. I literally could not sleep for more than a few minutes at a time and then every time I awoke it was like I was shot out of a cannon. It's gotten better over time as we've treated the adrenals.

I've gone through 3 very aggressive candida cleanses and now have no candida antibodies in the blood. I've gone through 2 parasite cleanses, also clean now and twice had the ImmunoLabs complete food sensitivity tests done. I'm on a rotation food diet with organic foods and grains, supplements of all types, you name it. Still the neurological symptoms persist. Which is not to say that these things won't help. THEY DO!!!

But I got to a point I literally could not live with the neuro symptoms. My doctor suggested Librax, which is small amounts of Libriam, a central nervous system depressant. I HATE being any kind of medication, but I simply was losing my strength and will to live without relief of some kind. I only take 2 a day, even though my doctor said I could take up to 8 (YIKES! Who wants to be a drug addict!)

I know at this point my HPA Axis is "off kilter", but I am praying that if we can bring up the cortisol levels slowly that the symptoms will eventually subside. I've started again on very low doses of Cortef in the morning (2-2.5 mg.) and 1 Isocort in the afternoon.

I had an interesting test done by NeuroScience (Pharmasan Labs) recently that showed I again had low Cortisol, Low Epinephrine, High Nor-Epinephrine, High Histamine, Low Serotonin and good ranges of Dopamine, GABA, PEA and Creatinine. I'm still working with Clymer Healing Center to figure out WHAT this means and how to bring these brain chemicals into balance.

ANYONE HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH THIS? Anyone with neuro symptoms that have had improvement? And specifically a question about Omega oils. I already take rotated doses of Borage, Primrose and Flax Oil and EFA's, but HOW much should you take to affect the brain chemicals and function?

Sincerely, Plantlover

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