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In Defense of the PC Zapper.
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Published: 21 years ago
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In Defense of the PC Zapper.

I read Hermit's negative posting below so I contacted the designer, builder, publisher of the PC Serial Port Zapper with Hermit's concerns about the viability of the PC Zapper.

For Hermit and those technically inclined I am posting his response. It is very thorough and I would tend to agree with his analysis of the viability of the PC Zapper. First off, I have no fear of getting FRIED by the juice coming out of that port... the serial port can only put out just so much juice.... not 110v AC.

I am going to give it a try over the holidays and test the signals as he described.

--- CLIP BELOW: ------
Any standard serial port will put out a +-12 volt signal. If you use the diode to get rid of the negative you will get a 12 volt signal which will show up if he is measuring with a DC voltmeter as about half that since that is how a DC voltmeter sees it, a +12 volt DC signal that is on half
the time. If you put the diode in backwards you will get a -12volt signal. And, Of course, if you put your voltmeter on backwards it will show negative voltage instead of positive. Either way, if someone gets a
negative voltage then they just need to turn around either the diode or their voltmeter.

The frequency of output signal will be half of the serial baud. If you set it at 57600 baud you will get half that as the frequency which will approx. what you get from the dr. clark device. I made the frequency changeable because I could easily do it and some people think other
frequencies work better than the original for them. She must think so too now since she now sells one that is changeable.

How do you know if you are getting the right frequency? Measure it with a voltmeter. A cheap one can be picked up at a hardware store or wal-mart for less than 10 bucks. A digital multimeter that measures AC or DC voltage and frequency can be had for about 20 bucks. Although I have
found that the particular frequency doesn't really seem to matter. Dr. Clark states that in her book and if you do an internet search you will find people building zappers with frequencies from 15hz on up to about 45 Khz. I have looked at the signal myself with analog voltmaters, digital
voltmeters and even with an oscilliscope, so I can tell you that the signal you get is no joke, it is just like Dr. Clarks.

I wrote this software originally for myself because, as the guy mentioned, for about 3 bucks at radio shack and an hour of my time I could check out whether Dr. Clark's methods work. I found out that they did for me so I made what I did available to anyone else who wanted to
invest about three bucks and an hour of their time to try it as well. I have since also built zappers using Dr. Clark's schematic (and with some improvements) and tried the liver cleanse which also worked for me. I have gotten emails from all over the world thanking me after they have
tried it. (although not a single one ever thanked me with money but that's OK I never expected to get rich just help others)

I have never heard of the cure zone. What is it?
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