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Your lack of thinking continues...
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Published: 15 years ago
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Your lack of thinking continues...

Wow, it must really be a slow day for me to respond to this nonsense.

So, let's begin.

1st paragraph: States perceived conclusion:

Hulda Clark is ineffective for removing gallstones

2nd paragraph: States a data review of pics for conclusion:

reviewed a substantial number of medical pictures of the gallbladder....and the “stones”

3rd paragraph: States conclusion about the "stone" controversy:

conclusion...not...actual "gallstones"...actual "stones"...real “stones”...mostly square...slightly rounded edges...triangular shapes...vast majority of the "stones"...uncommon variations in shape and color.

GS- Gee, I really can't figure how I thought you were hooked on "stones" after those last two paragraphs.

4th paragraph: Presents an analysis as second data point:

reviewed...objective analysis...actually transpires to the ingredients

GS-This is mote as as one can see and feel the difference. Could give credence that you will "see" at least two types of "stones".

5th paragraph: Presents lack of "lab" evidence:

not one person on CureZone...lab analysis performed

GS-As a side note, I doubt there are that many people who produce real Gallstones larger than a pea. Fewer people still who use a colander to strain every butt pea, much less sift for "gold"....;-)

6th paragraph: Restates original perceived conclusion:

...gallbladder/ Liver Flush is the foolish ramblings of a strongly misguided person...

So, let's get on with your second post.

GS-1. People’s health problems may be related to congestion of the gallbladder or liver or both.

A-An obvious possibility, but not necessarily true either...

This is the L & GB flush debate forum, if the problem isn't the GB or liver or both, you shouldn't be here.

GS-2. As people reduce oil or fat intake, via doctor’s recommendation to reduce pain, they exasperate the problem over time as this reduces bile flow and organ reflex.

A-The reduction of fat intake via a doctor’s recommendation is something that should be avoided, for it causes far more problems that just the reduction of bile flow...

Once again, this is the L & GB flush debate forum. We could talk about depression, eye problems or a host of other ills caused by a low fat diet.

GS-3. Some people will need to do a number of flushes just to get organ reflex and bile flow increased so appropriate ejection of material can occur.

A-A blatant lie and patently false.

So when you asked Telman for a breakdown and he was nice enough to use his time to create it, you didn't read it. Otherwise you would know about the gall bladder reflex. But you should have been aware of this already.

GS-4. Clearing out the chaff is as important as getting out “stones”. As true “stones” can be created by the chaff.

A-There is no current methodology that is useful in which to do so.


So you did "a" flush? Only one? And didn't get my abraded anus syndrome? And you would have "remembered" this from 6 years ago, because you did "look" at the toilet paper. Because you were aware of this at that time....;-)


Say! Look at that! "I am a custom formulator and manufacturer of nutritional supplements".

Perhaps you can formulate something for flushing gallstones?



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