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How Would YOU (MC Veterans) Respond To This?
Mama Crow Views: 1,476
Published: 13 years ago

How Would YOU (MC Veterans) Respond To This?

My husband and I rec'd this post from a concerned member on another public (parenting) forum we frequent ... how would YOU respond?

"Please don't be mad at me. I am not trying to pass judgement or anything, but I need to voice my concern. Maybe I was brought up different, maybe my points are valid. I don't know. I would like some input from those of you doing this inorder to calm these fears. I love you guys and can not stand by and watch you hurt yourselves.. so please assure me you are not."

"I am worried about this detox diet. I do agree that fasting, espeically for spiritual purposes, is an enlightening and envigorating experience. BUT fasting for long periods of time is extreamly dangerous to the human body. Usually 48 - 72 hours is sufficient to achieve adequate detox and spiritual enlightenment. This can even be done once a month. IMHO any longer or more often is not safe."

"The body can not distiguish between a spiritual fast and starvation and will follow the same patterns. It also can not distinguish which fat and muscles in the body are 'expendible'. This means it could be breaking down the muscles of/surrounding the heart and other vital organs or be using fat from the brain.
Fasting should NEVER be used to lose weight. EVER. The psycological high one recieves from the weight loss achieved during a fast can become habit forming. Also the weight loss that occurs during a fast is not a desirable weight loss. It is most likely from loss of muscle mass than fat.. some fat loss does occur, but following a state of "shock" your body will attempt to replenish it's stores inorder to prepare for any subsequent fasts. In most women, any weight gained immediately after a starvation period is to the stomach."

"I am not saying stop your fast, but allow your body a little more nurishment. FRESH fruit and veggie juices (clear fruits like apple, cranberry and pear, or yellow veggies like carrots) do not go against the purpose of a fast, and will provide your body with neccessary vitamins and minerals required for proper function. Raw veggies are extreamly effective in "cleaning" the digestive tract and forcing excess waste out (Mostly leafy greens). Having an active digestive system is much more efficient in eliminating waste than a dormant one for most people.
Deficiencies in things like iron, calcium, B vitamins, folic acid ect.. are extreamly dangerous and the effects can be lifelong in some cases. Blood pressure can be adversly affected and can rise to dangerous levels, or drop dramatically and should be monitored as often as possible during a long-term fast. Daily if possible.
Also, reaching a state of ketosis for a long period can be very harmful for your body (this is what is causing that smell). Please be sure, above all else, while in this state to drink alot of extra water to aviod high levels of uric acid in your blood. This can cause gout, which is painful and could reoccur for the rest of your life. If you are experiencing this stinkyness, more simple carbs are needed inorder to feed your brain and other vital organs the glucose it needs to function.. to survive!"

"Please, if you are doing this, talk to your doctor first. Any medications or health conditions can make this unsafe. People have died doing detox diets from organ failure, and I want you all to be safe."

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