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Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide
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Published: 16 years ago
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Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide

there has been a number of posts about inhaling hydrogen peroxide, how to do it, why to do, etc. i found this interesting article about someone who used the inhalation technique to treat melanoma and prostrate cancer. of course, inhaling peroxide would also be a wonderful treatment for asthma, emphazema, and other lung ailments. thanks for lifespromise for linking this site. if you click on the link, it has a picture of the exact type of nasal pump they are referring to.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
You've reached the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method page. Articles on this page include Bill Munro's inhaling method and several cancer cures derived from inhaling or drinking hydrogen peroxide.

All material on this page is published for discussion purposes only. It should not be relied upon, in whole or in part, as the basis for any medical decision. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

Note: We do not promote the use of peroxide higher than 3% solution for this inhaling method. H202 is dangerous at dosages higher than 3% if not properly diluted. The safest dosage is 1% H202 for inhalation.

Note 2: This method remains untested in medical studies. Please remember that the following emails are unverified testimonials from our readers.



Bill Munro from Waterford, Michigan writes, "I have been inhaling 3% peroxide for over 13 years. And had a bout with Melanoma and Prostate cancer at the same time. At no time would I let anything like a salve be on my open Melanoma because that would take away the oxygen needed to heal from the outside. The peroxide I inhale would supply the oxygen on the inside. I increased the times that I inhale the peroxide into my mouth to 7 or 8 times a day. I used a nasal spray pump. With each inhale I would pump the pump about 10 times. This went on for four months. I now pump 5 times with each inhale and 7 inhales every day. My EKG says I am clean now."
Earth Clinic Note: Bill believes that you need to give the peroxide at his dosage (5 pumps, 6 times a day) 2-4 weeks to see results for viruses that have been in the bloodstream for some time (ie., lingering viruses). Cancer takes about a month, but you would need to continue the therapy for 3-4 months. Apparently any and all viruses cannot survive in an oxygen enriched environment. If you try Bill's technique for cancer, general health, sore muscles, etc., please let us know how it goes. We don't know unless you tell us! Thanks.

One more note: Bill tells us that any time he has a muscle spasm from working too hard in the garden, he takes out his pump and inhales peroxide. Within one minute, the muscle spasm stops -- it's that fast!

Bill Munro's Instructions:
1. Buy a nasal pump at your local drug store. A generic nasal decongestant should do the trick... just make sure it pumps a fine mist. See photo above.

2. Buy 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. The 3% hydrogen peroxide that you find at your local drugstore does contain additives and is not recommended for internal use, but this is what Bill has used for the past 12 years. Please do your research on this subject or email Bill for more information. We now do NOT suggest Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide due to its dangers if not properly diluted. See Page 1 for dangers.

One reader had a frightening experience with food grade (see the Nays below). WE DO NOT SUGGEST USING IT!

Here are 2 interesting articles for follow up info on food grade peroxide: grade

3. Empty out the contents of the nasal pump and sterilize the bottle with hot soapy water. Make sure you then rinse out all the soap.

4. Fill the empty, sterilized nasal pump with 3% peroxide. You can add water to this solution in order to make it a safe 1% solution.

5. Point bottle at the back of your throat and, on a sharp inhale, pump the spray 6 times.

6. Do this 4-6 times a day. If you are trying to get rid of a virus, pump every 2 hours or so.

It should take about 36 - 48 hours to get rid of a virus. If it's an insipid virus that's been in your blood for some time, it may take up to 2 weeks. For other conditions like cancer, well, we're not sure. We are waiting for more reader feedback to come in, so please make sure you let us know how it goes!

Note: Before you start this technique, see how little of the peroxide you are actually inhaling by pumping into a teaspoon. It's a tiny amount.

Got questions about anything you just read? Please email Bill:

Bill was kind enough to let us copy his amazing testimonial on hydrogen peroxide from his website:

"Hydrogen Peroxide is the most over looked chemical used by man. New uses of it are coming to light every day. Bad bugs be they, in your garden or your body, they cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.

At 69 years old my muscles were so tight that to get out of bed I would lay on my stomach and back out on to the floor, push down on the bed and stand up. I knew there was something to correct this bad situation. One morning while having coffee with a friend, I noticed he had brought a small stack of books with him. Being curious, I asked if I could look at the books. The one that stood out to me was "O2xygen Therapies". As I was scanning it, it became more interesting to me. I asked him if I could take it home. It was a week before returning the book. Being convinced Hydrogen Peroxide was what I was looking for, it was now going to into my system? The book gave three choices. Put 8 to 10 drops in an 8 oz cup and drink it, four times a day. Next was, put a pint of 35% in the bathtub and soak for 1 hour once a week. Or go to a doctor for intravenous infusion once a week. None of these had any appeal to me.

After a week or two I decided that the easiest, and most efficient way was to inhale the 3% peroxide into my mouth and on into my lungs. I just happened to have a “Nasal Spray Pump” (see sample picture below). I dumped the contents out, put in the 3% peroxide as it comes from the drugstore. Now, how many times do I pump? I settled for one pump per inhale, and 4 times a day. That went on for about a month. As I was laying down for a short rest, I noticed that I was breathing freely. No forced inhale or exhale. That was the first thing that I noticed while inhaling the peroxide. I then changed the time when to inhale the peroxide. Now I inhale 2 times in the morning and at night. While deep inhaling I pump the pump as many times as I can, usually 8 to 10 pumps each inhale. Another thing I noticed was, I sleep all night with my mouth closed. I used to have heart aches that were very uncomfortable, no more.

My wife and I have been inhaling peroxide for 9 years now and no colds, sore muscles, aches or pains. I take no medication or vitamins. I am less than two years to 80 years old. My lungs don’t give out when I work in my garden or other things around the house. My house is 160 years old, so the work never stops. Peroxide keeps our oxygen blood count in the high 90’s.

One of the first people that used the peroxide as I do was very interesting. He had a low self-esteem. I found out that he was on kidney dialysis. I discussed the peroxide several times with him. Finally one day I went to his house with a nasal spray pump. He opened it and poured out the contents and filled it back up with 3% peroxide. He sprayed it in to his mouth and into his lungs. I said you know how to do it, and I left. Three days later I called him to see if anything had happened. He said that he could breath easier. Four days later he called me, he was so excited all he could say was “It’s working, It’s working". I asked "What did it do?". He said he was waking up about an hour and a half before normal and that he was coughing up all the bad stuff that was in his lungs. He went back to bed and when he woke up, he said he had not felt that good in years. From that time on his spirit was always good and his voice was up beat.

A couple of people told me after four or five years of using the peroxide they stopped. I ask why and both said they did not get sick, and they don’t think it was working. You can make that judgment. One friend of ours goes to the doctor for pacemaker check ups and the doctor tells him the peroxide will not help him but it will not do him any harm. He is using his second pacemaker. He has told me several times; if it were not for his inhaling the peroxide he would not be here today.

Bill Munro

Email at:

3/8/2006: Earth Clinic note -- Bill turns 82 next week!

Reader Feedback -- Thank you!

12 Yea, 1 Nay for inhaling peroxide cures

9/9/2006: Kristy from Lansing, MI writes, "I've been doing Vinegar/soda and inhaling peroxide. Inhaling hydrogen peroxide is helping the problem I've had with fatigue for a long time. I'm not sure if it's actually helping the cold I've had for almost three weeks or not (some of it could be from detoxifying?). I did double the amount I've been giving my husband last night and it's the first night in years that I haven't been disturbed from his restless leg syndrome."

8/27/2006: Martin from Alameda, CA writes, "I used Bill Munro's remedy a while back. First thing I noticed was my hair was turning back to brown, from being silver/brown. Also noticed after taking it for the first couple times, when I breathed in, it felt like for the first time I was using ALL of my lungs. This is a VERY WEIRD FEELING ! It's as if your whole life you're only using half your lungs. One thing I want to add. Walgreens may not use stabilizers in their 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. If you look on their label, its not listed on there. All the other brands list stabilizers. I'm hoping that means they don't add stabilizers. Maybe other people can comment on this. Anyway, I stopped using the remedy, but only because I got lazy. But now looking at the sliver creeping back into my hair, my ego and vanity will take over and put me back on the regime. Sigh.........Oh well at least I'll beat all my competition on the tennis courts. Via condias Amigos. ----------- Ps. Another amazing cure for everything from Fybramyalgia to cancer is Glyconutrients. Look it up on the net."

6/7/2006: Elizabeth emailed Bill: "Hi Mr. Munro. Want to thank you again for the phone call. I am spreading the word and I will bet you get more emails. I am feeling so good that it is scary. I am inhaling at least 8 times a day at 4 to 5 sprays. I have so much energy. I am breathing so much better and my Arthritis is not bothering me except for a tad bit of stiffness in my fingers in the morning but no pain at all. I had a balance problem and that is gone already. My balance being off made me bounce off of walls and one of my feet would drag now and then and almost trip me. I can breathe through my nose again. Lots of gunk clearing out of my lungs and sinuses. My mind is clear and sharp. I feel like I have turned back the hands of time! It is amazing!! Didn't think I could ever feel this good again. I have had what I call a healing crisis where I felt like I had a case of the flu and ran back and forth to the bathroom and felt queasy to my stomach but I know that it is my body healing and detoxing and I am drinking a lot more water with fresh lemon juice in it. I might feel lousy for a little while but it quickly passes and I am feeling great again. Will continue the h2o2 therapy and I am going to pass it on to as many people as I can."


5/14/2006: John from Houston writes to us, "I used the 3% h202 inhaling method recently to get rid of a virus that I couldn't kick. I have to say that the first time I tried it I felt a little light headed because my lungs (I'm guessing) were not used to this level of oxygenation. By the second day it was fine. I suggest people start with only 1 or 2 pumps of 3% and see how they feel. If okay, try a few more an hour or two later. Work your way up to 6 pumps at a time slowly. Oh, and yes it was successful in getting rid of my virus. Took 3 days to feel better."

5/10/2006: R from NC writes, "Thanks so much for providing all of this invaluable info! I just started using the inhalation method of H202 (I put it in a pump atomizer instead of the nose spray container), as well as the cayenne pepper gargle for a sore throat. Both seem to be working well but I was wondering about adding some hydrogen peroxide to my neti-pot/sinu-cleanse. Any thoughts on that and if so, what ratio of 3% H202 to water. Also, should the salt be omitted when using the H202? Thanks in advance for any info. Keep up the great remedies and healing work!"

Earth Clinic responds: See what others have written about H202 sinus infection cures here. A few people have written in about this combination for sinus infections.

2/9/2006: Jonna from LA, CA writes, "I have been struggling to get over the flu for the past 6 weeks. I have had a recurring sore throat, but mainly I have been unusually exhausted! I tried everything on your flu page! Nothing helped: vitamin C, zinc, apple cider vinegar, garlic, oregano oil. Finally went to the doc and he prescribed Antibiotics (sometimes helps with a virus). Did not do a thing! Anyway, came across Bill's recommendation to inhale peroxide. I have put peroxide in my ear for years (didn't help this time), but never inhaled it. Figured it couldn't hurt! Started to inhale the peroxide, per Bill's instructions and it's now been 36 hours. I am not yet back to 100% but feel so much better! I have tons of energy. When I feel a wave of fatigue hit (the virus trying to come back?), I take more peroxide and the tiredness goes away immediately. Interesting stuff!"

3/6/2006: Robert from the Czech Republic writes, "I also got the sore throat and extreme fatigue the past 2 weeks. Last Friday I started to inhale the peroxide -- 6 pumps every 2 hours. Within 36 hours I was all better."

4/9/2006: Deirdre writes, "After having great luck with inhaling drugstore h202 for viruses and flu in January and February, I switched from 3% to a dilution of food grade. I wasn't sure about how many drops to add to the inhaler, so I only added 2 drops to filtered water. This wasn't enough! After a couple of days, I felt the beginnings of a virus, which wouldn't have been the case if I had enough oxygen (ie., h202) in my blood. I quickly dumped out the food grade and added back the 3% and pumped 6 times. The viral symptoms disappeared within about 3 hours. It happened fast because I don't think the virus had been in my system very long. I am going to stick to the 3% for viruses and occasionally use the food grade to drink. Since Bill Munro has used the 3% for 12 years, I am not so worried about the additives!"

The Nays
5/16/2006: Bonnie from Geneva, FL did NOT have a good experience with food grade inhalation: "I used hydrogen peroxide (food grade mix to 3% mixture), that I inhaled. I misted and inhaled and I couldn't breath had to call 911. Thought I was going to pass out. Scared the hell out of me."

10/3/2006: Joey from Corpus Christi, TX writes, "Hello, I just wanted to comment on the inhaling of the hydrogen peroxide.I feel that peroxide is wonderful for oral hygiene and general mouth care. However, when I tried the inhaling method of 3% with the pump spray, it started burning my throat after the second day and made it raw. At this point, I needed to stop. I feel that this could have been a great way to get the body rejuvenated by inhaling the oxygen into the lungs, and I did get my sinus infection knocked down a bit, but the burning from the peroxide was too much to handle. I was pumping 5 times a day with 6 sprays. Maybe there is a better way to get the oxygen- a smaller dose? Joey"

Ted writes, "Joey: Your 3% H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) concentration for inhaling is way too high. The preferred concentration for inhaling is only between 0.5% to 1% concentration of H202. You need to reduce by at least 1/3 to 1/4 the concentration of what you are doing now! Reduce the dose accordingly. Ted"

6/4/2006: Perechengo from Chicago asks: I'm just starting out with h202. I saw Bill Munro's comment that his oxygen blood count stays in the low nineties. What test is that, arterial blood gas? I've been trying to see if I can get it done before and after therapy. Also Ed McCabe talks about dark unhealthy blood before the therapy, bright after. Is there a clinic where they can check these for me? Has anyone tried this? Because this kind of data would, for me, constitute hard evidence. Thanks, Perenchenco"

6/6/2006: Earth Clinic response: Perechenco, We just spoke to Bill about your email. Please note: his oxygen count was in the high 90s, not the low 90s (see above article). Bill says he used an at-home Oxymeter years ago to test his levels, but you can go to any doctor and ask them to test your blood & oxygen count at the lab.

6/9/2006: Perechenco writes again: "Thanks for answering so quickly regarding blood oxygen levels. I'm using the oral method, taking the 3 percent stuff. I seem to be feeling less muscle soreness already. My sinuses seem to be healing as well. It's only been a week, but if this is the real deal, fantastic! I can buy the stuff at any pharmacy, for peanuts. An interesting side note--people who claim it whitens teeth now have the big companies, like colgate, on their side. The new tooth whitening strips they sell for like 30$ use hydrogen peroxide. When they can make money, then they decide it works...makes one wonder about the integrity of these companies. Sure they have to make money, but couldn't they make huge $$$$ without so much seeming subterfuge? Peace, Perenchenco"

READER COMMENTS Re: H202 and Lungs
9/7/2006: Densie from Hampton Bays, NY writes, "I have been a Respiratory Therapist for 13 years. The H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) may be benefiting those with poor lung function but those with normal lung function should be saturating in the high 90's anyway. Normal lung function and hemaglobin supply 98-99% of the capacity of the hemaglobins ability to carry oxygen. It can not carry more then 100%. I do believe the H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) has benefical properties (due to my own research). However, I don't believe it is do to the increased O2 to the body. It is probably more due to the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the H2O2 that produce these desired results."

Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Cancer

Ted, from Bankok, Thailand wrote us: "A popular therapy to use when you have cancer is to get hydrogen peroxide and drink regularly. The method of treatment is about 0.1 - 0.5% concentration. Get food grade hydrogen peroxide and mix with water. I drink this regularly for the past 10 years, and for some reason, I rejuvenated and my skin condition got clear. I also used for treatment of colds and viruses. You can go here to read about cancer using hydrogen peroxide and oxygen therapies:

Cancer Cures with Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

2/3/2006: Nancy from Ohio writes, "I have a friend who had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma and he spent his life savings of over 450K on modern medical treatments that got him nowhere. He then searched the internet with a relative that is an R.N. and found out about Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. He used the food-grade hydrogen peroxide, a few drops in his drinks and also Coral Calcium and a few months or so later...walah...NO CANCER!!! I believe the HP cleansed his body/lungs and the Coral Calcium strengthened him. Thank God that he found this! He is a really neat guy!"


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