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Re: --Homosexuals and Lesbians and "WHY" they have a harder Choice to make to keep from leading the Life they may have chosen to lead !--
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: --Homosexuals and Lesbians and "WHY" they have a harder Choice to make to keep from leading the Life they may have chosen to lead !--

Well, "I" will come out and say that I believe homosexualtiy is the correct way - for homosexuals. Heterosexuality is the correct way - for heterosexuals. Don't worry, hetero's - you are in no danger of extinction!

There are plenty of heterosexuals who can't get enough sex, or were forced to do things that ended up warping them in the future. How many heteros are in the p 0 r n shops, in the massage parlors, hooking on the streets, violating their own little girls, cheating on their partners? Way more than in the homosexual community. I can tell you I know more than enough warped straight people who came from loving traditional families. The vast majority just want to be able to marry and have families, just like you and me. Very un-exciting lifestyle! Yes, there are those who are promiscuous, but it is a minority of the whole, just like in heterosexuality. In some areas of the country that is all you hear about, though, which makes you think all gays are like that when in fact it is a very small fraction.

See, it is all this generalization and sterotyping that keeps us apart. I believe our creator smiles upon us all, wants us to come together not fractionalize ourlseves from one-another. God is about peace and love and acceptance.

"We all know it’s wrong and people will continue to do it". "WE" do not all know it is wrong. YOU belive it is wrong.

In this country we do a terrible thing. We take what is different and make it wrong. When we think things are getting out of control, we clamp down, impose laws, ban things, and try to stuff "it" (whatever it is) back into a box. People addicted to drugs? Jail 'em. Too many unwanted pregnancies? Outlaw abortion. Bandaids and more bandaids. Heaven forbid we reach deep down and figure out what is truly wrong with society at a core level, because that would mean we have to look at ourselves. So much easier to point and shoot. Them, them, them, never us. The problem with the clamp-down approach is that it is like sand or a toothpaste tube. The tighter we squeeze, the more the stuff just pops out the other end.

That girl is 11. She will find her sexuality in good time and you can be assured that your having a gay friend is not going to make her want to be gay unless she is to begin with. At 11, she is too young to know this will not be a "decision" on her part - that she will simply become what she is.

You don't need to worry about the future as far as half our population not pro-creating. There are not more gays out there than there were years ago - we just know about them now because they used to be even more oppressed than they are now, and had to hide.


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