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12th FLUSH---I feel like a gum ball machine LOL!!!
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Published: 15 years ago
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12th FLUSH---I feel like a gum ball machine LOL!!!

Preparation: 2 malic acid tablets 1 am/1 pm the week prior
Julia changs Coptis and Chinese Bitters, the week prior
ate 1 bowl of plain oatmeal at 1:30 pm, drank lot's of clean water
prior to flush and in between drinks for flush just not 20 min before or after a flush drink!

Flush Used: Hulda Clark for Epsom salt/juice portion and Coke Classic for Oil
portion only. **I encapsulate the Epsom Salts **

Results: Well right now (2nd poopie of the morning) I'm looking at a zip lock
bag with approx., 2-300 large (penny sized), med (dime sized) and pea
sized stones with chaff varying in colors. Bright green, light
brown/tan (tan inside as well) and yellowish stones and chaff. I had
3 releaes last night and i could feel stones popping out but mixed
with much food remnants so I didn't bother to scoop with my slotted
spoon until this morning when the liquid was much clearer. I've cut
the stones and the green are pure green and the tan are pure tan.
There are hundreds of teeny ones that would go through the slotted
spoon as well.

Colors: //

My Reaction: It just amazes me that after my 12th flush that I still have such
large quantities and sized stones that I am releasing.
conservatively, I'd guess between last night and this morning
1,500 all in all with more to come. All this while taking
malic acid, coptis and chinese bitters! I'm still seeing fully
formed stones even while taking stone dissolvers. All I can
say is I'm glad I took them or else they might have been really
humungus and painful! I've had NO PAIN thus far with any of my
flushes. Well, the fertility injections must have really
congested my organs thank God I found curezone when I did! Who
knows what might have happened if I didn't, I'd most likely be
permanently disabled. :( I was kind of crabby again between my
11th and 12th flush hopefully, this will lift :)

Health Improvements: Right around my 9th flush I went in for labs and all of my blood levels were in the normal range for the first time in 3 years since the fertility injections. Even levels I wasn't concerned with were improved. i.e. cholesterol was 190 and dropped to 160! All but my thyriod. My armour thyroid was reduced though to 120g from 180g. I am able to breath through my nose and my ears are no longer congested. I always suffered from sinusitis. My skin is getting clearer and clearer, I had developed cystic acne. now the only time i can expect to break out is if i put something into my mouth that shouldn't be there! LOL but it tends to clear up right away and is no longer cystic. Flushing has been a god send to me and my hubby. Hubby did 2 then stopped when he started gagging on the oil. But now that we do classic coke for the oil portion we are both able to stick with it! He has a problem with his trigycerides. He is now on ResQ1250/oil and red yeast rice and started to flush again after a break and did 2 more and another one scheduled this evening and his triglycerides have dropped 400 points!! He needs to improve his diet more, exercise and get off of the medication. Dr. said if his levels go down more she will take him off. I'm trying to get him to gradually go off of it like take it every other day but he is afraid to and is unfortuntely listening to the dr. for now. I'm relieved he is flushing again so i can't push too much LOL He needs to drop another 250 points to be in a normal range but at least his numbers are going down, they haven't done that in the last 5 years!!!

Flush On!!!

Much Love, thanks for all the support!


I must add that for the first time, I expelled stones into the evening......10-20 each time I went to the bathroom.....until 2am the 2nd day/night/morning of the flush day!


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