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Re: Other than a brief mention of him in..
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Other than a brief mention of him in..

I believe that raw food is very good for you and I eat organic fruit and veg for breakfast and lunch. Man eating
meat has made it possible for the Human race advance to what we have now. We have a much longer
lifespan now because of our diet (which includes meat) and medicine then we have ever
had before. My parents and countless other people that I have come across in my life
have eaten every supposedly bad thing you can imagine and live to there 80's or 90's
in good health. There is absolutely No proof that eating Raw food will extend anyone's
life or cure anything. Many people claim it does and believe in this, but we have no
concrete proof. I believe that people need to be careful when authors make claims
like in the except that I included in this reply. I like to believe in this
but have never personally talked to anyone that has cure themselves or extended
their life my eating only ray food.

Raw Eating - A book by A.T. Hovannessian (Aterhov)

Raw Food should be the only nourishment taken by man. All the 'scientific' calculations that have been developed on the nutritive values of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and the nutrients are entirely erroneous, contradictory and hypothetical notions. The only faultless and perfect calculations which are not open to criticism are those that have been made by nature itself and have been presented to us in the form of Living Vegetable Cells. Once the living nutriment has been killed, no scientific laboratory can reconstruct it by means of its artificial vitamins and minerals.
By the process of cooking the living vegetable loses its nutritional properties and is converted into toxic substances that induce addictions and just like tobacco, alcohol and opium they have no connection with the needs of the organism. The lust for cooked food is not hunger; it is the demand of addiction for poisonous materials. The trouble and expenses undertaken by the whole world in preparing cooked meals are nothing but sheer waste.
Besides ensuring prefect health and long life (150 to 200 years), raw eating frees mankind from all sorts of economic worries, extirpates every type of addiction from the face of this earth, ennobles the soul of man, restrains his beastly inclinations, calms his passions and imbues him with the spirit of humanitarianism and the love of peace .
The best proof of the truth of my viewpoint is the irrefutable fact that raw-eating is an immediate and radical cure for all diseases without any exception. A vast amount of concrete and indisputable evidence has come to hand in support of this statement. Thousands of letters received from raw-eaters of various nationalities all over the world prove that all those patients who stop the use of drugs and cooked food are immediately and invariably cured of every kind of disease. Every recruit to raw-eating insures himself against ill-health for the rest of his life and at the same time effects a welcome economy of no less than eighty percent in the cost of his diet. People are not old at the of 80 or 90; they are sick men who may be completely cured and rejuvenated. The most serious, stubborn and seemingly incurable diseases, the causes of which are often declared to be unknown, including cancer and cardio-vascular diseases, immediately yield to an abstemious diet of raw-eating.
Kitchen fires should be extinguished in hospitals, the use of drugs should be discountinued and an end should be put to unnecessary surgical operations. Henceforth, there should no longer be any special dietetic programmes, recommendations or schedules for anybody. Raw-eating must be declared as the one and only means of curing diseases all-over the world.

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