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Re: --Homosexuals and Lesbians and "WHY" they have a harder Choice to make to keep from leading the Life they may have chosen to lead !--

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: --Homosexuals and Lesbians and "WHY" they have a harder Choice to make to keep from leading the Life they may have chosen to lead !--

Hi All
As I’ve stated before, I have friends that are gay. I also have friends that are straight. It just so happens that the straight couple I know have a little girl. She’s about 11 now. Her and her family come to visit me and my roommate often. Sometimes my gay friends are there. You could ask the little girl about why those two men are holding hands. She’ll simply tell you that they are gay. If you don’t understand what this means she will explain it to you. She could tell you who she thinks is gay in her class at school. She would tell you that she does not know if she wants to be gay yet.

Maybe you see me concern or maybe you don’t. No I don’t care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. But society is in the mist of making a choice that will affect the future of our world. What is that 11 year old’s granddaughter going to think about homosexuality? How many people are going to be raised in a society that embraces the “incorrect” way as much as the correct way? What’s going to happen when ½ our population is not breeding in a generation or two? We will come up with an artificial way of doing it right? Yea, just like how we grow our food now! The further away we go from nature the worse it will get. The only issue I have is that some things should not be political, they should be privet.

I have yet to hear anyone here come out and say they think that homosexuality is the “correct” way. So by default what you are saying is let’s embrace the incorrect way as much as the correct way. This is supported by pop culture, television, and our court rooms. It clear to me that we our confusing a younger generation into thinking it’s a choice with no consequences at all. That their never was a right or wrong way. It’s simply preference.

Another observation I’ve made with so many “gay” men is that its not that they are gay, it’s that they love sex. They will go both ways. Don’t matter. MY closest gay friend, the one that was very abused as a child. He was forced to pleasure others. Now, 25 years latter, that’s “ALL” he can do. So I see the trauma play out in cycles. “IF” he had a stable upbringing in a good home with two loving parents that taught him values and ethics, do you think he would be doing what he is doing now?

In conclusion I think this whole thing is not about hate or forcing people to change, it’s about not advertising this as the next new and fun thing. That is what it looks like from a younger point of view. Like kids don’t have enough confusion in this world. We all know it’s wrong and people will continue to do it. In this free country and we are not going to stop them but do we have to take another common sense issue and hide from it like so many hide from the “FACT” that we grow and feed off of poisonous sacks of nitrogen laced water?



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