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Re: Zapper like thing?!
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Zapper like thing?!

thanks for your the kind sentiment. i appreciate that.

i looked up the zapper. while it has less volts (9 vs. 75), it also has 30 times more ampherage than the machine that was used on me. that's alot more. both ampherage and voltage can do damage. my father, who is an electrical engineer, described it to me this way; picture yourself standing in a river. the voltage is the force of the current of the water, and the ampherage is the depth of the water. increase the depth of the water, and its easier to drown in the current.
in my understanding (and i'm no electrical engineer so if i don't have it right, maybe someone else can give more info) the electricity will flow towards the ground. thats true whether its a zapper or myomonitor. in either case, a circuit will be made from the electrode, to the ground, and if the body is in the middle of those 2 things, electricity will flow through it. not, in my opinion, desirable.

the machine i used was a myomonitor, used in neuromuscular dentistry. a very well known group of dentists (who value themselves very highly) use this machine. its purpose is different than a zapper, its used to relax the jaw electrically, so that a night guard can be made - that's an appliance that people wear at night in order to help TMJ. while the machine has less voltage than a zapper, it also 'pulses' on/off, so you're not getting electricity every moment of it. the machine is at

This device has been around for a long time (25 years)and is determined to be safe. I'm aware that my reaction was unusual in its severity. however, my little theory is that every body holds extra electricity when any devices like this or the zapper are used, and every body breaks just alittle differently. my guess is that somewhere down the line, some people that get zapped might get - parkinsons for instance. it could happen and the zapper would never be implicated, even it if was the injury that created the basis for a later nervous system illness. their body might react differently than mine. but in my opinion putting ANY electricity like this into a body is unnatural, just like Cell Phone s or Sugar or processed foods are unnatural. each body will do what it will with the particular toxin; whether the toxin be electricity, emf waves from a computer, sugar, MSG, or autoexhaust. Some people are more vulnerable than others to each different toxin. my vulnerability is electricity. but who knows, yours may be too, and you just might not know it! i sure didn't have an inkling beforehand that i had a vulnerability. i do have a hunch that the device that hurt me so much also hurt other people somewhat, but it may not have been as obvious. i know a lady who used the device and has alot of back pain now, and i can't say whether the myomonitor was involved or not. but it might well be. i guess my point is that damage isn't always apparent. using a zapper 10 times will deposit more 10 times the amount of electricity in your body over time. i guess that's what i've learned from taking the homeopathic remedy for electricity - its a toxic exposure which is additive and cumulative.

doctors routinely use damaging things to diagnose people - using radiation to diagnose cancer, when radiation causes cancer, is a prime example. when i see something like a zapper, i think - using damaging things isn't regelated to just doctors, holistic people like clark use them too.

good luck with everything, whether you choose to zap or not!



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