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Re: Can NO-GRAIN DIET CAUSE candid to go mycelial??
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Can NO-GRAIN DIET CAUSE candid to go mycelial??

You have very healthy eating habits! Even if you do cheat now and then they are not bad cheats.

I have been going to drs for 14 years getting test after test all coming back normal. I have a long history of severe numbing in arms and legs, face, all over my body. Also fatigue and just catching every illness that came along. I had many drs suggest MS. Finally when I went off artificial sweetners, the numbing almost went away but the other symptoms remained. I had cycles of being ill for 6 months or so and then feeling better. I was a runner for a while too but knees hurt, so I gave it up and fast walked instead. Also did weight training, aerobics and pilates. Was in pretty good physical condition for a woman in my mid forties!

Two years ago I became very ill without any period of feeling better. No longer can work out except for 10 minute sessions. Anything longer put me in bed for a day or two. Last February my primary care physician gave me a candida blood test that tests for antibodies in the blood and diagnosed my systemic candida. She tried to refer me to a specialist to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but there were no specialists within my network that would treat me and she didn't know how to treat me.

In the meantime my identical twin sister became very ill found a clinic that treats fibromyalgia and CFS. It turns out she has lyme disease in addition to her CFS. My insurance didn't cover, but since I had run out of options, I went there too. They are the ones who are treating me. I have been there since May 06. They diagnosed the hypothyroidism, hormonal defects, CFS, fibro and all the other issues. I feel much better, but have a way to go. I got a severe upper resperatory infection in late August that required ABX, so now my candida is in a flare again. Still on ABX, although I hate to take them, it's necessary to get rid of this stubborn infection! I have just returned to work part time after being off for 9 weeks due to this infection. I take many supplements also which help with my energy.

The dr at the clinic I go to is the only dr I have ever been to who listens to my symptoms and takes them seriously. She's not perfect and I do have some issues with her and the clinic in general, but at least I'm getting some results. They are a nationwide chain and have 15 clinics across the country. They are called Fibromyaligia and Fatigue Center. They have a website you can check out. There is one 6 miles from my house, but people come from miles away. Some drive for 8 hours, some have to fly in. That's how desperate people are to get help! Many drs dont' believe in or don't know how to treat things like candida and CFS.

It sounds like you are still in reasonable good health if you are still able to run. Your cold hands and feet indicate low body temp. My dr treats for thyroid even if tests show normal if there are other symptoms such as low body temp. I read many articles about this too and many people have been helped by this.

Here are the meds/supplements I take:

Diflucan and nystatin for candida while on abx
grapefruit seed extract for candida and general health
Gamma globulin shots for immune response- started with one a week, then twice a month now once a month.
IV therapy with nutrients and antivirals- same schedule as GGl shots
Liv 52 for liver protection while on diflucan
Power cell supplement with Co enzyme Q10 for heart and energy
NT factor for mitochondrial support
Corvalen for energy and pain
Fibro Freedon for fibro symptoms
Compounded cortisol for adrenal fatigue
Compounded progesterone, thyroid, and testosterone for hormonal balancing
prognenolone for memory
Omega 3
jarro dopholis for probiotic
transfer factor for candida
chelated iron for iron deficiency
growth hormone
cipro for bacterial infection for a few more weeks.

I was leary about the IV's at the clinic and wasn't going to get them, but my sis had them and they worked so well for her, that I went ahead with them. They really help me out. The other things that help most with energy is the combination of coenzyme Q10, mitomaxNT factor, and corvalen. These all support mitochondria which are the energy cells of our body. It took a few weeks, but I noticed a big improvement. If it were not for my stealth infections, I think I would be feeling pretty good.

My goal to continue to get better so that I can exercize again and have a more normal life. I went from being a healthy 30 something woman with an executive position who worked out regularly and had loads of energy to a person who can barely work part time and cannot participate in many of life's events. My boss is so understanding and lets me do work at home and work when I can. She knew me when I was healthy and actually used to work for me, I was the one who hired her. I just found out there are several people at work who think that it's all in my head and that I just don't like to work and that if I "put my mind to it" would be healthy. Like why would someone who had it all want to be ill?????

Hopefully you will never have the extreme problems I have. You are working on it now and eating very well, so you have a good advantage. I didnt' eat real well, drank lots of red wine and ate lots of sweets. I didnt' take supplements just vitamins until I became very ill. If I had a chance to do it over, I would have started with the natural healing sooner.

Sorry this got so long.

Good luck to you and happy THanksgiving.

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