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Message for Telman regarding my Gallbladder surgery

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Published: 15 years ago

Message for Telman regarding my Gallbladder surgery

For the benefit of other readers this is a copy of my oringinal message;

I have done about seven flushes in total. Every flush has releived under the shoulder pain. I went to see a gastroenterologist about four years ago for a bowel ulcer. My doctor had previously ordered a scan of my abdomen. Everthing was normal apart from a very small stone in one of my liver lobes.Before I went to see the gastroenterologist my own doctor had ordered a ultrasound of my galbladder and liver. On this everything appeared normal; my liver was clear and my gallbladder appeared normal.

When I talked with my gastroenterologist I told him everthing including the flushes. He listened intently, but did not comment. He sent me for a hida scan with cck. A radioactive tracer is injected into a vein, so a film can be taken with everthing working. For the cck I was taken into the next room where I was placed under another scanning machine. They gave me a hormone similar to the one our own bodies produce to contract our gallbladder. I was told it would be uncomfortable, but I felt nothing. I got a phone call the next day from my gastroenterologist"s secretary to tell me that my gallbladder was "kaput" and that it was emptying at a rate of only 9% when it should be about 6o%. I am having surgery this Wednesday.

From what I have read this is probably the result of recurring infections in my gallbladder, causing it to harden. I should have went to my doctor to get this sorted out about a year ago. I am sure this type of situation could lead to serious complications. If flushing does not sort your pain out quickly then go to your doctor. If I had done this sooner I could have saved myself a great deal of discomfort. I had long periods of time (up to six months on one occasion)when I felt fine.

I do not regret having done Liver Flushes because I got rid of possibly as much as three cups of stones, perhaps more.I felt very tired before I did the flushes to the extent that something had to be wrong.If had had my gall bladder taken out at this time I do not think it would have taken away all of my symtoms.

I hope my story is of interest to all of you!

What the surgeon told me was that My gallbladder had no stones, but had some adhesions( he explained that this is the bodies way of trying to right itself). There was also some scar tissue and my bile duct coming from the gallbladder itself was quite thickened. He also said that there was quite a bit of conjestion which he cleared out during surgery( I think they use air to do this)

The morning after surgery I brought up a plug of semi solid bile followed by quite an amount of sludge like bile, which was dark green in colour and saturated with small bits of fatty-like material; also dark green.

Sorry it took me a while to reply, but I was quite sick for about a week after surgery with excess stomach acid. It is thought I may also have an ulcer, but that is another subject.


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