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Re: -- About Ketones--

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: -- About Ketones--

Interesting what I’m thinking after reading your post. Mainly on CH, and pH in general as I found the “great debate” over in the other forum not too long ago. One thing I’m coming to understand is how important of a role hydrogen plays in this equation. Molecules with too much hydrogen react with ones with too few. Looking at pH from a simplified point of view.

In the blood is where the most important interactions are happening. This pH level is the all-critical one. The whole body is really designed around protecting this one “equation”. The only real way to get the molecules where they need to be is by ingesting complexed carbohydrates having the sugar to burn and the minerals to interact with the acids. We get these from “Top Quality Fruits And Vegetables.” Not forgetting the oxygen we need to bring in too of course. Ah but now we run into a little problem. We don’t eat anything of Top Quality. Everything has too much hydrogen!

So we learn ways around this problem. We get what we need where we need it in the best ways we know how. If we don’t, the hydrogen overload will basically displace too much oxygen to the point of failure. Over time, this failure will manifest itself as pain and suffering, disease and putrefaction, until the final death.

As we know CH is very much wanting to steal hydrogen from anything it can, this used correctly can be a very powerful tool. Understanding of course, that the “equations” we are dealing with are “VERY” complex, we can use this powerful tool to our advantage. However, if this very powerful tool is misused or mishandled, it can be equally as harmful. Having such a cheap powerful tool is something the "establishment" surly does not want us to have. No surprise it’s getting harder to find…

I can see how in a DKA state the body, needing to burn all fatty acids to sustain life, would flood the blood with way too many modules overloaded with hydrogen in the form of keytones way too fast. Having nothing to react against this, the body literally starts stealing minerals from everything at once and fast! All the sodium from the stomach, calcium from bones, and such creating large amounts of pain! Once the hydrogen overload displaces all the oxygen, death!

Thanks ML for your answer on keytones. Let me just say that everything above is my interruption based on what I’ve understood about pH principals and it not definitive and certainly open to corrections!


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