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Published: 15 years ago


We all have our stories of how this is ruining our life. I'm going to tell mine just so you know that I'm having the same kind of odors as YOU ARE, that way you will listen to me, because you need to TRUST me with what I'm going to tell you.

It started in 6th grade and I didn't know how to stop it. Every day was a battle that no one could have understood. I hated school and my parents forced me to go to the police station one day because they wanted a cop to scare me into going to school, that was when I told my parents (and the cop) for the first time, for I saw that it was getting too serious and needed to be fixed. But they all had a good laugh and the cop said that we all get the SBDs (silent but deadlies) sometimes. This was when I knew I was in this alone.

I think the smell went away my sophomore year, when I stopped eating dairy. But it seemed the smell was still there all along. I was really happy my jr and sr year of high school. I went vegan and felt really healthy when I started out at Jr. College, but it seemed the smell was still present! I don't know if it was always there or whatever, because it's something I liked to push out of my mind because I actually had a good social life and I didn't need to worry about the smell in school.

I moved away from home and started at a university this quarter and everything was fine at first. But the smell crept up and got really bad. Really bad. For the first time (probably since jr. high) it affected my life outside of school. So I snapped and came home. I went onto this site and got depressed that there is no cure, and was hopeful for the people that did say there was a cure (i'll probably even try the mix of oil and lemon still).

I flew home to address this issue because I saw a post on here in which TWO people said that they used the perscription GLYCOLAX or MIRALAX (they are the same, different names) and that it worked! This was my hope. I flew home, saw my doctor and got comfortable with my family, everything seemed great because I got the miralax.

The smell was still there when I got onto the plane to go back to school. So I flew all the way back to school and as soon as I stepped into my dorm room I got an anxiety attack, it smelled, it smelled, it smelled! I had school the NEXT DAY! I knew it would still smell! I called my dad, I knew I had to go to the emergency room. "This is it, I'm done with school"....I was NOT going to kill myself, but maybe I'd have to live in a cave somewhere off. Or maybe I could get a job where I was alway outside, and I could have animals to keep me company in my house....I had to be hopeful.

My friend was there and when I finally told him what was happening to me he immediately got onto the internet and told me to not look at the screen. He started asking me these questions (he seemed very calm): My asnwers are next to the question...

-do you have an exaggerated fear of having extremely bad breath? YES
-do you have thoughts of having a foul, noticeable anal odor? YES!
-do you believe in having a foul, noticeable vaginal odor? NO (occasionally)
-do you have a fear of having a foul overall Body Odor ? YES!
-do you have a fear of having an unnatural, non-human or chemical odor? YES!
-do you believe others' behaviors or comments are related to the imagined odor? (e.g., another's cough, sneeze, or turning of the head is due to the alleged odor)
-do you have repetitive showering and other grooming behaviors? Yes
-do you excessively use deodorants, perfumes, and mouthwash? Yes
-do you repeatedly check the source of the alleged odor? Yes!
-do you seek reassurance from others that there is no odor? Yes
-do you avoid social situations for fear that others will notice the smell? Yes
-Are there multiple visits to doctors regarding the odor? Yes

I want you to know that I am not saying, and doctors do NOT say, that there is no smell, THERE MIGHT BE A SMELL, but the smell causes trauma...trauma...trauma...

With what I've said here. I hope that you trust me, because I still smell like shit and I'm staying home tonight when my friends are out, I'm not a doctor. I have only smelled, like you have, for too long and want to fix it. Keep this in mind when you read this link. (Because I know that I only trust the suggestions of the people who also have this unknown sewer smell condition that haunts)...sometimes I even think it's a bad spirit that has entered my body, I don't know what to think of it anymore!

This link tells the treatments at the end of the page:

^This must be why serotonin also cures this nasty smell.

Hey everyone...I smell like shit, I know I do...but that would be awesome if I didn't smell in this other, parallel world that I supposedly exist in. I'd like others to explore this possibility with me, so we can talk about it.

Another thing, I know you smell, and I know I smell....but I have accepted that even if this ^^^ is not the answer....I will be much better off with getting some mental help with the anxiety of the smell, and I know you will be too.

Email me.

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