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Liver function tests results in!
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Published: 17 years ago

Liver function tests results in!

In January I decided to have some blood work done. Blood pressure was 160/100. My kidney tests came back normal, but my liver function tests came back extremely high.

Bilirubin -> 19 -- normal <25 umol/L (this was ok) but

GGT -> 72 -- normal is < 51 U/L
AST -> 107 -- normal is < 41 U/L
ALT -> 279 -- normal is < 51 U/L (4 years ago it was 53).
Enzyme pattern is consistent with active hepatocellular injury.

The new test results that just came back are:

Bilirubin -> 12 -- normal <25 umol/L (an improvement)

GGT -> 25 -- normal is < 51 U/L
AST -> 22 -- normal is < 41 U/L
ALT -> 38 -- normal is < 51 U/L
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I'm ecstatic with the results. The only thing is, I can't say exactly what helped. The Doctor said "I don't know what you are doing, but keep doing it". And blood pressure is down 150/85.

In January after the first tests results, my Doctor said I need to have Hep A,B & C tests done, then liver ultrasounds done followed by other tests etc. I said no as I had Hep C checked 4 years ago when my ALT (53) was high.

I told him I will take care of my liver myself, without medication. I was disappointed that after 9 months on the BTD, I obtained results like these. But I told the Doctor that they could have been worse considering I took up coffee drinking (10 cups a day) after I quit smoking. 4 months later which was 2 years ago, my eyes went blurry and I started with anxiety and panic attacks (lasted 2 weeks), followed by depession/anger. At that time my liver was probably screaming.

Anyway I was determined to fix my liver.

In January I discovered my secretor status as a non-secretor. The first thing I did was eliminate Sugar from my diet. I used to drink just Coke & Pepsi, but replaced them with mineral water (for the fiz) and filtered water instead.

In March I started seeing my TCM practitioner monthly, and at the start of April joined a gym (3 times a week).

I also did 4 liver/gallbladder flushes between February and April. The first flush produced heaps of yellow/tanned stones and a lot of chaff. The second and fourth produced green stones. No stones in the third flush.

The only thing is my cholesterol went up a little 5.3 (205) to 5.5 (215). Oh well, can't have everything......... well why not? I want my cholesterol down, my next challenge.

I am on a protein/fat (red meat, chicken and fish) and veggie diet. No carbs from grains, but occasionally fruit. I only cook with animal fat or ghee. Saturated fats raise LDL, but also raise HDL, a sort of washing effect.

Vegetable oils are killers.

A MUST READ on Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects:

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