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lips healed i believe!!!
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Published: 14 years ago

lips healed i believe!!!

Hi Every1,
I posted my message a long time back and now i am doing it again.Yes,I hope and believe the problem with my lips have healed.It's been 6 or 7 yrs and the problem got worse everyday from then.The skin on my lips used to peel then and become ok.Then the lips getting white when applying water started.Then the rawness due to peeling the skin off.Also the dryness.But now,with God's mercy,my lips are fine.Let me give a idea about the problem and analysis i found about myself in all these days:

Condition:It started one day when i saw thatthe skin on my bottom lip was peeling.It never ever happened before.Anyways,i gave it a rub n the skin was coming off.So i think i applied vaseline thinking it's gonna be alright.But it didn't.Things got worse.Another day, a little skin on the bottom of my lower lip was peeling.I pulled it off an from the onwards the problem began on the upper lip too.In these years,i think i applied thousands of things on my lips but to no avail.Nothing worked for long.I did the laser therapy stuff too but disn't help.

Current Situation:1 and half months back a homeopath uncle of mine prescribed me with some of his medicines.I used it a couple of days and some some little improvement.But the skin on my lips were still peeling.Then finally i went to see 1 of the best derm in my country.I told him everything and this what he said...

Diagnosis:The more you pull the skin with your lips,the worse it gets.More rawness and redness and dryness will prevail.Don't ever do all these things.It gets even worse.If you see the skin is peeling,let it stay hanging like that.Don't force pulling it with your fingers.If necessary,use a scissor to cut the hanging skin off a bit but don't pick at the bottom.I asked him,'Is it going to heal?'His answer was'Yes,but it's gonna take some time.Normally it happens to female as they use lipstick stuff on their lips but that doesn't mean male can't be a victim'.It comes out of no where and suddenly it goes away.He said,it's called 'cheilitis exfoliativa'.In Frence,Cheilitis means Lips as he said.He also said that,the skin that prevails are all dead skin and that this disease is a kind of allergy.

Treatment:He asked me to use glycerine(Pure glycerine with folic mixed with folic acid i believe) and apply a a soothing lip balm frequently everyday.So i started using pure glycerine with folic acid and lip balm(I use Chapet which is mint flavor and Nivea Lip Care strawberry flavor nowadays but i prefer Chapet).What i do is put glycerine on my lips and after a few mins i apply the lip balm on top of it.He also gave me Azyth(it's a antibiotic)as it's called in my country but the name may differ in other countries, to take 1 tablet once at night 1 hour before meal for 6 days since my lips at that time was very raw and dry and the skin sort of formed a scab at different regions.He also gave me Aristovit-X(it's a super antioxidant that contains Vit A-2000IU,Vit E-50IU,Vit K-75.00mcg,Vit C-200.00mg,Zinc-15.00mg,Copper-1.00mg,Manganese-3.00mg,Selenium-70.00mcg)to take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at night after breakfast and dinner for 3 months which i am still continuing to take.He asked me to use a straw to drink water or any other liquid most of the time and apply less water on lips but rather moist them with glycerine and lip-balm one after another frequently.He also asked me to use a neem branch to brush my teeth which i do twice daily(day and night).I drink a lot of water too and try to avoid air-conditioned room as it may cause your lips feel dry.

My Thoughts:I think root behind this problem is different for different people.It's not a common disease.Sometimes the cause could be allergy to toothpaste or lipstick or it could be a food allergy or extreme exposure to sun or constant licking or biting and a few more.Long time back i visited another derm and asked whats the root to my problem?she replied,it's u who can find out yourself.I am not sure what was my problem but sometimes i remember that the lip problem for me started when soon after i finished learning swimming in the pool(i am still not a good swimmer yet.Anyway's maybe the chlorine water had something to do with it ).I also think 6-7 years back,i started licking my lips a lot to make it look shiny and attractive that i hardly used to do before.Sometimes i used to use detergent powder to clean the corners of my mouth after meal(the funny thing is i saw a friend of my using soap directly on lips to clean them after meal and he has no lip problem at all).I don't know what started or triggered the problem actually.Anyways,finally i want to say that for each victim of exfoliative cheilitis,the root of the problem is different.So treatment could be different.If anybody wants to follow my ways to heal lips,i VERY VERY STRONGLY SUGGEST you to go to your dermatologist first and ask him whether to follow the things i did and then use them if the derm approves.I don't at all suggest any1 to start taking all the tablets i am taking now and get bad affects on their body.But yes,you guys may give pure glycerine and lip-balm a try if you like.Remember,don't lick or bite your lips at all.I must admit a very very thin layer of skin still expose on my lips sometimes when i apply water on my lips but then it goes away.It may be because it's winter season now>I am waiting to see what happens in Summer.For now,I have no peeling skin or rawness or dryness.Sometimes my lips were noticed by people and i had to hear things like,'Why is ur lip looking so red.what's wrong with your lip?and stuff like that' but now when i talk with anybody i try to follow their eyes adn see if they notice anything wrong on my lips.Result IS 'NO'they don's cause my lips are now normal as before(pink,smooth and kissable).Don't get obsessed to this problem and try to focus less on it and stay positive.So Please stay optimistic and have faith in God.Enjoy Life Guys...:):):)

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