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Re: For Josie---question about your journey
Josie Jo Views: 12,270
Published: 15 years ago
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Re: For Josie---question about your journey


Okay I will do the best here to answer your questions.

Yes i do try to maintance, however that spot that had the worm in it for many years took a bit to really heal..I use garlic, ginger, powered cloves in my own capsles.
Pineapple and thing that says will hurt, paralize, kill the worms I take.
Again i read alot and did thru the net.

2. The 17 inch came out dead and brown but it was folded up like an accordian..Tt came out by it's self. I had to pull dead night clawers out(round worms) This does not gross me out, I am happy to see the evidence on what had me hostage.
I don't think they will crawl out of your mouth, you really got to be starving to get the creature to come up looking for food. I never passed a live one, alot of dead ones but no live ones..They are lucky they we dead otherwise they would be in a jar and I would have my proof..Just like the parasite doc on discover channel, the show is called most extream and he had a 72 ft Tapeworm in a jar he got from a human.

3. I use the ultimate zapper, google it, it came from a middle man however I think it was built in the UK. I am not sure. Google them, you husband can make one. They have worked for me. Mine is with copper pipes and it can plug or I jut use it with the 9 volt. Becare when using them, I had holes on the back of my knees and my friend asked me if I burned myself and i said no.I was a worm whole.Then I got another whole right close to my anus, it looked llike a freakle with the brwon cicle, it was coming off so I pulled it and I tell you I did get freaked out, it was another worm hole and I could put a dropper in the hole..They do this to our organs, they make holes as they travel bringing the tissue from other organs to the ones.

Yes I feel so good, however I still have my days, especially when I forget to take my physillum husks at night. Keeping the 27ft intestines clean gives me better days.
Don't get freaked just clean and read and read. There is so much info out there and the net is GOD sent I believe..If, it wasn't here I belive I would be dead T 43. i WILL BE 46 soon and I look younger then 3 years ago. My body was so poluted with worms and chemicals.
I also had 3 root canals removed and 4 other big My clarity is so awesome and I am finding out that I am pretty darn smart.
These mosters keep us hostage and polute our bodies and minds. That is what I believe.
When I look in the mirror I see myself in such a good way. The colours of the world are much clearer and at time I can see the auors of the trees and flowers etc.

4. Will I ever get rid of them no, but I can keep the population down.
I also am very happy when the full mooon is here, I never was like that.
Keep cleaning educate yourself and share your info with whom ever wants to know.

I do believe the show "House" saved me. I was so sick and I was watching it and the girl has the same systomps as i had. The nexted day I checked my BM which was so rotton smelling and runny and I be darn I was full of flukes.The flukes were the size of my thumb nail and the eggs were unreal.
I brought them to the doc,he saw them, went and got a stool kit, the hospital tested ( i loaded up the kit with my monsters, i wanter to know what is wrong anf what do i have) and of course it came back negative, they could see thse monsters and they say nothing is there.
I flipped out and the doc told me to quit crawling thru my sh*& for I was crazy. I fired him right there and said I will never stopp looking at my poop.

Back to my lungs with the plursey, I am still coughoing up icky crap bnut I am better. You will get better, get a zapper and start zapping.
In other countries they have you poo in a bowl and they go from there. USA ignores them and we wonder why we have so much new(made up words) diseases..They are getting stronger as weMDS ignore them.
Sorry for the misspelled words I am in a hurry this morning.
You can ask any questions and as many as you want..This is how we learn.
YOu can do it.
When the student is ready the teacher is there.

Prayers ^j^

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