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Re: paralixer--the best parasite cleanse available for a cat--clear, odorless, tasteless cats don't notice it
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: paralixer--the best parasite cleanse available for a cat--clear, odorless, tasteless cats don't notice it

Hi back lilaug,

yes, I can relate to all you said; after resorting to useing the chemicals (dontrol wormer) is bad, but thank God I found Paralixer which I now use. The other problem with the chemicals is that they only work for the major parasites: roundworm, tapeworm, and whip worm--and this is about it. So the Paralixer works on many other worm species too.

I also give my dog Licorice a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds everyday I buy at the healthfood store. She gets dry food but is a vegetarian dog and eats watermellon, bananas too - and her favorite treat are 10 raw baby peeled carrots put in her Kong each night. !! Cats can't be vegetarians because they require an immense amount of protein (much more than a dog) and things like taurine in them.

As for vetinarians? I haven't got a lot of good to say about most of them, nor medical doctors either. And when you have multiple cats like I do, how would it be possible for me to afford to treat each one at $100 a pop, and even the testing alone would not be sufficient and only good for one species of worm at a time. Far too many times they are wrong in diagnosis and especially treatment. For instance, from 2001-2005 my dog Licorice (lab/it mix) was humongous, she was like 85 lbs (supposed to be 34-40lbs) and the fur on her tail was completely gone (they call this "rat tail) and her ears had brown gunk in them all the time and she always had a sad look on her face. I didn't know it back then but she had extremely LOW thyroid AND the symptoms I described are CLASSICAL OBVIOUS SIGNS OF LOW THRYOID, (when the dog is only eating 1/2 cup dry food per day and not over eating). Anyway, it took 4 vets to finally diagnose her, and one was merely by the results of her blood test. From what I have learned since, these symptoms I described are so very obvious, yet all the vets missed them. In 60 days, my dog lost 15 pounds, all her fur grew back in--even on her tail, her ears are clear and clean, and she is sparky and spunky and the sad look in her eyes is gone.

I usually treat my pets on my own now, but I do rely on the vets for the blood tests. However, not with parasite tests because not all parasites will be found and you'd have to run separate tests for each type of parasite, which is far too time consuming and expensive and basically with the amount of possible parasites an animal can get, impossible.

So I just use the paralixer and pumpkin seeds (pumkin seeds help in tape worm control), although I did the drontal with her at first, I use the Paralixer from now on. And as soon as I get the new zapper with the copper foot pads, I will be using that on my cat who has rhinitis (the vets say is incurable). I don't think MD's are very bright, as I had mononucleosis and they missed that for 2 years, had me jogging and taking antidepresants and such...turned out it was not only epstein barr virus--but chronic and I was sick like that for 11 years until I found Dr. Clark's book Cure for All Diseases, that woman should be given the nobel prize, she is amazing and it is so good there are others with programs like her's coming out now too. Again, the MD's say Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Chronic Epstein Barr Virus is INCURABLE. However, I cured my CFS/CEBV 80% with Dr. Clark's program in 60 days and then I used the Candida Wellness Program to do the remaining 20% = 100%. I think most MD's are quacks, even though they don't know they are, at best, just plain dumb. For wisdom will come to ANYONE that seeks her, and if they haven't it's because they don't want to and that's just plain dumb!

It's mind boggling to think of all the people and animals being kept sick by doctors. I am going to let Licorice on a natural thyroid program as soon as she loses the 15 pounds more because I KNOW God provided a way outta that too in the herbal world.

I will be posting that too.


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