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Re: Media Observation
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Media Observation

could it just be the season?

if you like good horror stories, you should read the mag in front of me right now. it is the may, 1985 issue of progressive farmer. its a nightmare. i was eating the mainline diet back then, good ol SAD. i thought i was eating healthy. hearty homecooked meals and fast food and resaurant food, junk food, gorging at holidays, parties, pot lucks, the works. many all you can eat buffets - for lunch, no less! and be starved by supper time!!!!

so all this stuff i was eating was drenched in round up. the ads in this mag would make you puke.
p9 - "roundup makes cleaning up around the farmstead a snap." "affordable. effective"
p14 - pinkeye vaccinations for milk and beef cattle.
p27 - "dont outguess the weather. outsmart it with m565." from dekalb - pfizer genetics. they dont even say what kind of grain this is and i am not enough of a farmer to know.
p29 - "roundup lets me plant early. i could never say that about tillage" from monsanto.
p31 - a standard bed toyota was $5998. p35 - "good news for bad soybeans." treat your fungus infected soybeans with vitavax-200 and they will still germinate. by gustafson.
***oops, i just now see an article and know what m565 is. thank god for organic sorghum.***
p41 - safeguard wormed calf weighs 32 lb more than untreated calf. hoechst.
p43 - oh boy "now theres one affordable solution for even the toughest pasture weeds: ......." take a wild guess what that might be? yep, roundup.
p46 - article: "what next, now that hornflies are resistant to ear tags?" "it didnt take long for the inexpensive and easy to use pyrethroid-laced ear tags to catch on in 1981. but in many areas, the tags no longer control hornflies."(on cattle)
p47 - "tramisol gel outguns tbz paste. gets more worms at less cost" good lord, the pic shows a caulking gun looking thing and i dont know which end of the cow its supposed to be used in but i can imagine. from our friends at cyanamid.
p50&51 - two page spread with two farmers talking: "what do you think about new scout insecticide being kindest to the invironment?" "thats all well and good. but i like the scout action on worms and yeilds." also shows a cotton crop and graphs. scout incecticide from hoechst. more pyrethroids.
p53 - "bladex. liquid fire on weeds in cotton." shell chemical company, houston texas.
p54&55 - bullet hole ridden page of bugs and this insecticides competition. ammo by fmc.
p57 - "cotton growers sure sign of victory." win the war against grass with poast by bsaf wyandotte corp agri chem group.
p58&59 - "pydrin still works best my friend. its still got our trust." twelve pics of farmers and their testimonies about this insecticide from shell.
p61 - "mavrik breaks the rules for stopping worms in cotton." broadest spectrum pyrethroid yet. thank you, sandoz.
p62&63 - baby in cotton and mobay's arsenal of cotton crop protectors: guthion, bolstar, di-syston, metasystox-r, monitor, def and, coming soon, baythroid! p65 - azodrin5 for cotton pests from shell.
p66&67 - cymbush. "the ultimate in cotton insect control." from ici americas inc. p69 - "in soybeans following wheat, cost effective weed control starts with paraquat+plus and prowl" chevron chem co and american cyanamid co.
p71 - orthene by chevron. p73 - "fundal can mean $67.11 extra profit per acre. nor-am chem co.
p75 - cythion rtu insecticide for boll weevils by cyanamid.
p77 - lasso, the yield protector. "your rice crop never has to look like this because lasso is guaranteed not to carry over(from your soybean crop). ever!" yep, monsanto.
p86&87 - "growers who dont base their broadleaf weed control on basagran will regret it time and again... and again, and again, and again, and again." " when basagran goes over, its over." basf
p89 - "solve ni-till weed problems at a no-nonsense price." lorox by dupont.
p90&91 - larvin for crop worms by union carbide. p93 - "nothing stomps on escape broadleaf weeds like rescue. nothing." uniroyal. p94&95 - paraquat+plus & dual. chevron and ciba-geigy.
p97&98&99 - lexone weed killer from dupont.
p102&103 bronco herbicide by monsanto.
p105 - butyrac herbicide by union carbide.
p106&107 - zorial rapid 80 weed and grass killer in soybeans by zoecon corp, a sandoz co.
p 108&109 - blazer herbicide by rohm and haas co.
p111 - pix plant regulator from basf wyandotte corp.
p113 - poast(again) ffor grass from basf wyandotte.
p114&115 - split-shot sencor df mobay chem corp of kansas city. parent co is farbenfabriken bayer gmbh.
p116 basagran herbicide by basf.

thats it. some tractors and some skoal chew, thats about it. notice the chems are from petroleum companies or drug companies. ah, no difference in them anyway. this was 20 years ago. imagine whats out there now.

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