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Re: paralixer--the best parasite cleanse available for a cat--clear, odorless, tasteless cats don't notice it
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: paralixer--the best parasite cleanse available for a cat--clear, odorless, tasteless cats don't notice it

Wow, I think your pets are very lucky to have an owner who cares like you!

We had one cat-- Julius-- who died last year from being hit by a car, sadly.

He always had a distended belly and had an insatiable need to eat. My parents never noticed anything unusual in his litter box, so he never got dewormed.

I still think he had some type of tapeworm. Poor thing got hit by a car trying to catch a rodent across the street. He was fed before he went out too.

Our remaining pets are three dogs-- And the other day I slipped some Wormwood /Walnut Hull/Clove capsules in thier food. I had to do this behind my father's back- as he is very hostile against any type of natural therapy- as well as the concept that dogs do need maintenance deworming. He is under the impression dogs only need to be dewormed as pups- then that's good forever.

He gets them their heartworm shots, and thinks that will cover all the bases.

We live in the country with lots of wild animals and live stock near our back yard.

I am going to look up this Paraxil and keep this on hand -- I like the fact that it is odorless and tasteless.

As for doctors-- I know there are some sincere ones out there- but they are all seduced by the pharmecuetical companies who wine and dine them to use thier drug products. I read that the drug companies are involved with the medical schools also- so even the sincere doctors are only learning what the higher ups in the medical societies want them to learn.

If you ever want to read a good eye opening book-- check out Kevin Trudeau 's updated edition of "Natural Cures "They" dont' want you to know about"

He mentioned in one of his newsletters about Polio. Polio was the last disease where the cure was permitted to get out to the public.

After that, they noticed that the Polio organizations died because there was no more need for them. A group of medical society bigshots met at a certain town to discuss this "potential problem" and decided that our stock markets,etc, just couldnt afford to have any more Cures get out or the entire Pharmecuetical and medical business World will collapse, hurting America's economy.

They decided that organizations like the Cancer Society, etc., would not use the $$ for finding a cure, but only for helping the laboratories create more drugs they could market-- keeping the stocks up. They also discussed how they coudnt permit any stray medical geek to come up with any cure. One way to stop this would be to pay off this person, and bury the cure-- so it wouldnt be a threat to the economy.

This is the kinds of games our medical establishment plays with its' American people. Its not just in America either- but now all over the World.

There are things that the FDA-- who is heavily involved with the Drug companies --dont 'want to get out to the public, because losses of $$ would be involved, and the stock market would be affected negatively --on their end. It's all rund as a business, and not run to save lives or look for cures.


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