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Re: Crystal C. Energized Water machine and John E.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Crystal C. Energized Water machine and John E.

I have the test results from my well. The TCE level dropped 2 points! Before treating my well the TCE level was 14, after treatment it was 12. This is very good news. This is the lowest level of this chemical in my well in 10 years. The 'safe' level is 5. My filter system does remove the TCE's, but of course does nothing to clean the well.

The energized water lowered the level of this chemical but did not completely remove it. I waited 6 days after treatment to take the water samples. So, my question is this... Did I not wait long enough after treating the well to re-test the water? I do not know, so I re-treated my well today and will wait 2 weeks before taking new samples for more testing.

What is clear to me is that there was a drop in the level of TCE's. The levels of this chemical have always increased with every test over the years, so I have to believe that the energized water is responsible for this lower reading. The only thing that changed between samples being taken was adding the energized water to the well and waiting 6 days.

Also after treating the well (both times) I had very dirty water when I turned my well back on. I just hooked a hose to the faucet where the water first comes in from the well and let it run until the water ran clear. The first time I treated the well the water was 'dirty' for a half hour or so and today it was only a few minutes at most. The information I received with the water machine warned that this would happen. The energized water cleans the well pipes and plumbing.

My next step: If the samples from the 2nd test come back with lower (or NO) levels of TCE's, I will continue to treat my well every two weeks over the winter and then re-test again in the spring. John E. says you only need 10 gallons of energized water to clean a well and that the well will remain clean for years. I don't really see how that is possible as there is a flow of water (contaminated with TCE's) moving continually through the well. For this reason I feel continued treating will be needed to keep the well water clean.

I continue to make energized and distilled water with the machine and drink both. I love the taste! I do have a couple friends drinking this water also. They have health conditions that they hope will helped by adding this water to their diets. At the very least it is better water than they are getting out of their taps. They have city water.

I have made some ice cubes with the water and it does make strange cubes. Peaks and odd bumps. Also, I checked on some ice cubes I was freezing when they were only partially frozen. They had these big bubbles in them that moved around and when the ice was completely frozen there were areas in the ice that was extremely clear, like looking through glass. I compared them to ice cubes made with my tap water and the difference was very interesting. I will try to get some pictures posted here.

Also, I used the energized water to clean some stains on my carpet. Completely GONE! I had tried several times to remove these stains using enzyme type cleaners and also steam and had no luck. I just poured some energized water onto the stains, used a soft brush to work the stain and within a couple of minutes the stain was 'dissolving'. INTERESTING... So the good news is, I have a stain-free clean carpet for the Holidays!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been adding the energized water to my laundry. I had two t-shirts that had oil stains. I had not been successful in getting the stains out. After putting them in the washer with some energized water added, the stains are GONE!


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