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Meryem, a different experience
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Published: 15 years ago
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Meryem, a different experience

My experiences are different again than the majority of posters here, although I haven't read in the archives.

I, like many, was wary of trying an actual 'flush' for a long, long time. Instead, I added large salads with olive oil, lemon juice, and often garlic, to my diet. (I have eaten lots of eggs, and quite a bit of fish, chicken, but little red meat, all of my life. I am a vegetable person, but have a hard time getting down much fruit most of the time.)

After months of the salads, sleeping sitting up in the car for 3+ hours, I passed a stone the size of a pullet egg, smooth and black with bright green flecks. Though I flushed too quickly, there was no mistaking what it was.

More than that, I had felt either this one stone, or a series of smaller stones, 'scooting' along the duct from my gallbladder toward the stomach area and downward over several days.

Over the next two or three weeks (as best I can remember), I distinctly felt three stones (or whatever they were) 'dropping' in my liver. Each was quick and sharp, though not intolerable...two large and one smaller.

I had thought they were moving toward or into the gallbladder, but I was mistaken.

Wherever they were resting, as the pressure built over months, they were too high for the gallbladder. I could feel the odd twinge in the area of the lowest ribs.

Eventually the pressure built to an alarming level, so I did two or three sessions of 3 - 4 hours of rhythmic swinging activity to 'settle' the pressure.

Still, over time, the pressure again built to the point that I knew I had to 'flush' in some way.

I decided on the herbal tea preferred by White Tiger, and bought the ingredients.

I didn't get the 'enteric coated peppermint caps' he likes for preparation. I should have. Instead, I took large pinches of dried peppermint leaves and chewed them during meals, once or twice each day.

Still, I stalled drinking the herbal tea for another two weeks. (Don't know why except that I am chicken.)

After I began the tea, a large cup each day, my husband awakened one morning with a very bad case of labrynthitis (vertigo). Caring for him in bed, and the tea being so mild and pleasant, I drank all four cups of the batch in one day. Thereafter I FELT (!) the stones move out of the liver into the gallbladder, one at a time.

The only way I could get relief from the sharp (but not intolerable) pains was to sit down. Because my sleep is so gibbled over the past few years, I often fall asleep in this chair. Each of the four or five (?) stones moving in this week of drinking the tea, seemed to move when I was asleep in this chair...without my feeling them.

I knew they were different stones because the sharpness was in slightly different spots...the last felt as though it was against my back ribs.

I stopped the tea, and the rest of the story is about the heaviness in my gallbladder; enteric coated peppermint caps (they look like little footballs) to break the stones; BM's; etc.

I started the tea again, but there is no more activity in my liver that I feel. Even the heavy achiness in my gallbladder is subsiding with the various herbals I am trying.

This has been a long story, but I thought you might be interested.

If those stones weren't in my liver (probably for a long, long time), how could I have felt them, individually, on their journey?

There are no other organs in that area.

And, no, I am not obsessed with 'flushing'. I'd rather the whole question vanish into thin air, thank you very much.

However, the improvement in my sense of well-being is so great that I'd swear that I've dropped ten years...and this is after only ONE try!

I must say that I pay close attention to White Tiger's every word.

You seem to be a reasonable person, seeking answers, Meryem.

I hope there is something in my experience that helps.

My best,



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