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Re: Meet the discordians of planet earth
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Meet the discordians of planet earth

The real cross, which JC bore up the hill of grief, was the worlds hatred of Truth and Love, that is why Christ gave the plaintive cry, " Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?"

which translated means "God God, if they can't love me who can they love"?

Your semantic linguistic link is incorrect in asserting the word "elohim" is not, the plural word for "Gods". As seen in the above , JC cries out Eloi, Eloi, to ONE God. Therefore sitchin is correct in his assertion that Elohim means plural Gods. Your linguistician is in error.

The wisdom of a serpent is to hide itself.

I personally do not read sitchin, although I do know he exposes nephilm.
Nephilm, gerbers, watchers, the snake, devil and serpent were all exposed over 2000 years ago in the remnant of the bible. The word gholum in hebrew also means reptilian. Technically it can be said a gholum is an empty shell of a human, and it is the empty shell that the reptilian possesses.

As for liver flushes, from what I know reptilians are kind of retarded about nutrition, they steal all thier knowledge from more advanced and evolved groups and members and often do not use the knowledge they steal, properly. I read they like to eat childrens livers the same way humans like to eat baby cow liver, calfs liver. Except reptilians like to eat the liver raw.

Anytime you meet a liar, a robber, or a murderer, it's a safe guess that a snake reptilian or lizard is around trying to negatively manifest, con troll, and influence.

I do not know exactly how reptilians shapeshift. I think it is a similar event as possession, as in our understanding of demonic possession, except in reptilian shapeshift cases, the evil manifests into a 3D phantasmagoria that can be seen.

If you are right with God, you can banish snakes, lizards and reptilians. To deny reptilians exist is the same as saying the devil or evil does not exist.

In my humble opinion, reptiles and snakes are ugly because they think ugly thoughts and do ugly deeds all thier lives, so thier being/persona becomes hideous like a crocodile. That is why reptilians possess, shapeshift, hide, in other peoples bodies, they know if we see them we will reject them on the grounds of thier external hideousness and thier amoral unevolved state.

They manifest on the outside what they are on the inside. Creepy amoral things that slither on thier bellies in the mud. yuck.

It is about time for reptilians to evolve. Move from 1st to 2nd grade in the school of life. Not sure how they are doing.

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